Preserving the Vision of Freedom and Liberty — Capricorn Lunar Eclipse Astrology Report July 4th, 2020

Full Moon Astrology Report
July 4 to July 20

Capricorn Full Moon Eclipse is Saturday, July 4, 9:44 PM PDT
Current Full Moon Theme (July 4 to July 20): Point of No Return
The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago.
The Lunar eclipse acts like a portal, opening up consciousness to additional cosmic energies. These energies are available until the Moon crosses this degree again during the coming Lunar cycle.

Astrology Article — Preserving the Vision of Freedom and Liberty

Our Cancer Full Moon eclipse is highlighting an imbalance in power and drawing our attention to a historical perspective that will inspire us all to achieve an excellence that patriots fought and died for. Our current Lunar eclipse carries both an opportunity of preserving our vision as well as a shadow element of deception that this article will explore as these astrological events coincide with the 4th of July, and the birth of the idea called America.

It’s definitely unusual for a Lunar eclipse to fall on the 4th of July, the birthday of our great nation. What’s also quite important is the Sabian symbol for our Full Moon at 14° Capricorn.

14° CAPRICORN — AN ANCIENT BAS-RELIEF CARVED IN GRANITE REMAINS A WITNESS TO A LONG-FORGOTTEN CULTURE. This represents the permanence of the universal principles and values on which our nation was founded.

244 years ago was the birth of a nation based on radical new ideas of individual freedom and personal rights and the concept that all people are created equal. Although we still haven’t perfectly realized this ideal, it is what we continue to struggle for. This noble idea hadn’t been attempted in modern times and was an ideal that people were willing to die for in order to achieve. It is important now to remember that this was born out of a culture of courage that honored personal freedom and liberty as the highest form of cultural excellence.

A Historical Perspective

A historic perspective is helpful in understanding this Full Moon. Our eclipse Sabian symbol at 14° Capricorn (the ancient granite bas-relief) is part of a sequence of five that describes how discovering new perspectives will help to protect future generations.

The 14° Capricorn symbol is about how perspective is lost when history is forgotten. The shadow element of this 14th degree occurs when history is either rewritten or worse, erased. In other words, future generations will not be protected if our current trend of re-writing history is allowed to continue.

From an astrology point of view, history is extremely important. Astrology uses history to understand vast cycles of time and the historic role that these cycles of time play in the evolution of consciousness.

Without this perspective, over time our understanding of astrology becomes distorted. Future generations will increasingly struggle with the accuracy of our past records and the tracking of evolutionary trends will be subject to deceptive censorship. The current trend we are beginning to see is the destruction of history for political purposes. We’re seeing this in newly proposed censorship to existing historical documents as well as the destruction of statues and monuments.

Can you imagine if a group of radicals unilaterally decided to destroy the pyramids of Egypt because they were built by slaves? From an astrological point of view, this would be completely unacceptable. One of the principles we can draw on as astrologers is that history always incorporates the current beliefs of the time period in which it was written. To astrological historians, this gives further insight into the prevailing cycles of time and the level of consciousness of the particular time period that’s being researched.

To alter the historic narrative and record is to destroy a valuable aspect of history and consciousness of the culture. This narrative must also include the prevailing attitudes, cultural thinking, and historical controversies if we as astrologers want to track how consciousness evolves and is reflected in the astrological cycles of time.

The Strength and Focus of Cancer’s Individuality

The shadow elements of our Capricorn conjunctions over the last several months are currently playing out in the form of control, propaganda, and various forms of deception and destruction.

Although the shadow is now predominant, it’s even more important to emphasize the opportunity we all have as individuals during this historic period of time.

Your opportunity is anchored in the freedom to pursue your individualized purpose in life. In the context of our current eclipse, your opportunity comes through independence, liberty, and liberation from oppression.

Our Cancer Sun is providing the strength and focus required for you to pursue your individualized dreams, goals, and purpose.

Using the Axis Polarity Tool

A valuable way to understand the deeper meaning of any Full Moon chart is to use the technique of “axis polarity.” To understand how this works is quite easy. It’s based on the concept that the seed of each astrological degree can found in its opposite (at 180 degrees).

Let’s use this polarity technique as we look at our current chart and the Full Moon. (Remember, the Full Moon in Capricorn is 180° opposite the Sun in Cancer.)

Applying this technique to our current chart gives us some additional insight that would otherwise be missed. Capricorn has the ability to harness the social and governmental power of a society, but it requires the seed of individual power from Cancer.

It’s the opposite sign of Cancer that empowers the individual to support and give power to its Capricorn polarity. Without the individual and their rights to freedom, personal authority, and individual contribution, Capricorn declines into the shadow of totalitarian control.

Your opportunity at this Full Moon lies in the power and strength of your individual will to focus on what’s really important. Our chart suggests that our historic understanding of freedom and personal rights is on the verge of a breakthrough.

The shadow of total imbalance is also possible and momentum is currently building in this direction. Preserving our history, individual freedoms, and independence from all forms of social coercion is what’s most important at this point in time.

The Cycles of Time

Our 4th of July eclipse is the third in a sequence of eclipses during the year in which Pluto returns to the same degree of Capricorn as it was in 1776. The opportunity here is in the understanding that there’s great wisdom in these vast cycles of time.

Capricorn energies are powerful and can be harnessed in practical ways by giving a voice to each and every individual. For this reason, your voice and your independence are crucial at this point in history.

Your opportunity is in reclaiming your rights and personal authority and rejecting any form of control where your individual inalienable rights are being suppressed. Suppression and control are both forms of slavery, regardless of skin color.

As we celebrate this Full Moon let us focus on what’s important. Our united fight of every race and creed is against those who desire to control us. Our struggle is color-blind, for slavery occurs when men, women, and children are not free to think and express themselves as independent sovereigns.

Astrology Pattern

Our astrology pattern is an eclipse bowl pattern with its mid-point in Aries. The Aries mid-point brings inspiration and passion that’s felt like an urge to expand through our sense of courage during uncertain times.

Astrology ChartWhat’s inspiring about the natural eclipse portal that opens at 14° Capricorn is the aspect of time that connects both past and present. The wisdom that has stood the test of time is the collective desire to stand together for something that unites us all. This is the positive outcome that we all are fighting to achieve.

At the beginning of the article, I mentioned that there is a shadow element of deception that is currently active. Capricorn energy when combined with political ambition has the ability to leverage power, wherever and whenever possible. It is with this combination of power and ambition that deception can become so prevalent.

The desire we are all feeling to stand together is a noble principle and clearly seen within our chart. However, this is also easily manipulated. What if propaganda were used to intentionally leverage our current collective desire to stand for or against something? Our current astrology suggests that is exactly what’s occurring.

Each of us must realize the ways in which the shadow elements of our historic conjunctions in Capricorn are operating. These shadows include using misinformation to leverage support for censorship, social shaming, and a socialist agenda that hides the actual attempts for institutionalized control. We have watched these trends developing through our historic Capricorn conjunctions over the past year. Through these trends, the rights of individuals take a back-seat to the distortion of the collective good as determined by those who don’t honor the sovereignty of individual rights and freedom.

The highest Capricorn ideals are what we as empowered individuals need to be fighting for. These higher ideals of Capricorn are based on excellence and the merit that comes with fair and equal opportunities for everyone to excel. It’s this vision of a meritocracy that holds the highest opportunity for fixing our current imbalances in power.


On this 4th of July, we as Americans celebrate the birth of the noble ideals of equality, fairness, and meritocracy. Astrologically these ideas are anchored in personal rights and the freedom to pursue one’s purpose with liberty. At the most basic level of understanding, this cannot happen when someone is under the control of another.

Our eclipse brings the opportunity to fight for these noble qualities. By affirming the right to freedom and liberty for ourselves we also preserve these rights for future generations to come. This is a crucial time to harness the strength and focus needed to ensure freedom, both for ourselves and the world.

Happy Full Moon and Happy Fourth of July,
Steven Shroyer

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