Moving From Independent Thinking into Action: Full Moon Solstice Dec 2018

Full Moon Astrology Report Dec 22 to Jan 5

Cancer Full Moon is Saturday, Dec 22, 9:49 AM PST
• Winter Solstice is Friday, Dec. 21, 2:23 PM PST
• Current New Moon Theme (Dec 6 to Jan 5): DEPENDENCY and Interdependence
The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago.

Astrology Article —
Moving From Independent Thinking into Action

Our Full Moon in Cancer occurs only a few hours after the Winter Solstice, and the two events share the same Sabian archetype at 1° Capricorn. This article will first summarize the significance of the Winter Solstice, and then I’ll explain the ways in which the Cancer Full Moon is amplifying and strengthening the power of what is possible for us at this time.

Each year the Sun marks the beginning of the season of winter at the Solstice, which happens at the moment when the Sun moves into the sign of Capricorn. This yearly marker represents a new beginning, as the days begin to lengthen and what is known as the “day-force” returns.

Along with the growing light of longer days there’s a growing light of inspiration to make the world greater. This inspiration is expressed in Capricorn as the urge toward leadership and creative independence. These urges are a combination of all that’s been learned through the previous cycle, including how to participate (Libra), how to integrate into something larger (Scorpio), and the philosophy for embracing the spirit of our expanded understanding (Sagittarius).

Through these lessons learned through the autumn season of group dynamics, as we enter the sign of Capricorn where we can now anchor our personal leadership in concrete ways. At the highest level, Capricorn’s key signature holds a positive sense of personal authority and the commitment to contribute something of value to one’s culture. It is through this principle that society creates the idea of responsibility.

The significance of this year’s solstice is that the conjunction of our Full Moon is amplifying this solstice energy, specifically by carrying with it a new sense of responsibility to use our own power and authority at a new level of understanding.

If you have been following these astrology reports, you’ll recall how important the concept of understanding is to our current New Moon theme of Dependency and Interdependence. (See article: “Too Little or Too Much?”). Successfully moving forward at this time in life requires all of us to expand our thinking about what is being transmitted to us, by those same institutions within our culture we have become dependent.

A Time for Independent Action

Each solstice, both summer and winter, there’s a definite shift and activation that takes place. At both of these pivotal points of the year it’s our responsibility to seek out the personal alignment needed to move forward with activity that’s appropriate in order to support the activation and momentum of the bigger picture of our life.

Because of the position of the Full Moon, the signatures of both Solstices are being activated. The shift at Summer Solstice (the location of the Moon) is an expansion that increases the scope of one’s life beyond solely individual in order to support a larger picture. At the Winter Solstice the activation of the new season is toward new forms of leadership that anchor our desire to contribute (Capricorn), so that we can experience creative freedom (Aquarius), and excel (Pisces and Aries).

This Winter Solstice there’s an additional theme of independence related to the Cancer Full Moon. Independence and independent action, in the context of this Lunar cycle, includes anything you decide to do that’s related to the bigger picture of reality that you’ve decided that you want and to which you’ve decided to participate.

A key concept at this Full Moon, related to your decisions of participation, is the idea of personal allegiance, specifically allegiance to something larger than yourself. The Full Moon is calling each of us to question where our allegiance lies. And more specifically, whether or not our allegiance is in alignment with our inner truth. In other words, are you aligning yourself with someone else’s agenda or your own?

The planet Uranus, based on its position in this chart, sets the tone and underlying theme of independence. We have the opportunity now to question our individual responses and habits. For example, during this holiday season, and in a world where we are told where to shop, what to buy, and how wrap our gifts, Uranus is screaming, “You’re not the boss of me.” The urge to act independently from outer authority cannot be ignored.

This is a key time in each of our lives to challenge our unconscious allegiance and raise our personal flag of independence. It’s a time for each of us to realize that we are the leaders of our own destiny. Independent thinking and action are mandatory if we are to utilize this Winter Solstice Full Moon for inspired action and independent thinking moving forward.

Astrology Pattern

Our Full Moon astrology chart is marked by three key factors. First is the Full Moon conjunction with the Winter Solstice and second, a very positively positioned Uranus.

In astrology we often think of the Full Moon as the half-way marker of the monthly Lunar cycle, however at this year’s solstice, rather than being a mid-point, it’s amplifying the beginning of a new cycle. The Cancer Full Moon is allowing the solstice light of inspiration to shine more fully. It’s activating this new phase of growth and initiating a new way to move forward.

The Sabian archetypes for the three key positions of the chart give us an expanded understanding of the power behind this Full Moon.

The first significant aspect is the Sun’s location at 1° Capricorn, which was also the Sun’s position at Winter Solstice just a few hours earlier. The key theme of Capricorn is related to personal leadership. The Sabian symbol for the position of the Sun speaks to the power and responsibility that leads us to self-leadership. This way, the shadow patterns of Capricorn, related to the abuse of power and authority that are so prevalent within our world, are put to rest within the heart of each person. This is expressed through the Sabian symbol.

ARCHETYPE: The power and responsibility implied in any claim for leadership.
COMMENTARY: What began as a mere idea must now become crystallized into sheer power, for it must operate as an authority through responsible acts of leadership. The responsibilities of leadership reflect a supreme ‘test of value’ within one’s culture, and can only be expressed positively if one’s authority and power are honored for the good of all.

The second significant aspect of our Winter Solstice Full Moon is the Moon’s position at 1° Cancer. The Sabian symbol for the position of the Moon (which is also the position of the Sun at Summer Solstice) speaks to the need for the freedom to decide for oneself, and even change allegiance if necessary, based on personal consequences and future stability.

ARCHETYPE: A radical change of allegiance exteriorized in a symbolic act signifying “a point of no return.”
COMMENTARY: A new freedom to make individualized decisions. This is the crowning hour, with the yang of the day-force fully active and where consequences are of the highest premium. The larger perspective of decisions and consequences is needed to reorient oneself as the individual moves forward to establish a greater sense of stability.

The third and final significant aspect is Uranus, which at 29° Aries is trine to the Sun and sextile to the Moon, which signifies a quality of harmony and balance. The specific degree of Uranus is an important consideration when unraveling this chart. Again, the Sabian symbol sheds insight into the significance of this influence.

ARCHETYPE: Attunement to the cosmic order.
COMMENTARY: Accessing new realms of possibility requires actions in harmony with the principles that are already operating within those realms. Understanding the beauty of celestial movement, one sees and hears the embodiment of a polyphonic interplay that allows one to realize their place in the evolution of humankind. The centralized  being becomes an essential chord in the harmony of the Universe. Intuition then pulls from the voice, the sound, and the attunement to access a non-personalized cosmic order.

Uranus is providing the means for aligning to a larger cosmic order. To succeed, this will require activity and actions that are in harmony with something larger. Acting on intuition from a place of independent thinking will result in freedom, including the release from an established social narrative that doesn’t have your best interests at heart.


This year’s Winter Solstice is a powerful time for each of us to recalibrate our experiences of dependence and interdependence, including where and to whom our allegiance lies. To move forward with maximum potential will require an independent understanding of just how your current actions and beliefs fit into the bigger picture of your life.

During the holidays there will plenty of opportunity to act with freedom and independence. By doing so you will call into light old assumptions and narratives about your life.

May there be Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All as we move forward.

Happy Solstice and Happy Full Moon,


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