Growing Your Garden of Consciousness — Taurus New Moon Astrology Report Apr 30, 2022

New Moon Astrology Report Apr 30, 2022

Apr 30 to May 30

• 11° Taurus New Moon is Saturday, Apr 30, 1:28 PM PST
• New Moon Theme: Apr 30 – May 30: Organic Reality
• The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire Lunar cycle that follows. This creative momentum is for energizing your life’s purpose and personal growth, especially while adjusting to evolving circumstances.
• A Solar Eclipse creates a shadow on the Sun hiding its light. By exposing this shadow for what it is, it forces the consciousness to recognize the true source of light, both internally and externally.

Co-authored by Elizabeth Schermer

Astrology Article

Growing Your Garden of Consciousness

Our Taurus New Moon is potent with new life. Here in the northern hemisphere, Nature has come alive with abundance and new growth. In the same way that our organic world is teeming with new life, consciousness itself is also being energized, especially through the discovery of what lies just beneath the surface of reality.  

This Lunar cycle is having a direct impact on how our minds are able to step up and function at higher peak levels. Curiosity and the discovery of what was not known in the past will now be at the forefront of our experience. When the mind is able to discover new avenues of exploration, the world begins to feel more abundant in our personal circumstances.

Taurus and Nature's Processes of Growth

Taurus is an earth sign that is associated with the natural organic processes of life. Taurus loves what’s real, what’s productive, and what’s useful. These are some of the themes in which Taurus finds value.
Taurus has a keen understanding of the natural world and the processes of life. Taurus sees the beauty of the organic world as a valuable resource to build upon. This understanding of life processes is how Taurus helps us embody. Whether it’s physical, spiritual, mental or emotional, Taurus connects us to what we feel is most important in life.
Taurus’ sense of value stems from its planetary ruler Venus.  The energy of Venus is focused on what we love and what we value. In Taurus Venus recognizes the organic beauty of the world in which we live. It’s through Venus that we are able to decide what is important and what we want to move forward with in our lives.
The natural growth of consciousness through Taurus is mirrored in the growth patterns of nature. The mirror of nature provides a good understanding of the way mental processes are developed in Taurus. By observing nature we can better understand how Taurus supports our own growth processes, watching Earth’s organic processes of growth flourish as they are nourished with the waters of love.

The New Moon Energies

The energies of our New Moon are balanced and organized, and are based in the organic processes of nature. These energies can be likened to a garden that grows and flourishes when watered and loved.
The Sabian archetype for the New Moon at 11° Taurus describes the process of growth as a garden, specifically through the development of the powers of the mind.

ARCHETYPE: Development of the powers of the mind as consciousness penetrates the natural organic world.
COMMENTARY: As the flower of consciousness develops and grows, it attaches itself to the wondrous and efflorescent experience of love. Love is what waters, nurtures and cultivates our consciousness, transcending the drives and limits of a strictly earth-bound awareness. Form grows from psychic structures that bud through the fulfillment and then transcendence of natural and organic drives. The opposite of the conscious nurturing of love is a possessiveness that limits the garden of consciousness from its natural processes of growth.

This Sabian archetype describes the unseen network of life as a psychic structure of consciousness that pre-exists and creates a sub-layer to the physical structures of the material world.
We can see from this Taurus archetype that love is the water that nurtures and cultivates the growth of consciousness. It also indicates the importance of the hidden lattice of life that pre-forms and supports life before we see it manifest and visible in our organic world of form.
It is the penetrating power of the Taurus mind that’s capable of tunneling through the outer layers of reality. Our current New Moon is bringing to life an abundance of growth, capable of energizing the garden of our consciousness. Each of us is now able to use our Taurus awareness to see what’s occurring in reality just beneath the surface, and make our personal choices of where we will put our attention, and what we will nurture and cultivate.
This is the time to water and love your own garden of consciousness. In this way you will cultivate and reveal what’s real and what’s not. We have many challenges ahead as we support the shift into the Aquarian Age. Conditions are right for moving your consciousness beyond strictly an earth-bound awareness of the outer world. In this way you can transcend the limits to thinking based on what’s apparent on the surface.

Astrology Pattern

We have a tight bowl of planets with Pluto at the tail of the bowl’s rim and Mercury at the leading edge.

Mercury is known for supporting our mental abilities. As the activator of the New Moon bowl,  Mercury is providing an opportunity to see into new dimensions within reality.

The Sabian archetype for Mercury at 1° Gemini offers further insight into new mental abilities by seeing what lies beneath the surface.

ARCHETYPE: The revelation of unconscious energies and submerged psychic structures.
COMMENTARY: The excitement of discovery as the mind is exposed to a new a new type of vision and awareness. The translucent ego becomes increasingly aware of the depths of the psyche, and the collective unknown.

We can see here how Mercury is directly supporting our New Moon energies with an element of discovery, as the mind becomes exposed to new types and depths of awareness. Both the New Moon and Mercury are increasing our awareness of the deeper aspects of consciousness and the psychic structures that are supporting the growth of the mind.

Jupiter-Venus Conjunction and Double Sextile
The Jupiter-Venus conjunction represents an activation of consciousness related to social thinking and social values that we want to carry into the future.  The double sextile pattern indicates a high degree of organization and momentum that is related to the overall pattern of the chart. 

The Sabian archetype for the conjunction supports the instinctual urge for organic growth. With sextiles to both Mercury and Pluto, we see the power of the mind energized with new growth that supports the individual’s basic needs.

ARCHETYPE: The full satisfaction of the individual’s basic needs.
COMMENTARY: The full moon’s power calls forth the instinctive urge for growth, but many things respond in a variety of different ways. To the person who is able to produce variety, and respond to many types of need, then abundance and satisfaction will also manifest.

The abundance and satisfaction associated with this archetype will be found within each person’s circumstances. The qualities of abundance will manifest in a variety of ways, not necessarily financial. Factors affecting the qualities and types of abundance include the long term influences of social institutions (Neptune in Pisces).   

Uranus and the Solar Eclipse
The New Moon comes as a solar eclipse that is also conjunct Uranus. The Uranus conjunction is highly significant. The New Moon occurs only a few degrees before Uranus, putting the New Moon in the balsamic position to Uranus. These balsamic qualities are big energies with future-oriented momentum that are setting the stage for change. These balsamic energies are similar and support the Pisces energies which are also being emphasized in this chart with Jupiter-Venus-Neptune working through Pisces.

Each solar eclipse exposes a shadow for us to work with. The shadow of a solar eclipse often appears through some form of disruption. Our current eclipse indicates a strong possibility for social disruption and societal fears that will become manifested out in the open. No longer will these shadow elements in society be allowed to hide, but will in fact be exposed for what they are—shadow energies.

Uranus is functioning now as a trigger, or activator, to the eclipse process.  Uranus in this chart position will likely activate major turmoil (shadow) worldwide. In a positive way this Uranian influence can enhance your ability to see the underlying patterns that are creating crises and opportunities for change. This can be applied to your personal life, as well as the larger collective situation of the world.

The solar eclipse, in tandem with our Jupiter-Venus-Neptune conjunction working through Pisces, gives us additional mental power to see beneath any of the larger hidden social agendas that are active within society.  This is true regardless of whether we agree with these agendas or not. Our solar eclipse will allow each of us to see the active shadow elements and work with what is revealed in a positive way.


Our New Moon is energizing consciousness with a new level of growth that’s capable of penetrating the outer layers of reality. We are living in a transition period in which information and our perceptions of reality are easily manipulated (Neptune in Pisces). With our current New Moon we have support in seeing beneath these outer layers of distortion.

The gift of this Taurus Moon lies in the organic understanding of what you value and hold most dear. This represents a mental influx of energies to help the mind see the shadow elements that are operating openly in your life. Seeing these shadow elements allows you to identify your true resources so you can nurture them for a positive outcome.

Regardless of the twists and turns that the future may bring, the universe is supporting us with exactly what we need, exactly when we need it the most. This is the time to nurture and nourish the growth of your consciousness and the circumstances of your life.

Happy New Moon
Steven Shroyer

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