Redefining what it Means to Rise to the Occasion — Sagittarius Full Moon Eclipse May 26, 2021

Full Moon Astrology Report

May 26 to June 10

Sagittarius Full Moon is Wednesday, May 26, 4:14 AM PDT
Current Full Moon Theme (May 26 to June 10):  “Rising to the Occasion”
The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago.
The Lunar eclipse acts like a portal, opening up consciousness to additional cosmic energies. These energies are available until the Moon crosses this degree again during the coming Lunar cycle.

Astrology Article — Redefining what it Means to Rise to the Occasion

Our Full Moon eclipse in Sagittarius brings a particular quality of new insight to what it means to rise to the occasion. Most cultural references to this quality centers on the idea of responsibility. However, this Lunar eclipse expands this idea of rising to the occasion to include new opportunities in your life that you may not have noticed or understood up until this eclipse cycle.

With our current Lunar eclipse we each have a new opportunity to contribute to the collective process of planetary evolution. This new evolutionary process was initiated with a Lunar eclipse that occurred on Nov 28, 2012. That eclipse, featuring the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Gemini, began an accelerated process of Individuation and formally initiated the beginning of the Aquarian Age.

Becoming a True Individual

Individuation is a term I’ve use used extensively over the past ten years to describe the natural Aquarian process of evolutionary change that is occurring on our planet. We each have an opportunity to participate in this process. Like cream that rises to the top, individuation is the process of rising out of the collective and standing within your own authority.

Individuation is different than independence. It involves a re-focusing away from a concrete or physical focus of experience to a more internal and spiritual focus. True individuation is the awareness that your soul or spirit is free. That you are a free and sovereign being capable of taking responsibility for your own decisions and actions. This expanded view of responsibility is one of the qualities that our eclipse is bringing to your awareness.

The process of individuation is an integral part of the overall process of self realization. When expressed correctly, an individual has the ability on rise out of and beyond the control of the collective mentality. The term collective has many meanings, but in this example the collective is functioning as a type of herd consciousness or conformity that must be transcended in order to fully express one’s higher nature. This is what is meant by the spiritual process of rising to the occasion.

Individuation and Group Responsibility

Many people incorrectly assume that personal individuation is disconnected or separated from group participation and group responsibility. In truth it is just the opposite. An individual, once individuated, brings their process of soul awareness, human evolution and greater purpose to each group in which they participate.

It is the deeper insight and contribution of true individuation that brings a higher consciousness to any group. This process requires a healthy alignment between the individual and the collective goals of the group.

As the process of individuation occurs within each of us, we have a new responsibility to every group in which we find ourselves a participant. Becoming individualized means that you are not controlled by the consciousness of the group, or herd. Instead you rise to assume responsibility for your actions. Participation in group activities then becomes an act of personal authority. In this way, you and other members are able to contribute your own authentic brilliance toward the larger group goals and creations.

Group responsibility and participation only work when there is healthy alignment between the individual and the group’s collective goals and agreements. When collective goals violate the sovereignty of humanity or the individual, then responsibility becomes a blind act of compliance and turns into the shadow quality of herd conformity. 

When an individual functions within a group as an individuated person they are able to discern for themselves whether the group’s goals and methods are in alignment with their own. It is the presence of this higher alignment that becomes the determining factor for deciding if they will participate in the group’s collective endeavor. 

The bottom line is that an individual’s healthy responsibility to the group must always be in alignment with the bigger picture of humanity’s evolution.

Eclipse Opportunity

The current Full Moon eclipse in Sagittarius is providing you with the opportunity to go to the next level, as you rise to the occasion as an individuated participant in life. You have the ability to find groups aligned with your own values and creative expression. Peer pressure and collective or group-think will no longer have any sway or influence over you. Your ability to act, think, and assume responsibility comes from the creative spark of divinity that is the essence of your soul.

Our Sabian archetype for 6° Sagittarius suggests the need to test collective goals. It highlights the need for individualized responsibility and shows the way that successful individuals are responsible to the group, as long as there’s proper alignment with the group’s mission.

ARCHETYPE: The development of skill in group situations testing collective goals.
COMMENTARY: A game teaching personal skill, fairness, and cooperation as an abstraction showing what is needed on the large scale of group-interplay in society. The collective goals developed through group-consciousness are supported by individualized responsibility and participation of all members within the group.

The eclipse portal that opens at 6° Sagittarius brings an acceleration to the evolution of consciousness and personal authority. In order for evolution to occur there must be a constructive interplay between the collective and the individual. As in the game of cricket, success in life requires a mutual respect and cooperation between society and the individual’s creative contributions.

Astrology Pattern

Our main pattern is a Full Moon eclipse T-square in which the Sun and Moon are making a T-square to Jupiter. The T-square signifies the need to act on new realizations that transcend past patterns. What’s significant here is the additional element of the Pluto opposition to Mars, which requires the individual to take action that is based on personal authority (Pluto oppose Mars in Cancer). This Pluto/Mars dynamic sets up the deeper meaning of the Jupiter T-square and the new opportunity that our Lunar eclipse brings.

Jupiter T-Square

The Full Moon dynamic of Gemini and Sagittarius is emphasizing both a new knowledge and a new understanding. Personal knowledge (Sun in Gemini) is illuminated with new spiritual understandings and expanded perspective (Moon and eclipse portal in Sagittarius).

The T-square activation with Jupiter indicates that this knowledge and understanding are needed in order to protect oneself from aggressive social elements within society.

This quality of protection can be easily attained once the individual no longer feels the need for society to provide the guidance on how to act, when to act, what to do , and what to think. There is wisdom in the realization that the collective isn’t designed or intended to be a replacement for the spiritual guidance that the creative spark of the Universe provides from within.

To give this quality of “aggressive social elements” a deeper explanation, we can turn for additional insight to the Sabian archetype for Jupiter at 2° Pisces.

ARCHETYPE: The individual’s need both to ensure future subsistence and to protect themselves from aggressive social elements.
COMMENTARY: Incomplete individuation causes the societal breakdown of greed, social aggression, forced competition, and violence. The need for protection and caution remind us to become fully individualized and then to support society as it moves through this era of exacerbated change.

The need to protect ourselves from social energies of aggression, symbolized by the hunters, is undeniable. We are seeing first-hand the limits to personal freedom through censorship, coercion, and propaganda that are occurring at an unprecedented rate. We are also seeing what’s happening to individuals who refuse to parrot or participate in the official narrative when the collective demands it.

A T-square is a powerful astrology aspect, especially when paired with an eclipse. Within the geometric dynamic there exists a natural solution for resolving any conflict indicated by the opposition.
In this case, Jupiter is the solution to the challenge of individuation in the face of external authority or aggression.

Jupiter is the planet of managed expansion. What needs to be managed is the knowledge of what Individuation means (Gemini), with the spiritual understanding that we need to rise to the occasion within our highest authority (Sagittarius). No longer do we need to be controlled by the herd consciousness of an unaware collective, and no longer do we need to defer to the collective authority for guidance and direction.

Protecting oneself from aggressive elements is necessary if we are to support society as it makes its transition into the Aquarian Age. When we consider the meaning of the North Node at 11° Gemini, the bigger picture of this eclipse opportunity becomes even more clear.

ARCHETYPE: The joy and power of a new beginning.
COMMENTARY: The vast potentials of the future often depend on leaving behind the comforts of the past culture, including the letting go of the cultural taming of one’s natural instincts and drive to experience more. Leaving behind what was previously conditioned and tamed, one reaches beyond, rises to the occasion, and pursues the discovery of new opportunities.

The North Node in a Full Moon chart indicates where humanity is heading. It is quite clear that this eclipse is presenting a huge opportunity. This opportunity is being accelerated further through Saturn’s position at the mid-point position between Pluto and Jupiter.

ARCHETYPE: The ability to short-cut the process of natural evolution by the exercise of will, mental skill and physical self-discipline.
COMMENTARY: One must have a vision of what is possible so that what is expressed may be reflected in the skill, work, and organization necessary to achieve the vision.

Saturn, as the planet of hidden potential, is amplifying the momentum. This is further indication that this eclipse cycle is extraordinary indeed. This archetype represents your unique opportunity to short-cut your own evolutionary process.

The Quantum Focus of Our Lunar Eclipse

Each eclipse functions beyond time and space. This is one of the reasons that eclipses are so special. The eclipse activation point occurs at the exact degree of the Lunar eclipse, at which point in the zodiac a quantum portal opens.

Quantum transformations can and do occur during each eclipse cycle, especially when the eclipse is activated within your own consciousness. The current eclipse brings an acceleration to the evolution of consciousness, through individuation and personal authority.

This new understanding of individuation is part of the eclipse activation, and will be strongest while the portal stays open until the Moon travels again across the 6th degree of Sagittarius on June 22nd.

Between now and then the Moon will make a complete cycle around the zodiac, crossing all 360 cosmic archetypes, and enabling us to move beyond time and space as new potential is funneled through the eclipse portal.

In this way, while the portal is open, each eclipse has the entire zodiac energizing it. This is why the acceleration of consciousness is very possible within the quantum field of every Lunar eclipse.


Each Lunar eclipse introduces a quantum factor into the consciousness of humanity and this eclipse is no exception. Our eclipse portal will stay open until June 22nd. During this time you have an opportunity to expand your knowledge and understanding of individuation as you rise out of and beyond the controlling collective mentality that is dominating our culture and other societies around the world.

This eclipse represents your opportunity to rise to the occasion and claim your personal sovereignty, and aligning with those who are a match so you can experience a new level of freedom and creative possibility. 

You now have the opportunity to activate a new individualized awareness and experience new creative potentials, especially through participation within groups that are aligned with planetary evolution and personal expansion.

Happy Lunar eclipse,
Steven Shroyer

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