Piercing Distortion Using the Rational Mind — Gemini Lunar Eclipse Nov 30, 2020

Full Moon Astrology Report
Nov 30 to Dec 14

  • Gemini Full Moon is Monday, Nov 30, 1:30 AM PST
  • Current Full New Moon Theme (Nov 14 to Dec 14): Accessing the Depths of Knowledge
  • The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago.
  • The Lunar eclipse acts like a portal, opening up consciousness to additional cosmic energies at that exact degree of the zodiac. These energies are available until the Moon crosses this degree again during the coming Lunar cycle.

Astrology Article — Piercing Distortion Using the Rational Mind

Our Full Moon Eclipse In Gemini follows one of the most powerful New Moons of the year, with an emphasis on accessing new depths of knowledge, both emotional and rational, in order to embrace new abilities to respond to events and circumstances in your life.

The Full Moon takes on extra power with the addition of a Lunar eclipse. When the Earth casts a shadow over the face of the Moon, the Moon’s connection to the Sun is temporarily suspended. This creates a new quantum portal of opportunity that opens in the zodiac at the exact degree of the eclipse. (More on this in the astrology pattern section that follows.)

Every Lunar eclipse suspends our usual time-space limitations, allowing for some form of accelerated opportunity. Our current eclipse portal has the potential to accelerate world events in unexpected ways. On a personal level, what will also be accelerating is your capacity to develop a new rational approach to thinking that represents a more conscious aspect of your mind.

Potentials for Accelerated Growth

This new eclipse ability to pierce through all forms of distortion, whether internal or external, will be allowing for new development ahead of normal processes of evolution, especially at the personal level. When a critical mass of individuals work with these energies, there is also the potential for cultural breakthroughs.

In order to put this Lunar eclipse into perspective, we must recognize that there is always a natural sequencing to each Lunar cycle. For this reason, the opportunities of the current eclipse can be better understood within the context of our recent New Moon in Scorpio.

Our current Lunar cycle is helping you find new expressions of equilibrium and inner balance, especially between individual and collective needs. This includes new ways to work with rising emotions by finding healthy outlets and expressions. For more information, my New Moon article “The Tightrope Walker’s Dilemma,” will shed light on navigating what’s rapidly changing in your life and the world around you.

What the Gemini-Sagittarius Polarity Teaches Us

In astrology, every opposition represents a new opportunity for integration by activating the holistic principle of complements that’s held within every polarity. Holism is emphasized here rather than conflict, as is often presented in traditional astrology texts.

The Lunar eclipse (Full Moon) polarity between Gemini and Sagittarius is emphasizing both the emotional and cultural elements within these two zodiac signs. As we look at the powerful polarity between these two signs, keep in mind that we’re looking at the polarity between the individual and the group, especially in the way that individual emotions play out in society through shared group experiences and group emotions.

Over time, these group experiences and shared group emotions create what we call culture. Culture continues to grow through a sharing of collective emotions. What’s important to understand here is the direct connection between our emotions and our shared emotional connections to society.

This connection between emotions and culture isn’t highlighted in many traditional astrology texts but is in fact necessary in understanding the deeper meaning of how the complementary zodiac energies of Gemini and Sagittarius are currently helping each of us.

The Emotional-Cultural Dynamic of Gemini

Gemini’s connection to culture and emotion comes through Gemini’s curiosity to explore and discover the different connections between one’s self and the world in which one lives. What one discovers leads to empowerment, through new knowledge of the world around them.

Gemini’s emotional connection to the world comes through the knowledge of how we’re connected and our ability to understand how we’re connected. This is why Gemini is associated with all forms of relationships.

When Gemini’s exploration of knowledge and information becomes out of balance with holistic thinking, Gemini’s natural emotional reaction is to revolt or rebel. The shadow of Gemini includes isolated thinking, reductionism, and loss of the big picture. The big picture energies of Sagittarius help to create a polarity that can bring Gemini’s perspective back to balance.

The Emotional-Cultural Dynamic of Sagittarius

The Sagittarius connection to culture and emotions comes through the Sagittarian ability to connect all types of relationships to larger principles, concepts, and systems that help us understand what’s good and right about the human experience.

In Sagittarius, each person is emotionally connected to their own individualized cosmology. This provides a deeper understanding and personal connection to the knowledge of the world and the wisdom that this knowledge represents.

In Sagittarius, each person can be stirred by group feelings of success, as well as intense feelings of individual inspiration. In this way, one’s personal emotional energy can be used to transform the most intense of feelings into new and more complex forms of social relatedness.

The shadow of Sagittarian intensity is to lose the practical perspective of everyday living. This can lead to fanaticism and zealotry, including participation in social or religious movements that limit personal freedom and expression.

New forms of social interactions often produce unexpected social results.

Sagittarian social relatedness must always take into account the rights of individuals. This includes the generations that follow. Gemini’s polarity of individual discovery and the concrete details of everyday living helps both the individual and the collective to adapt, change, and grow in new efforts to cooperate rather than dominate.

The Gemini and Sagittarius Dynamic

The dynamic interplay between these two polarities during our eclipse is meant to work together to support the new development of healthy culture, and also protect our culture from unexpected consequences, both now and looking toward the future.

At the individual level of Gemini, new qualities of rational thinking and observation are capable of piercing through the dynamics of group inspiration and even fanaticism (Sagittarius), by using the power of knowledge and personal insight.

At the group level, Sagittarius provides the wisdom of the bigger picture to counter Gemini’s shadow of dogmatism and narrow-mindedness.

Working together the dual powers of analytical intelligence (Gemini) and heart-centered compassion (Sagittarius) will help us pierce through distortions in order to reach higher awareness. This includes the ability to recognize and discover new revelations and new information that may be revealed in the coming weeks.

Piercing beyond the current perceptions of reality during this eclipse cycle requires concentration (Gemini) and commitment (Sagittarius) in order to successfully move forward in life.

Astrology Pattern

Our Full Moon chart is a bowl pattern, which represents a concentrated energy in a particular area of the zodiac.

Eclipse Bowl with Aquarius Midpoint

What’s most interesting about our current bowl pattern is the exact degree to which the mid-point occurs. It’s this mid-point which indicates the overall energy of the pattern. The Sabian archetype for 25° Aquarius helps us understand this significance.

Bowl Midpoint

ARCHETYPE: The capacity to develop the rational and fully conscious aspect of the mind ahead of normal evolution.
COMMENTARY: A conscious mutation of spiritual energies through the intentional alchemy of emotional energies.

This is a clear indication that the overall pattern of the eclipse chart and bowl pattern supports the accelerated development of the mind and emotions into new qualities of spiritual evolution.

The use of our emotional energies can now be used at a higher level of awareness, to help us see and understand how to better integrate these Gemini-Sagittarius polarities in order to actualize the quantum opportunity of the eclipse portal.

The Eclipse Portal

The Sabian archetype for the eclipse portal offers a practical understanding of our current opportunities.

ARCHETYPE: The quest for balance and respect for natural life as the basis for physical survival and/or spiritual conquest.
COMMENTARY: The human mind has the trans-piercing power to go through objects and travel beyond the obstacles on its path. The successful Archer is triumphant over their outer nature, instinctual drives, and the limiting power of the ego-personality.

This portal is energizing a new level of personal power to enable you to think for yourself in every area of your life, especially in relation to new cultural trends you might not be personally aligned with. With our Gemini eclipse opposite Sagittarius, the power of group-think as a cultural phenomenon will have much less impact and power over what you are able to personally see and understand.

Individually this means that your rational, logical, and analytical mind is working with spiritual energies at the soul level to enable you to see the deeper truth of your life, and in the world around you. With the influence of the portal, this is a special skill that you can acquire well ahead of your natural processes of development.

The eclipse portal remains open until December 27, when the Moon again crosses Gemini 9° during the coming lunar cycle. For the next 27 days, until the portal closes, you have the opportunity to connect with a new ability to see through or pierce the outer veil of surface appearances, beyond preconceptions, limiting beliefs, distortion, and misinformation.

The Historic Capricorn Conjunctions

Astrology ChartThe historic conjunctions (circled in red) are active for an entire year (Jan 2020 to Jan 2021). Because of their significance, the final trajectory for the future will not be set until late January 2021, when the conjunctions conclude.

These historic conjunctions are the most powerful astrological event in at least 500 years. The shadow of these conjunctions has been changing our world through control, suppression, and the removal of personal rights and freedom.

Our current astrology pattern is central to the overall pattern of the year, as well as the trajectory for our future. This lunar eclipse is working directly as an antidote to the authoritarian and totalitarian control we are seeing in America and around the world today.

The Gemini eclipse is providing greater access to the knowledge that each of us needs in our personal lives, as well as the knowledge we need to see through and beyond the misinformation presented by those attempting to control us through distorted information.

This Lunar cycle is supporting our revolt against imbalances of power between the individual and the collective. This is a time to feel the inspiration of the eclipse, and the opportunity to connect with new knowledge and discovery, in order to move beyond whatever’s been holding you back from expanding into a greater realm of understanding and wisdom.


Our Full Moon eclipse has the ability to speed up the natural development of our rational minds in order to pierce through outer veils of various forms of distortion and misinformation.

This is an emotional time for everyone in the world as we experience a sweeping cultural revolution that is occurring worldwide. This eclipse has the ability to open the eyes of all of us to a greater knowledge and understanding.

As we join together we increase our collective ability to pierce through the outer veil of what the world is presenting to us so that we can explore new solutions that better serve us humanity. This is the time to seek what each of us needs for each of us to seek what we need in order to move forward in life, with freedom and liberty for all.

Happy Full Moon Eclipse,
Steven Shroyer

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