New Information and a New Perspective: Full Moon Astrology Thanksgiving Nov 2018

Full Moon Astrology Report
Nov 22 to Dec 6

Gemini Full Moon is Thursday, Nov 22, 9:39 PM PST
• Current New Moon Theme (Nov 7 to Dec 6): MOVING FORWARD WITH FAITH
The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago.

Astrology Article
New Information and a New Perspective

Our Gemini Full Moon supports an increased openness to new perspectives and insights into our changing world.  This possibility for new perspectives is a key signature of this month’s New Moon theme of “moving forward with faith.” The Full Moon is providing an objective awareness of this process of moving forward with faith by creating new perspective.

In order to trust our inner guidance we need the opportunity for objective experience and confirmation. This objectivity can come either through personal synchronicity or by observing positive changes in the world. Being ‘objective’ doesn’t mean you are looking outside of your own authority. It simply means there will be external synchronicities that you will recognize as being ‘right,’ or feel expanding and supportive.

With your objectivity now tethered to the current cycle of momentum, you can also use the momentum to challenge the past.  Past events that are no longer relevant to current flow cause inertia and stagnation. This includes our attachment to mainstream ideas which are out of sync. All of these connections represent a loss of momentum. Right now we need all the momentum we can access, so challenging the past is an important way to break inertia.

Whether looking at the past or the present, what you’ll want to notice is everything that’s relevant for sustaining your forward progress. As you look for what’s relevant in the world you can begin to see information in a new light. Think about ways to reconcile the past with any new information or guidance that comes your way. In this way, you’ll be able to decondition yourself and stay open to a change in perspective.

Be open to new information with a willingness to challenge what you thought was true. As you personally work with new perspectives, realize that any challenges that come your way will provide the catalyst for developing an expanded awareness. We are moving forward together.

Astrology Pattern

The main signature of our Full Moon chart focuses on a singular T-square pattern with Mars and the Full Moon. A T-square requires and supports the necessary adjustments needed to ensure success, both through actions and through a new perspective.

In its position with the Full Moon, Mars is supporting and reinforcing the actions that are needed to move forward in life. With this Full Moon influence Mars is initiating the desire within us to acquire a new awareness.  Mars is action oriented and it will use new awareness as a tool to put the past in perspective and move forward with momentum.

This single T-square is quite fascinating, so let’s break it down even more to reveal the core concepts of the pattern.

First, it’s significant that the Sun and Moon are at 1° Sagittarius and Gemini. The first degree of any sign creates a tremendous amount of momentum. In this case the momentum is fueled (Mars) by an openness to acquire new information (Gemini) and to expand one’s awareness (Sagittarius).

The T-square pattern forms two individual squares, so Mars is square to both the Sun and the Moon. The Moon is making a first-quarter square to Mars, while the Sun is making a last-quarter square to Mars.  Each of these squares operates completely differently, with different meanings that are being activated in our chart, yet ultimately they work together to create and maintain momentum. This is the Mars influence.

The first-quarter square with the Moon requires an action-based approach with good decision making. In order to build momentum with this square, activities need to energized through your emotions and managed through good decision making.

The last-quarter square with the Sun centers on acquiring new perspectives. In this case these are specifically based upon new awareness of what hasn’t worked in the past. In order to build momentum with this square we are required to be open to new information that can change our perspective. These adjustments within our mindset have to take place in order for momentum to continue.

As these two squares work together, the combined emphasis is centered on creating new perspectives on the struggles and conflicts of life. Especially important are new understandings about the actions we have taken and the assumptions we have made, and how they have led us to this very moment in time.


As this Lunar cycle continues to develop, the process will take on a more objective perspective. Use the power of objectivity in order to deal with any new challenges that come your way. Stay focused on any new information, including inner guidance, that enables you to integrate past events and gain a new perspective. Your commitment to objectivity will keep your momentum alive and moving forward.

This is a time to reflect on life with an openness toward moving forward with what is right and expanding. As we connect with these Full Moon energies, it’s important to realize that we are cultivating a new awareness. It’s time to take our attention away from mainstream ideas that are being used to limit and control our perspectives. It’s time to choose what’s right and best for yourself and honor the positive momentum you’ve created in your life.

Happy Full Moon Thanksgiving,

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