Organizing Your Life from a Bigger Picture — Feb New Moon Astrology 2019

New Moon Astrology Report
Feb 4 to Mar 6

Aquarius New Moon is Monday, Feb 4, 1:04 PM PST
• Chinese Astrology New Year
• New Moon Theme Jan 5 to Feb 4, Organizing from a Bigger Picture
• The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire Lunar cycle that follows. This creative momentum is for energizing your life’s purpose and personal growth, especially while adjusting to evolving circumstances.

Astrology Article — Organizing Your Life from a Bigger Picture

Our Aquarius New Moon is setting the stage for a spectacular spring with an abundance of positive energies. As we move into spring it will be a time to experience a direct increase in personal prosperity.

In order to feel the full impact of our new Aquarian energies it will be helpful to bring in the bigger picture of what’s been happening during the last several months. At times, we can all be guilty of focusing on the details to the point of losing the importance of the larger view. This is a time when it will be helpful to step back from our immediate focus so we can get a sense of the importance of the scale of things to come.

As we review what has transpired, let’s go all the way back to our previous Full Moon Lunar eclipse that occurred in Aquarius during July of 2018. We’ll connect a few of the important dots as we review the impact of those Lunar cycles since last summer’s eclipse. This will us help organize and put into perspective this bigger view of where we are now.

As we look at the bigger picture at this point in history, it will become quite easy for us to begin anticipating a significant turn for the better.

Eclipse to Eclipse — A Six Month Cycle

Our July 2018 Lunar eclipse was extremely impactful. In fact, I titled my article “The Eclipse that Changed the Course of History.” That eclipse offered the opportunity to transcend the limitations of time and space and expand beyond what you normally thought was possible. There was an opportunity for each of us, as well as humanity as a whole, to embrace the full power of Aquarius. We were given the opportunity to journey together into a new era where independent thinking, individuality, and visionary group goals all meld together for a better future.

As we moved forward from that Aquarian eclipse, we learned about “The Role of Inner Guidance in Times of Chaos.” This helped us increase our sensitivity to the signs and synchronicities that were needed to expand our intuition and understanding into a larger frame of reference.

When we entered fall of 2018, we learned how “The Libra Factor of Connecting through Relationship” could strengthen our connections with others in moving forward. We began to understand that we could expand all forms of relationships, especially the ones that needed repairing and mending.

Right before Thanksgiving we all worked together, “Creating Forward Momentum by Trusting the Plan.” We caught a glimpse of a transpersonal perspective of what it means to move forward in life. The Lunar energies during that cycle provided a greater opportunity to cultivate the inner flow of faith as a guiding principle for cooperation with the creative spirit of life.

In early December, we had the opportunity of expanding our awareness by taking a closer look at what we depend on. What’s being “depended upon” in terms of that Sagittarius New Moon relates to what we are ingesting from our culture, especially all forms of information, values and beliefs, as well as the principles we live by. We were all confronted with the question of “Too Little or Too Much?”  This helped us take a closer look at all of our dependencies and how they impact our relationship with the larger culture. We have the ability now to consciously choose what we depend upon.

Our New Moon in January reminded us of the importance of “The Wise Use of Power.” Working at the individual level, we learned it’s the wise use of power, including using our hidden inner strength, that is needed to avoid surrendering our power. In this way we claim our own authority. In the extreme, the shadow of Capricorn is expressed through an abuse of power.

It’s this Capricorn shadow that has become institutionalized in our world and must be dismantled through new the cultural values and consciousness into which we’re evolving. We have learned this past month that it is the hidden strength of Saturn, with an expanded understanding of achievement, that helps us practice using power wisely as we move forward in life.

This brings us to our most recent Full Moon Lunar eclipse on Jan 20th, two weeks ago, with our Sun in Aquarius. “Developing a Personal View of Expansion” encouraged all of us to allow our hearts and minds to work as one. We no longer need to bounce back and forth between our emotions and our logic. The choice isn’t any longer between two extremes, including our personal needs versus the larger group. Rather, we understand now that we can learn to live with a sense of harmony that’s both personal and big-picture at the same time.

Anchoring a New Course

When we review how we all got to this point, it becomes clear to me that over the last six months, from July eclipse to January eclipse, we have been preparing for a course change in history.

To summarize this course change:

• This is a course change that is being anchored through inner guidance.
• Through strengthened inner guidance we were able to create healing within our relationships. Thus supporting a tremendous amount of personal momentum.
• To take advantage all that momentum we examined the larger reality of our dependencies, and how to understands those dependencies in order to use our power in the most beneficial ways possible.
• And finally, we explored what life might look like by developing a personalized view of expansion through the power of our heart and mind working in harmony.

In short, the overall theme of the past six months, from eclipse to eclipse, is about moving forward while holding a continuously larger view of reality.

Moving into the present moment, our Aquarian New Moon energy has a very specific signature of taking in the bigger picture of the last several months. The quality of Aquarian energy coming through right now is all about taking care of business in the moment without losing sight of the bigger picture. This New Moon will enable us to access a high degree of organizational skill in order find success in moving forward.

Our Aquarian New Moon — Practical Actions for a Pivot Point

Astrology ChartThe Aquarian New Moon always represents a pivotal power point. This is recognized in Chinese astrology as the beginning of the new year. This year it’s no coincidence that beginning of the diligent and prosperous Earth Pig Year of Chinese astrology is mirrored within our New moon chart.

Our Aquarian New Moon is action oriented and coupled with activity centered around organizing your life with an eye to the bigger picture. The keystone idea in understand our New Moon energies is that it involves the practical application of arranging your life, but the context is in order to prepare for future possibilities, for to what is about to happen. Doom and gloom is not on the horizon. In fact is just the opposite.

The chart indicates signatures of prosperity and abundance, and an ability to access our highest potential moving forward.  One key signature indicates our ability to find a balance between our personal health and the demands of making a living. Specifically, this can come through the balance of incorporating physical activity and exercise in our daily routine.

The organizational signature of this Aquarian New Moon is about anchoring a new foundation in order to step into something larger. Taking direct practical action, making decisions that reflect a prosperous future, and planning through organization are all perfect types of activities this month.

Remember, without a larger view of reality and the reminder of what’s led us to this very point in history, the organizational signature of this month could seem mundane or trivial. With the larger perspective we will receive insight into how to organize the details of our lives for a brighter future.


This New Moon is full of potential for those of us who can see the bigger picture and use that perspective to make decisions and take practical action that will enable us to expand into the potentials of health and prosperity that are coming this year. With the second eclipse cycle in a six month period we continue to build momentum and are expanding in practical ways into the age of Aquarius.

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