New Hope & the Projection of Purpose: New Moon Astrology 2017

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New Hope & the Projection of Purpose: New Moon Astrology 2017


December 17, 2017

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New Hope & the Projection of Purpose: New Moon Astrology 2017

Article Window: Dec 17 to Jan 1
• New Moon is Sunday Dec 17, 10:30 PM PST
• Sun is 27° Sagittarius, Moon is 27° Sagittarius
• Next Full Moon: Jan 1
• Current New Moon Theme (Dec 17 – Jan 16): Purposeful Work & New Beginnings

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a wave of new potential that sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. This month’s Lunar cycle offers a new tool-set that creates momentum for energizing your life’s purpose. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month allow this energy to guide you, especially while adjusting to life’s changing circumstances.

Astrology Article: New Hope & the Projection of Purpose

by Steven Shroyer

Our Sagittarius New Moon astrology is filled with good news for those who feel inspired to have a greater clarity about their purpose and place in the world. And for those who are struggling with issues of life purpose, there is good news as well, with the very real possibility for new type of clarity and hope in the future.

This New Moon is about hope, and especially through new energies that are available to enable you to project yourself into meaningful work or other projects that have personal significance for you. In fact, the north node of the New Moon, representing the leading edge of new potential, has a message that is quite telling of this good news. In the words of the Sabian symbol for the north node, “The storm has ended and all of nature rejoices in brilliant sunshine.”

A New Hope is Symbolized in the Power of New Beginnings

This new hope is symbolized within the meaning of Sagittarius, which gives us access to the bigger picture and deeper meaning of life. With a stellium of five planets in Sagittarius, our Sagittarian connection to new awareness takes on an even more significant role. The strength of the stellium will help us adjust to a new set of energies that enable us to adapt to our changing world.

What Sagittarius is teaching us with this New Moon is that hope is a feeling that comes from within. It’s not a hope isn’t based on what we see happening in the crazy world around us. Our hope is born within. This hope lies in the process of become more than we are, fueled by the understanding that each of us hold potentials just waiting to be tapped.

This theme of hope is echoed in the coming Winter Solstice and all of the associated cultural and spiritual celebrations of Light. In Christianity this hope is symbolized by the Christ child who is born within each of us.

What our Sagittarius Moon is calling forth, through the frequency of hope, is your ability to energize your unique and purposeful work or project in the world. During the coming two weeks, between the New Moon and the Full Moon on Jan 1st, sit with the expectation that the birth of a supreme idea is about incarnate within your being. This “supreme idea” encompasses what is born within and is then projected outward into meaningful activity in the world.

In this context, your purposeful work and projects consist of all forms of meaningful and inspired activities that arise from within. This is opposed to what others have told you is meaningful, acceptable or desired. Reflect on your personal intent and the meaning that you can assign to your life. Then, carrying this intent and meaning forward, project yourself wholeheartedly into the activities of your daily life.

Enjoy the hope that this focus will inspire within you, and be ready to expand into something more than you are today.

Astrology Pattern

It’s easy to spot the stellium of five planets in Sagittarius, but in order to understand the full significance we need to look beneath the surface to see exactly how these energies are working together for a higher purpose. As we explore the signature of the stellium it’s important to first review what the astrology term “balsamic” means.

New Moon Chart Dec 2017A balsamic energy signature is produced when a faster moving planet is closing on, and about to overtake, a slower moving planet. If we look closely at the planetary order of our Sagittarius stellium, every planet is “balsamic” to the next planet following. The balsamic pattern ends with Mercury, Venus, Sun & Moon all balsamic to Saturn. In addition, all five of these planets are balsamic to Pluto.

The significant emotional meaning of the balsamic signature lies in our ability to fully engage with the ending and closing activities of a cycle in order to prepare for something new. An important part of the ending in balsamic phase consists of letting go, resolving unfinished business, and establishing what truly matters for moving forward.

This balsamic process is necessary in order for any cycle to fully complete. It is the tremendous concentrating energy of the balsamic phase itself that is transferred into momentum for the new cycle that can now begin.
Once again, in our five planet Sagittarius stellium, every planet is “balsamic” to the next planet, and the balsamic pattern ends with Mercury, Venus, Sun & Moon all balsamic to Saturn.

On a personal level Saturn’s role in this balsamic configuration lies in support for establishing new beginnings in anything in your life that has form and structure (Saturn). This will be especially true in the ways in which you think and organize (Mercury), your new aspirations (Venus), and the potential for making your mark in the world in a successful manner (Sun/Moon/Saturn).

As mentioned earlier, all five of these planets are also balsamic to Pluto. It’s significant that Pluto’s signature in Capricorn holds the quality of rising to one’s full potential, enabling us to fully anchor the stellium’s energy of successfully making your mark in the world.

To put this in perspective, we now have the energy to let go of past failures and unproductive memories for the purpose of stepping into new momentum and creating new meaning in our lives for everything that’s moving forward.

Finally, I want to point out the position of Uranus in our chart, because it is transforming the New Moon energies in a very positive way. Uranus is sitting at 25° Aries and holds the deeper meaning of revealing new potential. This new Uranian potential is accessed through the quality of faith and requires our ability to truly believe that we can have what we envision. Furthermore, the power of Uranus in this position is also helping to transform all of our balsamic energies in order to completely unlock our potential.

In a nut shell, the Sagittarius New Moon is creating a strong frequency of forward-moving vision and new momentum that’s infused with the energy of hope, in order for you to connect with new forms of meaningful work and activity in the world.


The energies of our New Moon brings a new level of hope that’s centered deep within. The more we can let go of past failures, the more we will simultaneously access and harness the idea of a new beginning. The powerful signature of five planets joined together in Sagittarius brings us the ability to release limitations from the past in order to feel new hope, new potential, and new energy, in order to project ourselves into any work or project that we feel holds a deeper meaning for our lives.

Happy New Moon

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