Personal Dedication to Bravery and Courage — New Moon Astrology Report Aug 8, 2021

New Moon Astrology Report Aug 8, 2021

Aug 8 to Sept 6

• 17° Leo New Moon is Sunday, Aug 8, 6:50 AM PDT
• New Moon Theme: Aug 8 – Sept 6: Dedication to Higher Principles
• The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire Lunar cycle that follows. This creative momentum is for energizing your life’s purpose and personal growth, especially while adjusting to evolving circumstances.

Astrology Article — Personal Dedication to Bravery and Courage

Our New Moon in Leo is embodying a new and volatile quality of creative intensity. The degree of this intensity will affect you as an individual, as well as the entire planet.

This is energy that must be managed. Leo’s solar intensity can be full of light and inspired personal power, or it can be reckless and self serving. In the worst cases it can scorch the entire fabric of society with aggressive and overbearing creative power.

This Leo Lunar cycle holds both extremes and will undoubtedly have a major impact on humanity as a whole. Individually the creative use of our Leo New Moon energies will help you take whatever action is appropriate in your circumstances. For those working on a larger level, this cycle represents a critical time period that will allow you to tap into the magnitude of what’s occurring on our planet.

Why the Intensity of this Year is Continuing to Build

Every New Moon we receive a new impulse of creation, with new momentum to help us successfully navigate the larger evolutionary trends that occur over longer periods of time.

With Pluto transiting the late degrees of Capricorn, we are collectively still experiencing the planetary disruptions that began in January 2020 with our historic Capricorn conjunctions. These conjunctions are part of some very large planetary cycles that range in length from 500 to 750 years and beyond.

The shadow of Pluto in Capricorn involves the coordinated attempt to subjugate humanity to authoritarian control. We are currently in the final stages of this effect, which is playing out on the world stage. Now, with our current New Moon in Leo, we are each being given the creative tools we need to weather the intensity of the storm that’s upon us.

It is through this context of larger cycles that we can better understand the intensity that this Fiery New Moon is bringing. Keep in mind that this New Moon provides you with exactly what you need to grow, adjust, and navigate whatever intensity you’ll experience between now and our next New Moon on September 6th.

The Creative Fire of Leo

Leo is the second fire sign in the zodiac. Leo’s energy channels pure solar power in its rawest form. Its main signature involves personally channeling creative power as an individual. This is experienced as an unrefined flow of creative power that must be managed and expressed.

The management of this sustained flow of Leo energy results in a dedicated response to everything that this solar energy touches. The energy must be harnessed with maturity, nobility, and self-leadership (to lead oneself) in order to utilize the highest potential of this fire sign.

Leo is ruled by the Sun and directly energizes an individual’s direct connection to this quality of source energy and consciousness. This individualizing power-source can be extremely charismatic and has even been described as intoxicating.

Because the Sun has such a direct effect on the 3D plane of existence, the raw solar power of Leo can have a magnetic effect on a person’s personality. Channeling Leo energy allows a person to self-express the same creative power that is expressed through the beauty and vitality of Nature. Leadership roles come naturally with Leo’s energy, but require a level of courage in order to be fully expressed.

The Powerful Leo Shadow

When a zodiac sign contains a tremendous amount of raw power, the potential for a powerful shadow also exists. This is precisely what can occur with Leo, as the direct connection to the Sun’s energy sets up the potential for a very powerful Leo shadow.
The Leo shadow occurs when the magnitude of direct solar power has no internal connection to Source. Without a conscious personal connection to source energy, Leo’s energy has nowhere to go but into the outer layers of the personality. When this occurs, Leo’s shadow is activated and the natural magnetic and charismatic self-expression takes on an exaggerated air of self-importance and pride. This type of Leo pride stems from becoming intoxicated by one’s own bright image.
The shadow of Leo can be expressed both personally and collectively. At all levels, Leo’s misplaced arrogance of self-importance is not capable of embracing true leadership. When Leo makes this realization, however, Leo’s shadow of pride, arrogance, and abuse of power can be re-channeled into love, compassion, and a dedication to higher principles that lie beyond the scope of personal power and manipulation.
Leo energies, when purified by the fire of nobility, are extremely healing, and leadership under Leo becomes dedicated to noble ideas of compassion and love. What we need in the world today are more of these purified Leo energies to heal our world.

Dedication to a Collective Ideal — Leo New Moon

Our New Moon Sabian archetype at 17° Leo is:

ARCHETYPE: The feeling of togetherness which unites people in their dedication to a higher collective ideal.
COMMENTARY: This is an individualized and inspired attempt to give a transcendental meaning to the feeling of community. The choice to fellowship with others of like-mind helps the individual with the substance and security needed to share the inspirational feelings of commonality. The shared experience refreshes the feeling of shared values and beliefs through a new level of dedication toward a higher principle.

This Sabian archetype indicates that Leo’s natural dedication to a higher ideal of nobility has the capacity now to inspire oneself and others toward generating positive feelings for the common good. It is up to each of us to use Leo’s power of dedication to embrace the higher principles of life. The standards of leadership within Leo must embrace and support all of humanity, or leadership will digress into self-serving power.

The solar music of the Leo archetype is playing loudly now within the collective, both consciously and unconsciously. Will we personally dedicate ourselves to the noble aspects of Leo’s creative power, or will we embrace the Leo shadow? With the shadow of Leo in full strength within the leadership of our planet, it is the individual’s dedication to higher principles that will create and maintain our healthy path forward.

The beauty of this New Moon Sabian archetype is the message of solidarity and dedication to what’s noble and healing for the planet. Collective ideals must support the individual and not be used for control.

As we will see in the astrology pattern section, our collective is at a tipping point. As the intensity continues to increase, remember that this influx of Leo energy is the antidote to the abuse of collective power, and can become the catalyst to facilitate the healing of humanity.

Astrology Pattern

Astrology ChartThere is a tremendous amount of energy that’s being activated within our current New Moon chart. Besides the two oppositions with Venus/Neptune and Mars/Jupiter, we have a very powerful T-square with the New Moon opposing Saturn and squared Uranus.

A T-square represents the opportunity of a positive outcome for energies that hold the potential for conflict. In past articles I’ve outlined how the tension produced in a T-square is channeled into the “T,” in order to resolve the conflicting energies created by the opposition.

In our current chart we have the New Moon opposed by Saturn. This opposition indicates a potential conflict with established structures in society. The New Moon is highlighting a new quality of leadership energy that goes against the grain of current cultural norms.

T-Square Point of Focus: Awakening or Chaos?

With Uranus squared to the New Moon/Saturn opposition, Uranus can resolve the tension and provide a solution to these conflicting energies.

Uranus energy is revolutionary and facilitates creative change. It has both an awakening quality and a chaos quality. Uranus energy can’t be easily ignored, much like an earthquake can’t be ignored. Uranus supports principles of freedom, individuality, and liberty. When these positive qualities can’t be accessed consciously, then chaos becomes a Uranian solution.

We can understand these influences by looking at two distinct expressions of the transformative planetary energies of Uranus, and the way these expressions can play out on the world stage.

The first scenario is an increased amount of chaos and disruption in society. This scenario is the result of a resistance to the positive and transformative Uranian changes. However, in the long run, out of this type of chaos we could also see either positive or negative types of revolution and results.

The second scenario is a mass awakening, due the quickening properties of Uranian energies of freedom and individuality. When I speak of awakening, I’m referring to a soul-level type of spiritual awakening that leads to a higher frequency of social consciousness (5D). This is not the superficial virtue signaling of “wokeness” as often hyped in the mainstream media, but an actual evolutionary shift toward the Aquarian Age.

The Saturn Factor

Another factor worth our attention is the Sabian archetype of Saturn at 10° Aquarius:

ARCHETYPE: The need to deal with human beings as persons rather than as screens upon which one projects one’s dream and ideal.
COMMENTARY: An effective social and personal archetype is one that inspirers so that one’s reality is energized and enhanced, but yet is never confused with the actual reality of the individual identity.

This archetype suggests a personal awakening and release from preconceived or programmed ideas of reality. The shadow element of Saturnian power structures that are currently propagating ideologies that aren’t in alignment with higher principles may in fact be crumbling under the weight of individualized awareness.

It is specifically this archetype, when combined with Uranus in the T-square and New Moon Sabian, that gives me hope that the intensity we’re experiencing will be short-lived and that planetary healing is a real possibility.

Venus opposed Neptune

Neptune in Pisces represents both group ideals and inner guidance. Neptune’s dissolving energies can erode our institutions, both for good or for bad. When Venus opposes Neptune, our values must be synced to a higher frequency, or our personal values will erode into lower levels of influence and distortion (Neptune’s shadow).

Mars opposed Jupiter

Jupiter in Aquarius represents an expansion into new social horizons. When Mars in Leo opposes Jupiter in Aquarius, there is new social activity, including new programs, laws, and mandates, that will either create a new level of freedom, or the opposite of freedom with more lockdowns and greater control (the shadow of this aspect).

These oppositions in combination with the T-square together represent a tipping point in the world. Time will tell what the outcome of this Lunar cycle will be.

The Aquarian Factor

Our Leo New Moon comes directly between two rare Aquarius Full Moons. This is unusual and indicates the opportunity to transcend the Leo shadow through Aquarian ideologies for the greater good.

It’s up to us as individuals to directly channel the positive qualities of our Leo New Moon in order to counteract our current trajectories of increased intensity. The solidarity of a small number of conscious individuals can easily out-weigh the influence of a greater number of unconscious people. This New Moon provides us with the courage and bravery required to change the world and more quickly usher in the Age of Aquarius.

Because of the specific volatility of our astrological energies and how easily this powerful Leo energy can be directly channeled, it’s important for each of us to channel these energies for our highest good and the highest good of the planet. When it comes to standing for the Aquarian values of freedom and liberty, our Leo New Moon provides a direct channel for this powerful type of self-expression.


With this New Moon occurring between two Aquarian Full Moons, we find ourselves at a distinct turning point. Leadership at the individual level is needed to counteract what has been occurring throughout our planet. Our Leo energies hold the potential for a great awakening throughout our world, specifically through the direct channeling of a new quality of courage and leadership.
We are at a critical tipping point. Collectively it is time to stand together for freedom worldwide.
Happy New Moon,
Steven Shroyer

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