Harnessing Desire as it Transforms into Potency: New Moon Astrology April 2019

New Moon Astrology Report
April 5 to May 4

Aries New Moon is Friday, Apr 5, 1:50 AM PDT
• New Moon Theme: Apr 5 to May 4: Transforming into Potency
• The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire Lunar cycle that follows. This creative momentum is for energizing your life’s purpose and personal growth, especially while adjusting to evolving circumstances.

Astrology Article
Harnessing Desire as it Transforms into Potency

Our Aries New Moon holds a strong signature of desire with enough potential and potency to change things for the better. These are the qualities that make Aries so full of power. This New Moon is full of excitement. The kind of Aries excitement that makes living each day filled with inspiration and self-expression. If you’re wondering about the difference between desire, potential and potency keep reading.

Understanding Desire, Potential and Potency

The reason I’m taking the time to break this down for you is because of the importance of this time of year. In Aries we are setting a working foundation for how to utilize some of the most powerful energies of the zodiac. Having a deeper understanding of desire and the difference between potential and potency helps us understand these qualities so we are better able to work with them.

We’ll start with a couple of simple definitions. The definition of ‘desire’ in Aries is the urge to emerge as an individual and differentiate oneself from the collective. The definition of ‘potential’ is the urge to become more. This is the power that’s available to become something that hasn’t yet materialized. ‘Potency’ is power that’s been actualized through activity.

Both potential and potency involve power. They are part of a continuum of inspiration and creativity. When potential becomes something real and tangible it’s referred to as potency.  When something is potent it’s operating as an active process in the concrete world.

Astrology ChartNext we need to see how these qualities unfold in Aries. Aries has everything to do with transformation through the urge to become more. In Aries we strengthen our sense of self and separate from the status quo, or what has been before. The first 15° of Aries is associated with potential through developing the power to become something more. ‘Becoming something more’ implies some sort of change in our identity. This process was launched with our last Full Moon with the Sun at 1° Aries. (Read previous article)

The last 15° of Aries harnesses the power of potential to transform our desires into something more concrete. The power of potency, starting at 16° Aries, transforms the individual by actualizing what was first only potential into something actively more or greater. This is the power of our current Aries New Moon at 16° Aries.

This brings us to the crux of our New Moon signature with enough understanding of the principles at work to take advantage of our extremely powerful energies. We are on a tipping point between what was only potential and what is now ready to be made real. It’s time to actualize all the potential power in ‘your’ world.

The Secret of Aries

Aries is ruled by activity. Mars as the ruling planet of Aries is associated with this active principle of transformation. Mars helps us become more than who we are. It empowers activity with frequencies of confidence and courage that enable us as individuals to expand through new experiences.

The secret power of Aries lies in the fact that this active principle (Mars) is working both above and below at the same time. By ‘above’ I am referring to the physical concrete world. By ‘below’ I mean the hidden forces of nature, including the positive aspects of the subconscious.

These invisible force at work within nature are working below and beyond what’s easily seen. These operate as the great rhythms of nature and the intelligence of the hidden cycles of life. This connection to the hidden forces of nature and the subconscious is the big secret of the power of Aries and our Aries New Moon.

This power is illustrated by the Sabian archetype for the New Moon.

ARCHETYPE: Attunement to the potency of the invisible forces of nature.
COMMENTARY: This is the ability to consciously recognize and focus on the natural forces of the devic kingdom that are working alongside the individual for the betterment of the planet. There’s a necessity to see beyond the unconscious, yet active realms of nature. One must see the planet as a living organic entity who’s working silently toward goals that benefit the entire world.

The New Moon is directly activating this hidden potential and the subsequent potency of the power of Nature that empowers our world to become something more and greater. As we move forward, the more we can remember that we are working in partnership with these invisible forces, the more we will ensure our individual success.


Our New Moon in Aries is accessing the pure potential and potency of life.  Each of us can transform our own experiences of potential using this Aries power of potency. With this new-found ability to actualize our potential we need only to look at Nature for inspiration and the understanding that we are in partnership with hidden and invisible forces that are working on our behalf.

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Steven Shroyer is the founder of Seattle Astrology and author of the Lunar Journal Publication. He teaches and consults throughout the world, guiding others on their divine path of joy, fulfillment, and self-realization.

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