Individual Choice in the Collective Arena — Gemini Full Moon Astrology Report Dec 18, 2021

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Individual Choice in the Collective Arena — Gemini Full Moon Astrology Report Dec 18, 2021


December 18, 2021

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Individual Choice in the Collective Arena — Gemini Full Moon Astrology Report Dec 18, 2021

Full Moon Astrology Report Dec 18, 2021

Dec 18 to Jan 2

• 27° Gemini Full Moon is Saturday, Dec 18, 8:36 PM PST
• Full Moon Theme: Dec 18 – Jan 2: The Universal Law of Freedom
• The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. The Full Moon is a time for realizing the bigger picture of your situation and adapting your purpose to a clear perception of circumstance.

Co-author Elizabeth Schermer

Astrology Article — Individual Choice in the Collective Arena

Our Gemini Full Moon is about discovering how powerful your personal choice can become to help you successfully navigate life, both personally and within the larger collective realm of circumstances.

Two weeks ago the Sagittarius Solar eclipse initiated a new Lunar cycle in which “The Wisdom in Seeing Past Patterns” (see article) emphasized the importance of taking off our blinders in order to clearly see the underlying patterns within events and activities that have occurred in our past. This ability to recognize our patterns (past karma) will enable us to make new choices.

Individual karma occurs whenever choices are made. Even when a choice isn’t made consciously, it’s still a choice. When we can develop a deeper understanding of how our past actions affect our present choices, we can liberate ourselves through the release of these unwanted patterns.

This ability to release unwanted karma is the remarkable opportunity held within our current Lunar cycle. This ability to clearly see how our actions and choices connects our past to the present is exactly what the Full Moon is supporting.

At this point in our Lunar cycle, the Full Moon is showing us how healthy choices play an crucial role in creating something meaningful moving forward. The Gemini Full Moon is helping us to use the knowledge (Gemini) of what was released during the recent Lunar eclipse to create a future that reflects our highest ideals (Sagittarius).

The Sagittarius - Gemini Polarity

The polarity of Sagittarius and Gemini vitalizes our understanding of how the individual is the backbone of a healthy collective.
Sagittarius rules spiritual teachings and systems of thought. An important aspect of Sagittarius is its ability to connect the individual to a new understanding of the highest good of a culture. Sagittarius provides the cultural support for the individual’s search for meaning, using the universal principles needed to live life to its fullest.
Gemini also needs to understand the how the collective functions, but it’s the individualized perspective within Gemini that is its true guiding light.
Gemini rules information. In order for Gemini to function successfully within the collective, Gemini requires the freedom to investigate and explore, and the freedom to freely choose without external interference (censorship).

The Gemini mind knows that a healthy larger collective consists of free individuals. In order for the collective to function in healthy way (Sagittarius), individual curiosity must be uncompromised (Gemini).

Gemini's Power to Choose

Gemini is known as the Sign of the Twins. It nurtures the desire to explore contrast and to differentiate (to choose) in order to experience a greater knowledge of life.

This knowledge is both personal and individualized, because Gemini explores with a mind that is free to choose without the influence of outside coercion. The positive qualities of Gemini include curiosity, imagination, the joy of discovery, and the freedom to inquire and ask questions.

The positive qualities of Gemini begin to dry up if they aren’t successfully nurtured. When the Gemini mind is controlled, not allowed to run free to explore and discover, then bad habits of narrow mindedness begin to set in. Over time, the long-term effect of limiting the Gemini mind creates a quality of mental depression and the inability of the individualized Gemini mind  to think for itself.

When this control happens over significant periods of time, an entire collective can lose the quality of individual freedom that is inherent in the Gemini mind.

Liberation from the Past

It takes time for the actions of personal bad habits to develop into a karmic situation. The same is true for the collective. It takes time for an entire culture to experience the awareness of the karmic situation that has resulted from its collective past habits.
Collective karma differs from individual karma. The main difference is wherein the responsibility lies. In collective karma, responsibility lies with leaders and institutions. Trusted institutions are responsible for protecting individual rights and the freedom to inquire and explore. When institutions limit freedom of thought, then it is the responsibility of individuals to make the necessary adjustments in order to set things right.
When these collective patterns develop over more than a generation, the collective karma of the world can come to a point of focus and clarity for those who are ready to see. When we begin to see how our personal past habits create patterns within our own lives, we can begin to understand how those same patterns within the collective can shape the future of the world.
In this way, the liberation of a culture from the karmic patterns of collective control begins with the individual. This Full Moon brings an important focus to the opportunity for liberation. The liberation from our collective past can become an important focus now, as well as one’s own liberation from the karmic patterns of the personal past.
The Sabian archetype for our Full Moon reveals the power of a new beginning, by compassionately releasing the individual from the karma of past habits.

ARCHETYPE: A release from unbearable pressures, freeing one for new tasks and new responsibilities.
COMMENTARY: When a culture recognizes that the burdens of an individual impacts the success of the whole, then there is room for the release of a responsibility that has become overwhelming. This relief can be seen as an act of compassion at the karmic level of the culture. This occurs within a healthy collective who compassionately allows for this “leaving behind” of undue responsibility when it serves a higher cause within the greater whole.

This archetype emphasizes the importance of a type of compassion that supports the rights of individual freedom. This commitment to individual freedom can lead to a liberation from the past, not just for individuals but for the collective itself.
When an entire culture is impacted over a long period of time, there’s a worldwide karmic option of choice that can liberate an entire planet. This presents the possibility for a large scale liberation from our personal and collective past, and is consistent with the revolution we’ve come to expect from the volatile beginnings of the new Aquarian Age.

The Gemini Full Moon

With this Full Moon a turning point has occurred.  Individually, each of us has a chance now to liberate ourselves from the past. This opportunity comes through our ability to make a ‘Gemini choice’ for personal freedom.

We must wait and see if the culmination of these choices results in a collective liberation from the past. The shadow effect would result in a doubling down and continuation of the bad habits that have created the world situation in which we now we find ourselves.

The power of the Gemini mind is nothing without the ability to think and choose for itself. To fully integrate this Gemini Full Moon energy, we must look to our past patterns and see where our Gemini mind wasn’t free to explore. This includes the way culture controls were implemented in order to restrict our access to new information.

What’s being revealed now are the ways in which information has been controlled within our society over a long period of time. We are seeing how we have been controlled, and how trusted institutions have been used for decades to limit and distort our perceptions of reality.

It’s well documented, for example, that the term “conspiracy theory” was invented by the CIA in the 1960’s to discredit those investigative journalists who were looking into the assassination of JFK. Over time this term has become ubiquitous as a technique to discredit and silence the voices of dissent. 

There are many other examples of the way information and access to the truth has been distorted. We have been told that credible sightings of UFO’s were just ‘weather balloons.’ We have also been told that free energy generators don’t exist, despite the government confiscation of over 6000 free energy patens under the umbrella of national security.

The main point of these examples is that censorship and control over information has created some very bad collective habits that have negatively impacted our access to our natural inquisitive nature. As a culture we are losing our ability to mentally explore, and the personal freedom that the Gemini mind requires for individual development and growth.

The necessary solution at this time is a liberation from the past. This is the liberation suggested by our current Lunar cycle and the Sabian archetype for our Full Moon. We stand now at a karmic turning point, where the Gemini mind is once again free to explore divergent information, free to choose, with the release from coercion and control.

This is an unprecedented opportunity for individuals and entire cultures to choose their release from the grip of world-wide karma by making new choices from a personal stance of freedom.

Astrology Pattern

Our bowl pattern has a primary feature of a T-square, involving the Sun and Moon opposition (Full Moon) with the Neptune T-square. What is most significant about this T-square aspect with Neptune and the Sagittarius/Gemini polarity is that it presents each of us with new choices and actions (square) that can resolve any conflict (opposition) in a positive way.

For the majority of the world’s population, the transcendent planet Neptune functions unconsciously. For those who have learned to work with these higher frequencies, however, Neptune’s positive support is typically understood and experienced through spirituality and a spiritual approach to life.

In its higher frequency Neptune is the destroyer of illusions, with the ability to see beyond the limits of our current 3D world. In this way Neptune gives us the ability to reshape the world from the larger perspective of the soul and a 5D frequency of consciousness.

When Neptune operates unconsciously, it dissolves reality in a variety of ways. Typically, the shadow aspects of Neptune present as distortion of reality through illusion and fantasy, including intentional deception. the allure of glamour, and/or drug & alcohol abuse.

At the collective level, we can see Neptune operating through wide-spread propaganda in our current historic timeline. This includes all forms of censorship, misinformation, and the manipulated distortions of glamorized media and sensationalism.

With Neptune activating the Full Moon T-square, our capacity to release any karmic situation is dependent on our own spirituality, including the ability to see beyond the distortion and deceptions that have been perpetuated through generations.

The Sabian archetype for Neptune describes this growth in consciousness, in which karmic energies begin to serve a new and higher purpose in the world.

ARCHETYPE: Growth in consciousness during an early point of tactile awareness, in which the wonders of unsophisticated living are felt.
COMMENTARY: Ancestral and karmic energies become the servants of a new quality of hope. This process of evolution is both sensorial and emotional. It is felt as a new hope for a new era. The sensation of a new discovery is supported by its own ancestral energy, which is serving the new era.

Aquarian Age Update

We are approximately 10 years into the new 2160-year Aquarian Age, in the very beginning stages of the new Aquarian era. The ruler of Aquarius is Uranus, which is the first of the three transcendent planets followed by Neptune, and Pluto. 
These three planets are now playing a crucial role in our global awakening. Although they have traditionally operated unconsciously for most of the people on Earth, with each Lunar cycle they enable us to expand our consciousness in new ways. This Gemini Full Moon, for example, is being supported by the Uranian urge for freedom, seen within Gemini’s desire for freedom of choice without coercion or interference.
Neptune’s role in the Full Moon is supporting an awakening of a new spiritual perspective. This is true once we are able to see past its shadow qualities of illusion, collective deception, and hidden agendas. With Neptune in our Full Moon T-square, it will be easier to see through the shadow of our own misconceptions as we begin to dissolve the patterns of our individual karma.
As we move deeper into the Aquarian Age we can expect more and more opportunities to liberate ourselves from the unnecessary limitations of individual and collective karma. Through this process we can expect to see the consciousness of the planet begin to awaken to new forms of information, technology and cultural advancements as we move forward, deeper into this new era of individual freedom and liberation.


The opportunity with our Full Moon in Gemini is to realize how powerful individualized choice is in our life, and the larger contribution that personal choice can make to our world. As each of us intentionally utilizes our freedom of choice, we directly affect the collective. Through the power of choice we can each make a real difference in our karmic situation, both personally and worldwide.
The opportunity for karmic healing is real. This is a time in which we can liberate ourselves from the past. As we recognize our power of choice, we’re able to understand that the decisions we make will not only change our own circumstances, but the world in which we live.
Happy Full Moon,
Steven Shroyer

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