Revitalizing Your Life-force for Greatness — Libra New Moon Oct 2020

New Moon Astrology Report October 2020
Oct 16 to Nov 15

Libra New Moon is Friday, Oct 16, 12:31 PM PDT
New Moon Theme:  Oct 16 – Nov 15: Revitalizing Life-force
The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire Lunar cycle that follows. This creative momentum is for energizing your life’s purpose and personal growth, especially while adjusting to evolving circumstances.

ASTROLOGY ARTICLE — Revitalizing Your Life-force for Greatness

Our New Moon Libra energy holds a tremendous amount of creativity that will have a direct impact on how you feel about your circumstances, the people around you, and your own participation within a society pushing toward something better.

This article explores how to access this abundance of creative energy to revitalize and energize your own life-force. You will be accessing this energy through the Libra archetype which holds some very useful energies that aren’t often talked about in astrology.

The Hidden Qualities of Libra

Before we discover the hidden qualities of the air sign Libra, let’s first back-track to Virgo so that we have a larger context of why Libra is so special.

In Virgo, there is a focus on improving one’s circumstance in life. There’s a desire to work hard toward something that’s bigger or better. Virgo utilizes a practical approach of technique, analysis, and dedication to something greater than oneself.

Hidden within Libra is an expansive quality. This stems from an underlying desire to expand your relationship to the world in order to participate in the “something greater” to which Virgo was dedicated.

Venus, the ruler of Libra, adds a supporting quality of giving value and meaning to our relationships. There’s a hidden type of guidance that Venus supports by teaching us the value of relationship so that as we expand through relationships, we do so with relationships that support our highest potential.

Balance is often thought of as Libra’s primary quality, but this isn’t the case. There’s another hidden quality at work within Libra that can be thought of as a type of rebirth or metamorphosis. It’s common to think of Libra as being fair and even-handed. This, however, misses one of Libra’s greatest qualities.

The hidden quality of Libra’s balance lies in its expansive nature. Instead of service and dedication as we see operating in Virgo, there’s a new level of awakening to a larger reality. A rebirth or metamorphosis takes place. In other words, Libra becomes focused on participation in something greater, rather than just being in service to something greater, which is a  Virgo quality.

This Libra quality of expansion through participation is hidden within the relationship between the individual and the group (two or more). In order to expand into something greater, like a relationship, the individual must re-define their own identity without losing themselves in the group. This is the deeper meaning of balance operating in Libra.

This shift in identity through expansion is a spiritual process, an awakening of sorts. We can even go as far as saying that this level of expansion is a creative spiritual mutation requiring a new level of balancing between the collective and individual.

Revitalizing Your Life-Force

The hidden quality of Libra expansion that we’ve been discussing is exactly the quality of our New Moon energy.

The Libra archetype holds a generative quality that is creative in nature. This is connected to the cardinal energy of Libra since each cardinal sign holds a generative energy for that element. Because Venus is the ruler of Libra, and it’s part of a grand trine with Uranus (explained below), this amplifies this natural creative energy of Libra.

Creativity is required now in order to access this hidden quality of Libra, and when it is accessed you can expect a type of spiritual rebirth that’s capable of energizing and revitalizing your life-force.

This revitalization is necessary to integrate and prepare us for a new phase of development, indicated by some of the major astrological patterns that will be developing over the next several months.

Astrology Pattern

Our astrology pattern features the same prominent historic Capricorn conjunctions we have been working with over the past year. This historic grouping of three planets (Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto) is the focal point of two prominent astrological patterns, both a Grand Trine and a T-square.

Astrology ChartNew Moon T-Square with Mars and Our Historic Capricorn Conjunctions

This T-square with Mars opposing the New Moon brings direct attention to how you are expanding and moving forward in life. The key to working with this pattern is in expanding your thinking around any issue of conflict in your life. This New Moon is supporting your ability to expand your thinking about conflict.

A current prominent example is how we think about victory or defeat with our current elections and the way our culture is polarized on one or the other side. This New Moon will enable you to objectively see beyond your personal investment in one side or the other. It supports the personal development of your character, regardless of the external circumstances.

With Mars opposing the New Moon, there’s a new creative quality of character and inner strength that the Capricorn conjunctions are emphasizing, rather than the importance of any specific outcome.

The main reasoning that outcomes are not the primary focus during this Lunar month is because the most important key moving forward is your personal attitude that’s emphasized in the second pattern which is the Grand Trine. This extremely powerful Grand Trine has the potential to transform, reshape, harmonize, and rebalance larger energies both internally and externally.

Grand Trine with Our Historic Capricorn Conjunctions

Our powerful Grand Trine involves our historic Capricorn conjunctions along with Venus and Uranus. Trines hold a bigger picture of harmony, working to bring about something positive. When a Grand Trine involves one of the outer (transcendent) planets, the bigger picture of life and circumstances become intrinsic to understanding the deeper meaning of the Trine.

With both Pluto and Uranus active in our Grand Trine, the element of transcending normal or common-minded thinking is being emphasized. The Trine is providing you an ability to experience an expanded way of thinking. This expansion is directly challenging you to re-evaluate what values and what freedoms you hold dear.

On the collective level, our Grand Trine will begin to expose and shatter many of the totalitarian schemes being presented as good and reasonable.

This is a time to look ahead to see the Uranian bigger picture of possibilities. We saw how Mars was promoting its own expansion of new ways of thinking in the T-square. Because our Grand Trine directly involves Uranus and Venus, it means there’s even more expansion possible through what our value could be if we allow this creative energy to become more conscious. By “conscious” I mean how you go about organizing your life around the principles you want to move forward in life with.

This Grand Trine with Venus and Uranus also contains a lot of creative momentum. This is especially true when it comes to overcoming obstacles. I believe it’s worth reiterating here that working with the historic Capricorn conjunction on a personal level involves an inward path of self-discipline and inner strength. This is a time for hope and energizing our spirits as we move forward in uncertain times.


We are experiencing a powerful New Moon with two major planetary patterns that hold creativity and hope for the future. This Lunar cycle is a time to move forward with your plans regardless of the final outcome. It’s your engagement in life that will revitalize and energize your life-force. Right now that is more important than the actual results.

Happy New Moon,
Steven Shroyer

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