Moving into Uncertainty and Beyond — Scorpio New Moon Report – Oct, 2019

New Moon Astrology Report
Oct 27 to Nov 25

• Scorpio New Moon is Sunday, Oct 27, 8:38 PM PDT
• New Moon Theme: Oct 27 – Nov 25: TRANSITION
The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire Lunar cycle that follows. This creative momentum is for energizing your life’s purpose and personal growth, especially while adjusting to evolving circumstances.

Astrology Article — Moving into Uncertainty and Beyond

Our Scorpio New Moon is connecting each of us with an expanding and widening view of the world in which we live. Finding what we have in common with others energizes our ability to widen our experiences in life. In Scorpio the activity of fellowship, which is the sharing of what we have in common, becomes a doorway for expressing our connection with others in an individual way.

Scorpio carries with it a depth of experience that many people find uncomfortable. This negative reaction to Scorpio’s depth is a shadow aspect stemming from a lack of understanding of how to successfully work with the Scorpio archetype. We each have Scorpio located somewhere in our own astrology chart, so understanding this archetype can provide healthy perspective for all of us.

Depth, from a Scorpio perspective, is an inward process that reveals inner strength and a type of inner faith. These Scorpio qualities of strength and faith are to be harnessed for emotional awareness within all connections and relationships. This includes your relationship to your current culture and the symbols and institutions that represent it.

Cultural Symbols are Anchored in Our Emotions

Scorpio is a water sign that incorporates feelings and emotions into one’s relationships and culture. Although Scorpio emotions are personal we use these emotions to connect beyond ourselves, to the world and our culture. The reason Scorpio is linked with cultural symbols is because Scorpio searches for meaning in relationships as a pathway to connection through authentic feelings.

Finding meaning in cultural symbols creates a deeper bond, a type of faith, in our connections to the world. This depth of meaning happens at all levels, from the cultural meaning of friendship, to the value of our cultural institutions such as universities, to the freedoms guaranteed by our constitution. These cultural symbols, along with authentic feeling, create depth and an inner reliance (faith) on those connections in which we have grown to trust.

Whether it’s trust within the context of a friendship, or the trust of our institutions that provide the daily news and information we rely on, our connection to others and the world become anchored in something deeper and beyond ourselves. This quality of reliance stems from Scorpio’s depth of emotional connection. A great deal of this process of connection operates below the level of conscious awareness, as what we use to create our accepted standard of living.

New Moon in Scorpio Provides the Inner Strength for a New Process to Begin

To full understand the power of our current New Moon let’s take a look at the Sabian archetype for the location of our New Moon at 5° Scorpio.

ARCHETYPEThe inertia of all institutionalized procedures.
COMMENTARYLong-term cultural stability rests on the power and acceptance of its great cultural symbols. These symbols are set into concrete form through particular ways of thinking, feeling, and acting in order to create stability in the culture.  After the full expression of a culture’s symbols has reached a point of completion, the quality of stability leads to inertia and a great resistance to change occurs.

There are multiple ways to look at stability. What this archetype is presenting is the process of transformation, once we figure out the difference between inertia (resistance to change) and healthy stability. Right now in our culture there is a real battle between those fighting for existing systems of control (inertia) and those supporting values of freedom and personal liberty (Uranus).

The path forward may seem uncertain, but operating just beyond the collective’s reach is a quality of personal independence and a sense of liberty and freedom. We may not see yet the institutions that can support this change, but we can begin to feel it. This lunar cycle brings a deeply felt inner faith that there will be a positive outcome on the world stage, including the real possibility of a Uranian backlash against abuses of power we are witnessing worldwide.

The Historic Pluto/Saturn Conjunction Working Through Scorpio

The archetype of Scorpio is currently connected to the Pluto/Saturn historic conjunction that we are also currently experiencing (see chart). This conjunction is a once-in-a-500 year event and will become known in time as a very significant astrological milestone in world history. Its historical significance is based on several factors that I’ll outline here.

Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, meaning that the natural energies and harmonics of Saturn have the strongest resonance with the zodiac sign of Capricorn. In other words, Saturn’s effects on society are naturally extremely powerful in Capricorn. Capricorn deals directly with power and the power to control society. Ideally this power is used for the highest good of everyone. The shadow of Saturn in Capricorn is the abuse of power.

Pluto in Capricorn. The primary and basic energy signature of Pluto is the ‘Absolute Power to Transform.’ Pluto’s energy is impersonal and also transcendent. The transformation is absolute. Pluto doesn’t care if its energy is overpowering or inconvenient.  For example, a nuclear bomb containing plutonium (‘Pluto’)  doesn’t care who’s affected when it’s detonated. The same powerful energy used in a positive way can transform the individual or collective in lasting ways.

For 99% of the population Pluto’s energy remains unconscious. When Pluto operates unconsciously at the cultural level of a society, it operates within its shadow and this is precisely the problem with the historic conjunction in Capricorn. Pluto is bring out the detrimental shadow aspect of both Saturn and Capricorn.

What we are seeing play out in our society over the last six months are the extremes of this shadow which include absolute control, abuse of power, and a fundamental imbalance of the relationship between the collective and the individual. Because of this we are currently seeing a frantic power grab by underlying forces of control, what’s been called the “deep state,” which is another shadow aspect of the Plutonian archetype.

Full Moon Eclipse January 10th, 2020 — A Turning Point. On January 10th we will experience a Full Moon eclipse at 23° Capricorn, exactly conjunct the historic Pluto/Saturn conjunction. This eclipse will represent a turning point and will be a day to remember. The effects on our culture of this 500 year event will play out for years to come. The reason I’m bringing this to your attention now is because our current New Moon in Scorpio is directly preparing us for the January 10th eclipse.

Astrology Pattern

Our current New Moon is amplifying the need for change in our relationship to our culture and society. We have already discussed the Pluto/Saturn historic conjunction and how its shadow is current playing out in society. This conjunction is being highlighted in two specific ways in the current New Moon chart.

First, the New Moon is in a ‘last quarter phase’ aspect (relationship) to the historic Pluto/Saturn conjunction. Last quarter phase signifies the need to make a shift in how we understand our basic relationship as an individual to society. What’s being called into question are the principles that our culture is currently promoting that are out of alignment with our individuality or our individual forward progress.

In other words, the last quarter phase aspect of the New Moon to the Pluto/Saturn conjunction is highlighting the current patterns of inertia (resistance to change) by those in positions of power. The healthy aspect here of the New Moon is a new process of transition that directly confronts this inertia.

The second way that the Pluto/Saturn conjunction is highlighted is though its position in the double sextile with Neptune on one side, and Venus/Mercury on the other side. This pattern extends an organizational field from Neptune on one side, representing extremes of awareness from deception to spiritual transparency;  and the Venus/Mercury conjunction on the other, representing communication and the glorification of cultural values.

Pluto rules Scorpio, and so the forces at play have a lot of energy and are very powerful. As such, this New Moon chart represents another possible phase of potential cultural disruption, and the ongoing effects of the Pluto/Saturn conjunction can definitely be an impact.

It’s important to emphasize here that things aren’t as grim as some would make them out to be. There’s a great deal of encouragement in our New Moon chart.

Uranus is directly opposing our New Moon. The position of Uranus in the context of this chart is a positive game changer. With Uranus in opposition to the Moon, there is a new element of uncertainty and creative change that may help to highlight a path forward, especially through our own individuality (Uranus). With Uranus in the New Moon Scorpio influence, there’s the possibility for a new type recognition of the cultural symbols of freedom, liberty, and independence. We can experience in new ways what freedom means to each of us at an emotional level (Scorpio).

For more good news, we have a grouping of planets in Scorpio that is amplifying the cultural focus of what connects people together and what we all share in common. The shadow of this Scorpio grouping is the emotional power that’s being manipulated for the purpose of creating bonds and allegiances at the emotional level to further the agenda of those in positions of power.

On a final note, I love how Jupiter is positioned in this chart. Jupiter brings the energy of successful management to any transition that we might face. With uncertainty as to the collective outcome on our horizon, Jupiter provides insight and stability to help us successfully navigate these uncertain times. Jupiter also brings with it a positive attitude that focuses, not on the details, but on the character of HOW we face the transition.

As you face uncertainty moving forward, remember that you can face it with inner strength and a positive attitude of inner trust (Scorpio) knowing that transition is a necessary element of life.


With the power of Saturn and Pluto operating in Capricorn we have an individual responsibility (Capricorn) to personally examine which aspects of our culture we will choose to trust and rely upon (Scorpio). This New Moon will help us transcend the limiting unconscious ways in which we are emotionally connected to our culture. In this way we can use Scorpio’s energy of emotional power to access the inner strength to believe in ourselves, over and beyond the cultural institutions upon which we have all come to rely on in the past. We are entering a great transition period and this lunar cycle is providing exactly what each of us needs In order to be successful and participate intentionally in this time of transition.

Happy New Moon,

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