Living Beyond Perceived Limitations — Lunar Eclipse Astrology Report Nov 19, 2021

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Astrology Report

Nov 19 to Dec 3

• Taurus Full Moon is Friday, Nov 19, 12:57 AM PST
• Current Full Moon Theme (Nov 19 to Dec 3):  Living Beyond Limitations
• The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago.
• The Lunar eclipse acts like a portal, opening up consciousness to additional cosmic energies. These energies are available until the Moon crosses this degree again during the coming Lunar cycle.

Astrology Article — Living Beyond Perceived Limitations

Our Taurus Full Moon opens an eclipse portal with the potential to change the way in which you see the world, especially through your relationship to all forms of perceived limitations. All of the ways in which we each create limits in our life will be directly challenged by our eclipse in Taurus.

This eclipse comes on the heels of our Scorpio New Moon, where our intense Scorpio energies, with the help of Uranus, have opened up new vistas of perception with new energies for Connecting the Unseen Dots of Life (see article).

Each Lunar eclipse opens up a natural portal of consciousness that’s unique to the energies of the specific eclipse. The specific energies of our current eclipse in Taurus are urging us to challenge our preconceived ideas about all aspects of limitation in our lives. Whether your limitation factors are physical (biological), emotional, mental, social, or spiritual, this portal opens a new doorway of possibilities.

Our eclipse offers each of us a literal new beginning, a fresh start, without the normal limits each of us have become accustomed to and have accepted, without even knowing that these limitations could be challenged.

Lessons From Taurus

To fully grasp the importance of our Lunar eclipse in Taurus, it will be helpful to understand the deeper significance and power of the Taurus archetype.

Taurus is the most powerful of the earth signs in terms of its physicality. An important aspect of Taurian power is its ability to harness and concentrate. As a fixed sign it intentionally limits or focuses in order to direct energy in a specific way. 

Taurus relies on validation. The quality of this power must be verified and confirmed in order for it to become completely integrated. This type of verification process is unique to Taurus, with the need to experience some form of concrete validation. In Taurus life must be verified as ‘real’ through tangible experience, and not simply a feeling or a symbol of connection, which is found in its opposite sign of Scorpio.

In Taurus, verification of value comes in many forms in order to develop a strong sense of inner authority. In youth, those in authority confirm to us whether something has value or not. A practical example of this would be when a child attempts to purchase something and does not have enough money. Through these types of experiences, the child learns the concept of limits that are verified by real life consequences. 

In this way, Taurus learns about the “Great Social Authority.” This is the overarching authority that sets limits for any given generation, at any given time in history. In Taurus we must learn to balance inner authority with social authority. These outer limitations become the great conditioner of life that each child experiences growing up. Each of us grow up with social conditioning around heritage, race, age, physical biology, social norms, and who has authority over whom. This conditioning becomes the child’s own cultural tradition of what’s accepted and what’s normal.

The concept and significance of ownership is also rooted in the Taurus archetype. To “own” is to place limits on something. To own something is to take authority over, or to take responsibility for, something. Through ownership, access for others may be limited, responsibility and boundaries are assigned (another forms of limits), and ownership is verified by one’s culture, the “Great Social Authority.”

Taurus has a natural understanding of limits and limitations. Through this natural understanding, Taurus energy is able to perceive what’s real, what has value, what has beauty and meaning. The connection to value comes through Venus, the ruler of Taurus.  Venus cultivates our understanding of true value, with the desire to transcend to the divine.

Taurus relies on real world evidence even if what’s being verified is something non-physical such as cultural conditioning. Taurus supports the acceptance of outside authority. Reliance on external authority only becomes a shadow in Taurus when it takes precedence over one’s innate personal authority and freedom.

The Eclipse Portal Energies

The theme of this eclipse is “living beyond perceived limitations.” Limitations come in many forms. As mentioned earlier, they can be physical (biological), emotional, mental, social, or spiritual. Some limits are necessary and helpful. What we’re concerned with are those that don’t serve our own best interests.
Our physical limits are often at the forefront of people’s minds, especially now due to the constant push of psychological fear around our health and safety. This eclipse is a perfect time to transcend all forms of cultural fear-based programming.
One of Taurus’ superpowers is the courage to live in the physical world without fear. This courage includes the ability to reject false authority. All forms of fear-based programming create limitations that may not in fact be real or necessary.
This eclipse holds the potential for us to learn what it means to live without fear. This represents a point in time where a literal rise in consciousness could lift each of us beyond whatever has limited us in the past.
Our Sabian archetype for 28° Taurus gives us some additional insight into power of this eclipse portal.

ARCHETYPE: A receptive capacity to rise in consciousness and feelings above perceived biological limitations.
COMMENTARY: A receptive, mature, and wise response to new possibilities and experiences that rise above perceived limitations of biology, age, heritage, current social standards, and cultural norms, including those imposed by outdated thinking or authoritarianism. 

The message of this Sabian at our eclipse portal offers each of us a new beginning, especially through the ways in which we respond to any and all types of limitation. The chart indicates that this shift in consciousness applies not only to physical limitations, but all perceptions of reality, including limited thinking, especially when it comes to current social standards and norms imposed by obsolete ideas or authoritarianism. 

Practical Considerations

Our Full Moon eclipse in Taurus is further activated by the Sun in Scorpio, which has an emotional depth that is contributing to the deep potential for rebirth. Scorpio’s influence supports the emotional integration necessary to move past any form of perceived limitation.
One of Scorpio’s prime shadow elements is fear. The antidote to Scorpio’s fear is found in Taurus, which has the courage to counteract Scorpio’s shadow qualities of fear. The Taurian ability to oppose limitations, including challenging misplaced authority, enables us to put limits on fear itself.
In the personal realm, as an individual it take immense courage to move beyond whatever it is that limits you. This is an unprecedented time in your life, when you can not only move beyond physical limitations, but also any other types of limits that are controlled and put in place by your own subconscious fears.
This eclipse can also give us a new lens with which to observe current events around the world, especially in Australia, Austria, Germany, and Italy where governments are pushing authoritarianism through pandemic fears. The world is witnessing the courage (Taurus) of the millions of people in these countries who stand in unity against oppression and the limitations being imposed on them.
This eclipse portal stays open until the Moon again crosses over 28° Taurus in approximately a month’s time. During the time of this open portal, tap into the feeling of beginning again, over and over, without fear.

Astrology Pattern

Our bowl pattern contains two T-squares, one of them involving Saturn, the other involving Jupiter and the eclipse. A T-square is an opposition with a planet at its midpoint that creates two squares. The midpoint planet provides a path of resolution for the opposition. The point of the square shows us how to creatively resolve any potential conflict, which is represented by the two planets of the opposition.

T-Square with Saturn
This T-square has Uranus opposing Mars, both squaring Saturn. To sum up the energies of this aspect, the challenge (opposition) illuminates the opportunity to rebel and transform any and all forms of limitation, whether personal or collective.

On a planetary level this pattern can energize the resistance against ongoing efforts toward corporate and government-sponsored censorship. This includes new insights into the way social structures are being used to highlight the social advantage (Uranus) of some and not others. The resolution of this powerful opposition comes through Saturn, which enables the use of a higher-frequency of power, inspiring action that supports individual rights.

T-Square with Jupiter and the Eclipse
This T-square has the eclipse (Moon) opposing Sun conjunct Mercury, both squaring Jupiter. To sum up the energies of this aspect, the eclipse portal of moving beyond the limits of fear is challenged (the opposition) by a new inner allegiance.

This new quality of inner allegiance is fueled by the emotional depths (Scorpio) which are central to all forms of power and consciousness. The opposition is resolved by a new conscious mutation of spiritual energies (Jupiter). This new positive development alchemizes the emotional energies of fear and control.

Aquarian Age Update

As Saturn continues to move deeper into the sign of Aquarius, we see tensions in our world building against 3D authoritarian structures (Saturn), including governmental measures to control the movement of where people can go or what they can do, and new limits on what can be read, said, or taught.
Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, continues to undermine the shadow of Saturn, as it energizes a rebellion against these authoritarian structures. Uranus functions at a higher-frequency than Saturn, especially when Saturn is operating at a strictly 3D level. Uranus is supporting individuality, freedom, and the transformation of society toward a higher-frequency of development, including the brilliance of technology breakthroughs and development of a society with minimal restrictions.
This Lunar eclipse is a strategic opportunity to connect the unseen dots and see for yourself the many limits under which we have been conditioned to live, with new opportunities to challenge those limits. This is a time to move past any false limitations, false 3D belief systems, and false authority. It’s an inspiring time to embrace the Aquarian Age that is beginning to come into form.


Our Full Moon eclipse holds a high frequency of hope and courage. This is a time to explore with optimism and courage all forms of limits that we have previously accepted, either from ourselves or from those who claim authority over us.

This portal is a real and unique opportunity to consider new possibilities and experiences that will allow you to rise above the limitations of your physical biology, age, heritage, current social standards, and the norms imposed by outdated thinking or authoritarianism. 

This eclipse portal stays open until the Moon again crosses over 28° Taurus in approximately a month’s time. During the time of this open portal, tap into the feeling of beginning again, over and over, without fear. The opportunities for new birth are real.

Happy Lunar Eclipse,

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