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The Lunar Journal

The Lunar Journal is an astrology report covering each Lunar cycle. Author Steven Shroyer has written more about Lunar astrology than any of his contemporaries in the field of astrology.

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Seattle Astrology is a pioneer in the field of pure principle astrological thinking. We have teamed up with the Sapphire Initiative to provide
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The Seattle Astrology library and archive contains an extensive index of astrology articles dating back to 2011. The depth of insight within these articles presents a rare look into the value of Lunar astrology.

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Published on the New Moon and Full Moon

The Lunar Journal is a Seattle Astrology Publication

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What is Lunar Astrology?

Lunar astrology is the study of the eight phases of the Sun/Moon relationship in the monthly lunar cycle.

Each New Moon there is a release of cosmic energy to the Earth. This new energy transforms life and consciousness through eight phases of development.

What is The Lunar Journal?

The Lunar Journal follows the lunar cycle. This bi-monthly astrology publication maps personal success to lunar astrology and the lunar cycle. 

The Sun and the Moon work in harmony to energize all new successful growth. The Sun provides the energy, while the Moon supports integration through natural processes of time.

The Lunar Journal helps you connect to these potentials in your daily life.

The Lunar Cycle

The lunar cycle is divided into four quarters. The Moon travels through these quarters during its orbit around the Earth. The Moon’s movement consists of the following quarters, each representing 90°.

  • New Quarter
  • First Quarter
  • Full Quarter
  • Last Quarter

In addition to the four quarters, the Moon also presents in eight lunation phases as the result of the Sun and Moon working together.

The truest meaning of the Moon in any astrology chart takes into consideration the significance of the Sun/Moon phase. For example, to fully understand the success and growth dynamics of an individual we use both the lunar cycle and the eight phases of the Moon.

The Eight Lunar Phases

The New Phase

The 1st phase of the cycle releases a new pattern with the momentum and zest to discover its potential. Each New Moon is unique and follows an organic and instinctual pattern of growth. 

The Crescent Phase

In the 2nd phase the original momentum begins to slow, with a natural willingness to overcome any obstacle that is in the way. A spontaneous approach with small successful steps ensures steady and continued growth.

The First Quarter Phase

The 3rd phase is critical to the quality of growth throughout the remaining cycle. Practical and decisive activity is critical in establishing the best outcome or direction forward. Choices and circumstances will shape the individual character, determining what and how life unfolds. 

The Gibbous Phase

The 4th phase is creatively in sync with the rational and analytical processes of making adjustments. Aligning with the intelligent design of Nature allows inquisitiveness to become one’s teacher of success. This phase prepares for the coming shift in consciousness and the realization of purpose.

The Full Phase

The 5th phase activates a new level of awareness with the realization, or full picture, of the purpose of what was originally released at the beginning of the cycle. Objectivity and clarity are in full operation. There is an understanding of what must be done to successfully relate circumstances to personal potential.

The Disseminating Phase

The 6th phase consciously expands one’s individual awareness to include more of the world around them. Past learning, including experiences and challenges that were overcome, become markers of success to be shared. Common experiences then unite like minds to participate and share in a larger process, expanding one’s success to include others.

The Last Quarter Phase

The 7th phase is critical to the development of consciousness. It supports mature thinking, where the bigger picture of life is firmly grasped. There is a great power that lies within the choice to change one’s own perspective. The quickness of an individualized mind understands the ways that growth and success have been conditioned by society. Changing one’s perspective has the power to change one’s reality.

The Balsamic Phase

The 8th phase brings to conclusion the current growth cycle. The potential of what was originally released has now reached its pinnacle and all that’s left is the future. At this phase, each cycle incorporates its success, growth, and understanding into the seed of the cycle to come.

This final phase is full of hope and new potential. It inspires forward thinking. Letting go of past failures allows for unfettered momentum to nourish the soul that desires growth.

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The Seattle Astrology Educational System is a completely new approach to learning astrology.

This breakthrough approach provides a solid foundation to the universal principles of astrological thinking, including a new focus on Pure Principle Astrology

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The Pure Principle Astrology system uses universal principles of natural law, geometry, numerology, and cutting-edge astrological thinking. It’s designed to teach the student how to think, rather than what to think.

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The Lunar Journal
Steven Shroyer

The Point Between What Was and What’s to Come — Cancer New Moon Astrology June 28, 2022

Our Cancer New Moon represents a balancing point between the past and the future, and the opportunity for a new direction in life based on what inspires you. The New Moon follows last week’s  summer solstice. This combination sets the stage for a shift in the overall astrological energies of the year. With this shift, we are all heading into an uncharted territory of new potential in which self-determination and the power of choice will be a premium quality to possess.
The June 21st solstice ushered in a heightened awareness of the importance of individuality, with the need to re-balance one’s relationship between selfhood and the larger collective. This quality of self-correction addresses the current cultural imbalances, setting to right the collective’s attempts to control our world by seizing and holding more power and influence than is warranted.

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The Lunar Journal
Steven Shroyer

The Power of Total Commitment to Life — Gemini New Moon Astrology Report May 30, 2022

Our Gemini New Moon is bringing into play a new level of contrast, both personal and global, through the focus of opportunity, contrast and challenge. This is an extraordinary period of time. The potential challenges that lie ahead cannot be underestimated and may have unexpected impacts on our lives.
This Lunar cycle is an important time in which to discover a greater personal commitment to life. This new level of commitment includes your ability to focus on what, and where and with whom you’re willing to place your trust.
As individuals, we can off-set any unexpected events and disruptive influences by seeking supportive relationships and environments, especially those that reaffirm your individualized worth.

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Steven Shroyer

The New Age of Emotional Intelligence — Scorpio Lunar Eclipse May 15, 2022

Our Scorpio Full Moon eclipse opens a portal that provides a unique opportunity to establish a higher level of emotional intelligence.  These new qualities of emotional intelligence will enable you to adapt and respond to new situations in your life from a higher frequency of awareness.
During a Lunar eclipse, the shadow, or hidden aspect, of the Full Moon polarity is activated. This opens up a unique opportunity that functions much like a portal, allowing for a new quality of consciousness to emerge.
With this eclipse, the Taurus Sun brings the concrete experience of coming face-to-face with our circumstances. The Scorpio eclipse allows us to focus on the emotional intelligence needed to see beyond the shadows that are being activated. This includes personal shadows as well as the larger collective cultural shadows that are being activated globally.

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Steven Shroyer

Growing Your Garden of Consciousness — Taurus New Moon Astrology Report Apr 30, 2022

Our Taurus New Moon is potent with new life. Here in the northern hemisphere, Nature has come alive with abundance and new growth. In the same way that our organic world is teeming with new life, consciousness itself is also being energized, especially through the discovery of what lies just beneath the surface of reality.

This Lunar cycle is having a direct impact on how our minds are able to step up and function at higher peak levels. Curiosity and the discovery of what was not known in the past will now be at the forefront of our experience. When the mind is able to discover new avenues of exploration, the world begins to feel more abundant in our personal circumstances.

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The Lunar Journal
Steven Shroyer

Aspiring to Participate Authentically in Life — Libra Full Moon Astrology Report Apr 16, 2022

Our Libra Full Moon is highlighting the ways in which we can more authentically participate in the world. Being authentic ultimately requires an individualized sense of self. This larger sense of self is a theme of the current lunar cycle that began with our Aries New Moon.

With the Libra Full Moon, a more objective realization can now be made that supports our growth as individuals. Learning to act as an authentic individual while seeing a larger perspective is what our Libra Moon is now providing for our growth.

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The Lunar Journal
Steven Shroyer

Being a Cosmic Minded Individual — Aries New Moon Astrology Report Mar 31, 2022

Our Aries New Moon kicks off a new Lunar cycle as well as the new annual shift that comes with the passing of the spring equinox. Each year Aries marks a cosmic turning point within larger cosmic cycles. For this reason it is generally accepted as the beginning of the astrological year.
This is a time of new momentum. This is especially true now with our New Moon, as multiple cycles are overlapping. This convergence of energies provides a tremendous amount of new momentum which you can harness. This new Aries momentum can be experienced as an effortless flow, especially once you begin to feel the inspiration that Aries brings.

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The Lunar Journal
Steven Shroyer

The Conquest of Illusion — Virgo Full Moon Astrology Report Mar 18, 2022

Our Virgo Full Moon opens up a new perspective of individual thinking that can warm your heart through personal awareness, the pursuit of self-knowledge, and the conquest of illusion.

It’s been two weeks since our Pisces New Moon, in which we collectively began experiencing a new direction for humanity. Since the inception of this massive new shift of consciousness worldwide, this big energy has triggered a new awareness of what’s occurring around us. This is especially true among those of us who are independent thinkers.

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The Lunar Journal
Steven Shroyer

A New Beginning and Direction for Humanity — Pisces New Moon Astrology Report Mar 2, 2022

Our Pisces New Moon is initiating a huge change worldwide. What we are about to witness from this New Moon is an entirely new direction for humanity. This isn’t a time to listen to those who are parroting fear and doomsday rhetoric. It’s a time to appreciate just how big the shift is that’s taking place before our very eyes.

These energies are new. The cosmic energies that are coming into form will alter everything you know to be true. For this reason, the New Moon may be hard to understand, and hard to describe, simply because this IS new energy. It’s new and it’s also big. Even more, this new energy is being born out of old energy that is also very big and coming to a close.

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