New Rhythms of Balance and Guidance: New Moon Astrology Apr 2015

New Rhythms of Balance and Guidance: New Moon Astrology Apr 2015

Article Window: Apr 18 to May 17
• The New Moon was Saturday, Apr 18, 11:57 AM PST
• Sun is 29° Aries, Moon is 29° Aries
• New Moon Theme (Apr 18 thru May 17): Attunement
• The next Full Moon is Sunday, May 3

The Aries New Moon released a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire Lunar month to come.

Although it’s customary for me to publish this monthly article before the New Moon, this theme of Attunement to the Music of the Spheres is relevant through May 17th.

The theme of this month focuses momentum in a personal way so that it becomes a guiding force in your life. This includes the integration of the Lunar Eclipse which is in effect until May 2.

New Aries Moon over Victoria Falls

Astrology Article: New Rhythms of Balance and Guidance

The New Moon astrology is bringing brand new realms of possibility within direct reach of each one of us. This month you’ll feel an ease in aligning your energies and inner guidance to the larger cosmic order of things.

During our last Lunar cycle (Mar 20 – Apr 18) we experienced a tremendous amount of momentum to propel us forward in our journey of personal development. My last New Moon Journal article titled, Riding the Great Piscean Wave, discusses the practical ways to use this momentum to your advantage.

The Eclipse at the last Full Moon was an amazing event. The Eclipse enabled us to move forward with an extra boost that allowed us to realign, reset, or reboot. This realignment allowed us to get back in sync with the larger wave of momentum we are experiencing this spring.

The universe is always expanding and constantly infusing life with creative inspiration. Through rhythms of wholeness and cycles of change, this creative force provides new ways to helps us grow. You and I are each meant to experience success during our own evolutionary journey.

Each New Moon and each Full Moon marks a threshold for the prominent rhythms in our celestial symphony. This symphony guides and expresses the beat, the rhythm, and the inner music that helps to align your guidance and individual purpose for moving forward.

This New Moon cycle is a perfect example of how the cosmic order provides just what you need for this creative process during your journey of fulfillment.

One way to begin experiencing the cosmic rhythms, is to shift your attention toward the rhythmic balance of the day-force and the night-force. Even these simple daily rhythms of Nature are in concert with the symphony of planets that create beautiful patterns of order at a Grand and Cosmic Level. This cosmic order creates a literal music of the celestial bodies that penetrates and conditions the entire energy field of Earth, including your home and your personal being.

During the coming Lunar month even a small shift in your attention, coming present to the daily cycles of change, may be enough to feel the new alignment to your own potential and passion as it begins to unfold.

New Realms of Possibility

The New Moon has provided a way to transform last month’s momentum into a larger attunement with the Universe. All you need to do is simply feel the beat of the universe with every sunrise, and trust your alignment within this cycle. The temptation is to over-think this process. What is required is feeling, and listening to the inner voice that is attuned to change and cosmic rhythm.

New possibilities are abundant this entire next month. In order to access all of the potential available right now, new realms of activity are needed. Potential needs to mate with substance in order to harmonize and attune itself to its larger field of wholeness.

Attunement needs action to the make it real. Your inner voice will lead you to the activity that is alignment with your expansion.

Aligning to Momentum

The feeling of momentum, just by itself, can quickly turn into an overwhelming presence. What momentum needs is to be turned into a form capable of sustaining growth, and success. Rhythm, order, and the harmony of wholeness all provide ways to turn momentum into something we’re able to feel and experience. Attuning and aligning oneself to this greater cosmic order is one key to accessing guidance.

In the current cycle, attunement to the cosmic order of the universe will provide the faith needed to move forward with all of our current momentum.

Seeing the beauty and hearing the music of the greater cosmic order is a firm foundation for inner guidance. You can come to alignment with this order simply by listening to your inner voice.

In these days following the New Moon, set the intention to feel a shift in your ability to align to the momentum. Through this alignment you will experience a new realm of guidance that enables you to direct your potential into activity and success.

In short, the New Moon theme of “Attunement” allows you in the coming month is feeling the larger rhythms and then aligning yourself to the larger pattern of your own development.

Astrology Pattern – The Music of the Spheres

New-moon-apr-2015The zodiac sign of Aries encompasses many qualities. An overriding theme of Aries involves moving forward in life with momentum and inspiration, while being guided by your unique individuality. This relates directly to the theme of the Aries New Moon, and expresses the essence of Aries’ core aspects.

Both Uranus and Jupiter play dominate roles this month, in delivering new ways to feel, listen to, and participate in the cosmic rhythms.

The most interesting aspect of the astrology chart is seen within the Sabian Symbol for the New Moon, which is 29° Aries. This symbol bears the ancient phrase that speaks to the rhythms of Cosmic wholeness.

THEME: To listen to the inner voice
ARCHETYPE: Attunement to cosmic order

Article Summary

The New Moon introduces a new theme to help us harness the energy of the tremendous momentum which has been available since last month’s New Moon.

This new theme of attunement leads us toward alignment with a more rhythmic style of living. The “Music of the Spheres” refers to the greater patterns and movements of the celestial bodies as they move in harmony together. It also refers to the personal experience of living in harmony with those rhythms.

During this Lunar cycle these larger rhythms are more easily felt and experienced. Your potential for successful living can be enhanced this month though your attunement to these powerful patterns, so that you can personally experience your own alignment with the “Music of the Spheres.”

It is my deepest privilege to share these thoughts with you.
Have a wonderful month,

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