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The Lunar Journal is a Seattle Astrology Publication

It’s published on the New Moon and Full Moon  

Revitalizing Your Life-force for Greatness — Libra New Moon Oct 2020

Our New Moon Libra energy holds a tremendous amount of creativity that will have a direct impact on how you feel about your circumstances, the people around you, and your own participation within a society pushing toward something better. This article explores how to access this abundance of creative energy to revitalize and energize your own life-force. You will be accessing this energy through the Libra archetype which holds some very useful energies that aren't often talked about in astrology.

A Time to Stand for What Inspires You — Aries Full Moon Report Oct 1, 2020

Our Full Moon In Aries brings an air of inspiration to our Libra energies. This Moon is full of courage, inspiration, hope, and healing. The key for each of us is to feel the shift, and then take inspired action, based on our own inner authority.

The Conquest of Illusion — Virgo New Moon Astrology Report Sept, 2020

Our Virgo New Moon will have a powerful impact on those individuals who are learning to harness the self-discipline necessary to practice a new quality of self-awareness. This quality of awareness is more than simple observation. The quality of awareness our New Moon is introducing far exceeds what our popular culture typically thinks of as being "awake" or being "woke," as is commonly presented on social media.

The Tale of Two Cosmic Kites — Pisces Full Moon Astrology Report Sept 1, 2020

Our Full Moon In Pisces is part of a special Kite Pattern that features a secondary shadow Kite just beneath it. This rare lunar configuration mirrors the unusual historical times we live in. In this article, I'll be discussing how these two kites are related, including how the shadow is being fed by our historic Capricorn conjunctions and the way in which we are seeing these powerful shadow elements being brought out into the open worldwide.

The Lion is About to Roar — Leo New Moon Astrology Report Aug 2020

Our Leo New Moon brings the Leo archetype of fiery energy to life. Now that the Leo archetype is fully active as we enter the final degrees of Leo, you might be able to feel it moving deep inside your psyche. You may experience urges to act, or undercurrents to respond to feelings that something isn't quite right, or a level of inspiration in which something deep feels ready to bubble up. These energies may be moving quietly, but they're about to reveal themselves in a big way.

Inspired Rebellion — Aquarius Full Moon Astrology Report Aug 2020

Our Aquarius Full Moon brings us a complex state of inspiration that allows us to more fully express our own inspired ideas and perspectives. As national and world events continue to unfold, we are seeing rebellion on the rise. When individuals find themselves in circumstances where the expression of freedom is censored or curtailed there is a natural desire to rebel or at least resist. 

The Power to Choose an Alternate Reality — July 20 Cancer New Moon Astrology Report

Our Second Cancer New Moon of the year couldn't have come at a better time. As I'm writing this article, rioters and law enforcement officials are battling in the streets of American big cities. However, despite the conflicts we are witnessing I feel encouraged with the astrology pattern that is currently unfolding.

Preserving the Vision of Freedom and Liberty — Capricorn Lunar Eclipse Astrology Report July 4th, 2020

Our Cancer Full Moon eclipse is highlighting an imbalance in power and drawing our attention to a historical perspective that will inspire us all to achieve an excellence that patriots fought and died for. Our current Lunar eclipse carries both an opportunity of preserving our vision as well as a shadow element of deception that this article will explore as these astrological events coincide with the 4th of July, and the birth of the idea called America.

A Point of No Return — Cancer New Moon & Solstice Eclipse Astrology Report June 21, 2020

Our Cancer New Moon occurs dramatically on the summer solstice and during a solar eclipse. This convergence of energies will initiate a powerful opportunity to revaluate your individual alignment in the world. In particular, the eclipse and summer solstice is initiating a new level of individuality that will bring a higher level of equality between you and the rest of humanity.

The Revolutionary Mind Continues to Awaken — Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse Astrology Report June 5, 2020

Our Sagittarius Full Moon Eclipse is extremely charged with inspiration to connect with new ideas and understanding. In addition to inspiration, the astrology pattern speaks directly to the challenges that are being presented to the world at this very moment. This intensity of challenge is amplified by our Lunar eclipse.

Newly Discovered Aspects of Nature, Health & Humanity — Gemini New Moon Astrology Report, May 2020

Our Gemini New Moon taps directly into the order and symmetry found within Nature and in our relationship to the principles that bind us to life. I'm referring to the order found within the living intelligence of Nature and the natural laws that are operating within our world.

Authentic Hope Will Free the World — Scorpio Full Moon Astrology Report, May 2020

Our Scorpio Full Moon has a ray of hope for those who are able to feel the depth of what is real and authentic. We are at the halfway point in an important Lunar cycle that has brought each of us face to face with a world crisis. In the midst of disinformation and confusing narratives it can be challenging to know who and what to trust. Those with alternate viewpoints or perspectives are being increasingly censored. Not feeling heard or understood is a common emotion that runs deep within the collective consciousness right now.

What We Are Seeing Changes Everything — New Moon Astrology Report Apr, 2020

Our Taurus New Moon is energizing and bringing to our conscious awareness what's real and what's not. Taurus is the first earth sign of the zodiac and can be thought of as the energy we use to confirm what's useful and productive. This practicality of usefulness is what Taurus thinks of as "real."

Energizing the Libra Mind through Contrast — Full Moon Astrology Report Apr 7, 2020

Our Libra Full Moon will certainly shed some much needed light on our current world events. Libra is an excellent type of energy for humanity right now. It's especially useful for this Libra Full Moon energy to be shared with others during our coronavirus pandemic. What's needed in the world is a mental re-adjustment so that we are able to see the extremes in contrast and begin to think independently from external authorities.

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