It’s Time To Implement Your Future—New Moon Astrology Report January 2020

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It’s Time To Implement Your Future—New Moon Astrology Report January 2020


January 23, 2020

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It’s Time To Implement Your Future—New Moon Astrology Report January 2020

New Moon Astrology Report January 2020
Jan 24 to Feb 23

Aquarius New Moon is Friday, Jan 24, 1:42 PM PST
• New Moon Theme:  Jan 24 – Feb 23: A VISION FOR THE FUTURE
The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire Lunar cycle that follows. This creative momentum is for energizing your life’s purpose and personal growth, especially while adjusting to evolving circumstances.


Our Aquarius New Moon is bringing new activity, including challenges with the potential for crisis. The New Moon is also bringing the inner strength necessary to turn those challenges into positive momentum for the future.

It’s no coincidence that the theme of inner strength has surfaced so many times in our Lunar astrology over the past several months. We need this inner strength now to sustain the momentum that is being created. The availability of inner strength at our New Moon comes through several factors, including the energy of the Capricorn archetype which has been so prominent as of late.

There is a great deal of courage that is available to each of us now. Tapping into these hidden reservoirs of inner strength and courage will give you the extra push you may need to come out the other side of any challenge or crisis with positive momentum.

With the historic Pluto/Saturn conjunction that corresponded with the recent Lunar eclipse we are experiencing a momentous shift.  (See Full Moon eclipse article.)  Whether or not you’re conscious of the effects of this shift they are still impacting you.

Many are calling this shift “The Great Awakening.” Aquarian energy is associated with this Great Awakening. This is especially true now that our current Aquarius New Moon theme of “A Vision for the Future” supports the New Aquarian Age which continues to surface in our culture.

Envisioning What’s Next in Your Life

The energies of this New Moon are acting as a catalyst for positive change. This Lunar cycle begins at 5° Aquarius. This degree emphasizes the need for objectivity during times of crisis or challenge. Objectivity helps us realize the truer and broader perspective that’s needed to move forward with a positive vision for the future.

This New Moon is about discerning what we need in the moment in our circumstances in order to make a plan to build momentum toward the future. Your opportunity lies in your decision-making ability and the quality of actions that you decide to take.

Moving forward in life without a plan can easily turn circumstances into more of a crisis than is necessary. To put the idea of crisis into perspective it’s important not to rush to judgement and assume all crisis is bad, or if you experience obstacles in your life that somehow you have failed. Crisis is neither good nor bad. It’s a necessary catalyst in life.

During this current lunar cycle, crises are meant to function as a positive catalyst for change. Whether crisis comes in the form of a peak experience or an unexpected challenge, don’t despair. Rather, look for the opportunity. Use your individual circumstances to jump start and implement your future.

As ruler of Aquarius, the planet Uranus takes on additional importance with our Aquarius New Moon. Uranus supports your vision for moving forward with intuitive awareness and an individualized sense of freedom. It’s precisely this Uranian push for independence and greater freedoms in life that each of us uses to push ahead in our own life toward better circumstances.

Astrology Pattern

Astrology ChartOur astrology chart features a bowl pattern with the planets Uranus and Mars on either rim of the bowl. The bowl signifies a concentration of useful energies.

The planets at the rim represent the energies that are most useful in containing and utilizing the entire energy of the bowl pattern. Mars is initiating the activities and experiences that are needed to experience the freedoms and independence that Uranus represents.

A little-used astrology technique that we can use with this bowl pattern is that of the midpoint. The midpoint of the bowl synthesizes the energy of the rim planets and offers an overall synthesis and a positive way to use the energy of the bowl.

In our New Moon chart the midpoint between Mars and Uranus occurs at 24° Aquarius. This mid-point degree reiterates the importance of making good decisions in order to capitalize on your larger opportunities. It suggests the importance of discipline as well as practical techniques that help you transform opportunity into purpose, in order to implement and sustain momentum toward your future. Two examples of practical techniques include using visualization for your future, or making concrete plans and steps to implement.

The final pattern of our chart to which I’ll call attention is the stellium of planets that are grouped together in Capricorn and Aquarius. In this case the stellium’s concentration of planetary energy highlights the tremendous amount of momentum and acceleration of consciousness that is occurring on our planet.

In the stellium, our New Moon in Aquarius is new-phase to the Pluto/Saturn conjunction, meaning that the Sun and Moon are now in “front” of the conjunction, moving the energies into the future. Aquarius is best known for reform and management. It individualizes energy for freedom through will power and discipline. We can think of Aquarius as managing the momentum of strength and power that’s been generated in Capricorn in order to build new horizons.

Not only is there a great deal of momentum, but this momentum is forcing each of us through our own circumstances to implement a new vision as we seize the opportunity for a better future.


With our New Moon occurring in the early degrees of Aquarius we can’t help but to think of the future and the dawning Aquarian Age that we formally entered in 2012. This Lunar cycle is an important time to take advantage of our current acceleration and momentum, both personally and collectively. It’s also time to make decisions and take necessary actions in order to implement steps toward your future.

The planets are aligned for opportunity, and will enable us to turn any form of crisis or challenge into something positive. This is especially true if we are able to access the courage and inner strength available to each of us now.

Happy New Moon,

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