Organizing Potential — Destined for Goodness: Full Moon Astrology Feb 2019

Full Moon Astrology Report
Feb 19 to Mar 6

Virgo Full Moon is Tuesday, Feb 19, 7:54 AM PST
• Current New Moon Theme (Feb 4 to Mar 6): Organizing from a Bigger Picture
The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago.

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Organizing Potential — Destined for Goodness

Our Virgo Full Moon has a high degree of raw potential just waiting to be tapped into and used for goodness and prosperity.

This Full Moon is bringing a level of untapped energy that needs to be organized and developed into something good and useful. Without high level integration this raw potential can easily become unstable, unusable, or applied toward selfish motives.

What we’re talking about here isn’t just a large amount of unused potential. Because the energies are by nature unstable, as such they can be used in multiple and variable ways. The more important point is that our Full Moon energies have the real potential to be expressed in two opposite directions. They can be focused toward prosperity and goodness, or they can be harnessed toward shadow aspects.

Both on the personal and global level, efforts must be made to reign in and organize these potentials to align them with the bigger picture (New Moon theme of Organizing to the Bigger Picture).

The Virgo Archetype and the Virgo Full Moon

Each Full Moon activates a polarity between the specific zodiac locations of the Sun and the (opposite) zodiac location of the Moon. At the Virgo Full Moon implies there is an activation of the polarity relationship between Pisces (Sun) and Virgo (Moon).

Pisces within our Full Moon context is all about the bigger picture and how the details support it. Virgo is about learning and mastering the importance of details in order to develop the discrimination needed to see how each detail is connected to something larger. This is Virgo’s organizational ability working at the level of mastery.

For example, when it’s said that Virgo is about service, what’s meant at the level of mastery is that Virgo’s purpose needs to use discrimination to see beyond the immediate details. The concept of “service” itself implies that there is a larger context, because everything is connected (a Pisces archetype) to something larger.

True service at this level of mastery is more than simply helping others, it’s serving the bigger picture through an understanding of how one’s individual actions are also connected to a greater good. Virgo’s qualities of discrimination and discernment lead to the understanding of the overall meaning of something, and thus one’s circumstances are connected and operating at a larger level.

The Virgo archetype, as it relates to our current Full Moon, is full of the self-discipline needed to see the overall meaning of any life situation. The Pisces archetype helps us feel and understand how everything is connected to something larger.

Our Full Moon at 1° Virgo is emphasizing this activation of discrimination and discernment.  The entire hologram of the full zodiac sign is held within the first degree. The Sun and Moon at 1° Pisces and Virgo are emphasizing the raw potential available to us now.

This Full Moon is enabling us to use the nuances of life, and the corresponding details, to creatively use personal power to see and live beyond our personal scope of experience. Again, this is a quality of mastery. This moon enables us to connect new qualities of discernment with the understanding of service as it relates to the bigger picture of life.

The Mars and Uranus Impact

We have an interesting development with the Mars conjunction of Uranus. This is a volatile combination, and especially in this particular Full Moon chart. The fact that this is volatile is neither good nor bad, but its instability needs to be addressed.

Despite the volatility, the specific aspects of the Mars/Uranus conjunction to the Full Moon hold a quality of harmony (trine and sextile). This signature represents the synchronicity of volatile circumstances coming together to create something bigger and unexpected.

The potency of circumstances with this Full Moon, both personally and globally, can turn negative.  This is due to the possible misuse of a tremendous amount of potential. In other words, because of the potency contained within this chart, there’s a possibility for good but an equal possibility for these energies to be used for self-serving agendas.

Because of Virgo’s attention to detail, without connection to the bigger picture, the energy of this Full Moon can be self-serving.  On a personal level, this is a heads-up to double check our motives. This includes shadow patterns of victim thinking (both Pisces and Virgo). On the world stage, while the expression of the Full Moon can be used for goodness, the energies can just as easily be harnessed for something more sinister.

This is a reminder that we each have a choice in how we relate to the bigger picture of life. The positive aspects of Mars and Uranus working together with the Full Moon should not be overlooked nor underestimated.

This could easily be the beginning of great prosperity, both individually and for the world. The key is for each of us to see the ripple effects of how each individual circumstance of life dovetails into a bigger picture of connectedness.

It’s this bigger picture and pure potential of the goodness of what’s possible with our Full Moon that can’t be overlooked. In a nutshell, this is discrimination functioning in its finest Virgo form.


The amount of energy and pure creative potential of our Virgo Full Moon is off the chart, especially when it comes to the impact it could have on our culture. The signature of prosperity and discrimination toward the bigger picture is available both personally and globally.

The Full Moon message is a simple one. Each of us needs to work on increasing our own levels of discernment in order to approach every situation with an expanded view of what we are moving into, including the potential for prosperity.  Both at a personal level and on the world stage we will have to wait and see how circumstances play out in real time over the next few weeks. Keep an open mind and be prepared for anything.

Happy Full Moon,

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