Investing In Your Future — Sagittarius Full Moon Astrology June 2019

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Investing In Your Future — Sagittarius Full Moon Astrology June 2019


June 17, 2019

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Investing In Your Future — Sagittarius Full Moon Astrology June 2019

Full Moon Astrology Report
June 17 to July 2

Sagittarius Full Moon was Monday, June 17, 1:31 AM PDT
• Current New Moon Theme (June 3 to July 2): SOURCE OF INSPIRATION
• The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago.

Astrology Article — Investing In Your Future

Our Sagittarius Full Moon is conjunct our Milky Way galactic center and represents the new level of personal alignment necessary for forward momentum in life. Our Full Moon astrology features a future-oriented chart with personal opportunities unique to each person’s astrology.

For a variety of reasons this chart is all about the future, and so the key signature of the chart has to do with managing the energies necessary to move forward, while at the same time feeling rooted in what inspires you.

For the next two weeks, the focus is squarely on the planet Neptune. Neptune is the focus of this chart for two main reasons:  First, it’s near the bottom of the bowl pattern, integrating the overall pattern of the chart; Second, it’s the focus of activation for all of the major aspects of the chart.

The dual nature of Neptune manifests as both light and dark, and so the shadow aspect is always important to consider. Within the Full Moon chart we can see both light and shadow aspects being activated within the bowl pattern of the Full Moon. The trine (blue) lines from Neptune are activating a new direction characterized by ease and natural flow, while the square (red) lines indicate energy adjustments that are necessary for success.

In either case the light signature involves moving forward with complete awareness and a willingness to act from inspiration. The shadow aspect of this signature can be recognized in experiences of confusion and/or stagnation. The shadow aspect is important because if we can recognize our blind spots we can move forward with greater ease.  When we can see beyond the surface of things we’re able to get a clearer picture of whether or not our investment in current momentum and the direction forward is serving us.

The integration of these aspects of light and shadow calls forward and brings clarity to the question of what it is that we’re investing our energies into. We can see the importance of this because investing our energies is a signature of both sides of the bowl pattern, represented by Mars and Jupiter.

Another way to understand the importance of Neptune’s shadow influence in this chart involves putting our energies into things that don’t serve OR inspire us. The positive of the chart is expressed investing in things that will not only serve us now, but serve ourselves in the future, including future generations.

Astrology ChartThe other major aspect to consider is the North Node/Mercury/Mars conjunction in Cancer opposed to Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn. This suggests the independent thinking and action needed to avoid the shadow of Neptune, which in this case is failing to question or challenge institutionalized ideals.

A final key element of the chart is the Moon’s direct conjunction with Galactic Center at 26-27° Sagittarius. Galactic Center represents wholeness and our personal alignment with wholeness. With the Sun directly opposite, and the Full Moon conjunct Galactic Center, there is an awareness of what wholeness really means and what steps to take to integrate wholeness into our lives. These actions and steps will be individual in nature, depending on where transiting Neptune falls in your natal chart.

The Galactic Center activation will illuminate new levels of contrast. This chart represents an active polarization against those trends and aspects of current culture and institutionalized norms that are in direct opposition with our personal sense of wholeness and the positive momentum we need to actualize that wholeness in our daily lives.

In short, the Full Moon is illuminating the level of wholeness and inspiration necessary to move forward in a positive direction in our lives.

Happy Full Moon,


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