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The Lunar Journal is a Seattle Astrology Publication

It’s published on the New Moon and Full Moon  

Newly Discovered Aspects of Nature, Health & Humanity — Gemini New Moon Astrology Report, May 2020

Our Gemini New Moon taps directly into the order and symmetry found within Nature and in our relationship to the principles that bind us to life. I'm referring to the order found within the living intelligence of Nature and the natural laws that are operating within our world.

Authentic Hope Will Free the World — Scorpio Full Moon Astrology Report, May 2020

Our Scorpio Full Moon has a ray of hope for those who are able to feel the depth of what is real and authentic. We are at the halfway point in an important Lunar cycle that has brought each of us face to face with a world crisis. In the midst of disinformation and confusing narratives it can be challenging to know who and what to trust. Those with alternate viewpoints or perspectives are being increasingly censored. Not feeling heard or understood is a common emotion that runs deep within the collective consciousness right now.

What We Are Seeing Changes Everything — New Moon Astrology Report Apr, 2020

Our Taurus New Moon is energizing and bringing to our conscious awareness what's real and what's not. Taurus is the first earth sign of the zodiac and can be thought of as the energy we use to confirm what's useful and productive. This practicality of usefulness is what Taurus thinks of as "real."

Energizing the Libra Mind through Contrast — Full Moon Astrology Report Apr 7, 2020

Our Libra Full Moon will certainly shed some much needed light on our current world events. Libra is an excellent type of energy for humanity right now. It's especially useful for this Libra Full Moon energy to be shared with others during our coronavirus pandemic. What's needed in the world is a mental re-adjustment so that we are able to see the extremes in contrast and begin to think independently from external authorities.

The Rising of the Fearless One — New Moon Astrology Report Mar 24, 2020

Our Aries New Moon comes at a time when we could all use a little good news. The world-wide coronavirus pandemic is in full swing and the average person is inundated with information. One world leader was quoted as saying that we need to flood the zone with the information that we want the public to hear about the pandemic. This experience of overload has made it difficult to know where to put our focus.

Big Energies Are Emerging — New Moon Astrology Report Feb 2020

Our Pisces New Moon holds important keys to seeing the bigger picture of what is taking place in the world around us, so we can begin to understand our place in the larger scheme of things that are unfolding.

Acceleration through Emotional Stability—Leo Full Moon Astrology Report Feb 2020

Our Leo Full Moon has a very expressive quality. The expressive nature of this Full Moon comes from the concentrated emotional energies of Leo. When released these Leo energies are consciously expressed through creative activity.

Final Announcement for Astrology 101 — Starts Sunday, Feb 9th

This 7-week class teaches all of the astrology basics, but integrates much, much more. Students of all skill levels will benefit from these key principles as this class introduces the multiple layers of astrology in a simple and easy to understand format.

Astrology 101 Class — Pure Principle & Cutting-Edge Basics

There has been a breakthrough in the approach to learning the basics of astrology. Using pure principles to understand your own chart is perhaps the most fun and may be the most proficient way to start mastering the fundamental principles of astrology.

It’s Time To Implement Your Future—New Moon Astrology Report January 2020

Our Aquarius New Moon is bringing new activity, including challenges with the potential for crisis. The New Moon is also bringing the inner strength necessary to turn those challenges into positive momentum for the future.

An Historic Realization of Success — Cancer Lunar Eclipse Astrology Report Jan 10th 2020

Our Cancer Full Moon is eclipsed by our Capricorn Sun which happens to be part of an historic cosmic astrology pattern involving the 500 year conjunction of Pluto/Saturn at 23° Capricorn. This particular Lunar eclipse is a major development in the world of astrology. This eclipse combined with the history Pluto/Saturn conjunction is a marker of a new trajectory in world history, through the empowerment of the individual and their relationship to systems of power and control in the world.


Our December 25th Capricorn New Moon brings a Christmas message of excellence and success to all who are willing and able to move forward with what we have learned from our cumulative past. This Lunar cycle, and in particular this New Moon, sets the stage for everything future to come.

The Synthesizing Power of the Gemini Mind—Gemini Full Moon Astrology Report Dec 2019

Our Gemini Full Moon is emphasizing the need to assimilate whatever was awakened during our New Moon in Sagittarius. In my last article, "The Awakening of New Wisdom" I discussed the unique astrological opportunities of our recent New Moon which included accessing a new quality of wisdom associated with expanded awareness.

An Awakening — Sagittarius New Moon Astrology Report Nov 2019

Our Sagittarius New Moon is ushering in a period of awakening where what was previously not operating at a complete level of consciousness can now fully awaken. Each New Moon of our life time can become a profound experience if we let it. The more conscious we become, the more we can cultivate an awareness of wisdom so that we can take advantage of these extraordinary celestial events when opportunity presents itself.

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