Inspired Rebellion — Aquarius Full Moon Astrology Report Aug 2020

Full Moon Astrology Report
Aug 3 to Aug 18

Aquarius Full Moon is Monday, Aug 3, 8:59 AM PDT
Current Full Moon Theme (July 20 to Aug 18): Alternative Plans for the Future
The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago.

Astrology Article — INSPIRED REBELLION

Our Aquarius Full Moon brings us a complex state of inspiration that allows us to more fully express our own inspired ideas and perspectives.

As national and world events continue to unfold, we are seeing rebellion on the rise. When individuals find themselves in circumstances where the expression of freedom is censored or curtailed there is a natural desire to rebel or at least resist.

Our Aquarius Moon supports these energies. Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, is known to be a catalyst type of energy that can at times trigger an awareness in our consciousness when events or circumstances don’t seem to make sense. This awareness can be a catalyst that inspires rebellion.

The Aquarian-Leo energy of this Full Moon holds a complex state of inspiration. The reason for the complexity lies in the dynamic relationship of our Leo Sun in opposition to the Aquarius Moon. This polarity can be described as the qualities of inspiration (Leo) and rebellion (Aquarius) meeting head-on.

The Complexities of the Leo-Aquarius Polarity

To better understand the complex nature of our Full Moon it will be helpful to understand why the polarity of the Leo-Aquarius axis is considered so complex.

Aquarius is an air element, while Leo is a fire element. As a polarity, Aquarius needs to draw upon the creativity of Leo as a source of inspired and creative activity. Leo needs to draw on the individualized nature of freedom in Aquarius in order to fully express itself.

With our Sun in Leo, the individual expression of inspired creativity is being driven by a deeply felt need for Aquarian freedom. This is the need for freedom to express oneself within a complex society where there are currently Capricorn shadow restraints on both freedom and self-expression.

What needs to be talked about from an astrological point of view is what happens when self-expression is censored or curtailed. What happens when new ideas, different viewpoints, or diverse perspectives are suppressed?

When circumstances no longer make sense, Aquarius and Uranus work together to create positive change. In society, the aspects of this Aquarian desire for change can create movements of resistance or even revolution.

Rebellion is being currently voiced in many arenas. If we are able to see events of the world in an objective manner we see the Black community expressing their dissatisfaction in the status quo. We see individuals in China rebelling against their leaders’ attempts at suppression. And in the case of the pandemic, we see our doctors, scientists, and others within the medical community rebelling against censorship and the proliferation of blatant misinformation about viruses and the pandemic itself.

The complexities of our Leo-Aquarius polarity are creating an atmosphere of inspired rebellion. For the majority of people, this rebellion is occurring at an unconscious level, but yet it can still be a positive expression of the evolution of consciousness that is occurring all over the planet as we begin moving into the Aquarian Age.

The energies of rebellion are reacting against the abuses of power held within the Capricorn shadow of control. When the level of suppression, oppression, censorship, and misinformation about what’s truly occurring in the world reaches a critical mass, then things must change. When the reaction to suppression is fully unconscious, the masses are more easily manipulated.

The more conscious we become of this process of suppression the easier it is to objectively see what holds integrity and where the distortions lie. This objectivity also allows us to perceive who’s manipulating us and brings greater attention to all the things in our life that don’t seem to add up, no matter how we look at it.

Astrology Pattern

Astrology ChartMany of my astrology students have asked me from time to time why I choose to describe the astrology pattern and not the placement of the planets in the houses. The reason for this is quite simple. New Moon and Full Moon events occur as a planet-wide event.

When an astrologer looks at a particular house system they are looking at a chart for a specific location. Since the New and Full Moon’s are not location-specific, the astrology approach that makes the most sense is the use of a pattern approach that can apply everywhere and to everyone.

Our current pattern is a bowl configuration that signifies a gathering of energies that emphasizes both the integration of those energies and at the same time concentrates planetary themes to support the overall meaning of a chart.

Inside the concentration of energies that our bowl pattern presents, we have two powerful T-Squares that are highlighting the possibility for an expansion of awareness as to what’s distorted around us, or what doesn’t seem to make sense.

For example, one of the most prominent cultural situations that are in everyone’s awareness is the virus pandemic. Even to the casual observer some very basic aspects of the pandemic aren’t making sense. Why isn’t there a national campaign to educate everyone on how our immune system functions to protect us from viruses, and what are the simple steps we can all do to strengthen our immune systems?

These simple examples point indirectly to the power of our two T-squares in creating awareness of what doesn’t make sense in the world.

Mars T-Square Mercury and the Historic Capricorn Conjunctions

Mars is forming squares to both Mercury and the historic Capricorn conjunctions. To simplify our understanding of how this aspect is adding volatility to our Full Moon pattern, keep in mind that Mars is expanding our awareness. Mars supports our ability to connect our activities to our conscious pattern of activity. However, unconscious actions lead to unconscious reactions. It is the unconscious nature of this aspect that creates the maximum volatility in our current astrology pattern.

The historic Capricorn conjunctions have been revealing the shadow nature of corporate, financial, and government control and oppression over the past year. With Mercury opposing Saturn and the historic conjunctions, it’s creating an attitude of rebellion and the corresponding actions that follow. We must ask ourselves if we are reacting simply because things don’t make sense anymore or are my actions purposeful.

Our current shadow of distortion, emphasized by Mercury opposite the Capricorn shadow, does not have to be unconscious. The Mars T-square can also be a conscious act of purposeful rebellion to the misinformation and censorship that is highlighted by this Capricorn shadow.

Uranus T-Square the Full Moon

The Uranus T-Square is perhaps more powerful than our Mars T-Square because Mars only operates within the individual sphere of activity, whereas Uranus can also operate with the collective unconscious of humanity.

One of the great mysteries of Uranus is what occurs in the consciousness of individuals when the Uranian process of transformation becomes more conscious. All of the outer planets operate unconsciously as undercurrents within approximately 95% of the world’s population. Over the years I have come to notice that one of the common markers in the process of self-realization is a quickening within the individual consciousness as Uranus begins to function in a decisively more conscious manner.

With Uranus T-Square the Full Moon each of us can begin to work with Uranus in a more conscious manner. Our Aquarius Full Moon is ruled by Uranus and has the potential to reveal what has been unconscious in the past. The unconscious power of this T-square can manifest as a disruptive and shattering force, but it doesn’t have to.

When Uranus operates from a more conscious perspective, you will experience it as more enlightening, revealing, and inspiring. When things in your world don’t seem to make sense, Uranus inspires us to see events and circumstances with insights and awareness instead of simply operating within the unconscious mind as an undercurrent. This is typically what is referred to as “herd consciousness.”

As we transverse these early stages of this New Aquarian Age, the world will go through many stages, perhaps even painful stages. There are those who are fighting and resisting this new level of freedom that Uranus represents. This T-square has the potential to bring new inspiration for a better world that is void of the control, oppression, and censorship that is being championed as the new nationalized socialism.

Personally, I’m quite curious to see the effects of this powerful T-Square unfold over the next 6 months. As we continue to move into the new age of Aquarius, I expect to see the planet Uranus play a more significant role in the history of humanity.

There is an Aquarian awakening slowly taking place and it’s directly connected to the planet Uranus. This process is allowing us to be more involved in a consciously inspired rebellion against the shadow elements of our historic Capricorn conjunctions, for Uranus is the planet of individualized freedom and transformation. Aquarius is the dawn of a new era.


Our current Full Moon is bringing to the forefront of consciousness what we value and everything that doesn’t make sense.

This is a time when unconscious reactions can be detrimental to the evolution of consciousness. The awareness and realization of the larger forces of suppression and the impact of our Capricorn shadow of 2020 are valuable keys in grasping the magnitude and complexity of new awareness that is available to us during this lunar cycle.

This is the time period to set your intentions for an increased awareness of freedom and to look for new discernment regarding those aspects of your freedom that are worth fighting for.

Happy Full Moon,
Steven Shroyer

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