Round and Round the World Spins: What Does it all Mean?

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Round and Round the World Spins: What Does it all Mean?


February 22, 2024

Published on

Full Virgo Moon

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Round and Round the World Spins: What Does it all Mean?

Aquarian Age Update

With our ongoing activations, including the Aquarius New Moon two weeks ago, there’s been a dynamic and steady increase in the volume of light that’s available to each of us.

As we feel this increase in light and observe the many external changes in the world that are occurring, we do so with neutrality and awareness. Currently, the greatest changes at this time are occurring internally, within our spirits. Even though we see the world around us changing, these changes are largely energetic and subtle at this time. Although they are not always visible, they are still very pervasive and very powerful.

With Pluto in Aquarius a catalyst for change is always useful, regardless of how unexpected or dark the outer appearance may look in the short-term. Remember, Aquarian Age changes occur both externally and internally. They are both big and small. This is the moment to continue anchoring a steadfast perspective whenever you experience circumstances that may look like a dark cloud is approaching.

Our world will continue to change as our awareness continues to rapidly expand. A great way to see these high-frequency changes occurring is through the lens of circumstances, especially as you observe your own reactions to what is occurring.

Now that the Aquarian Age is fully active, with Pluto at 2° Aquarius many of us are seeing new opportunities to find meaning and expression in our current circumstances, regardless of how unexpected or dark the outer appearance may seem. Remember that after each thunderstorm there’s a new day to follow, as indicated in the Sabian for 2° Aquarius.


ARCHETYPE: Developing inner security enables the individual to meet the unexpected, even when circumstances are charged by challenging events.
COMMENTARY: A catalyst for change often comes in unexpected ways. The nature of change suggests that emotional or charged circumstances are the perfect backdrop for learning equanimity, inner security, and calmness in the face of an uncertain horizon. Fortunately, nature teaches us that after the darkness of a storm comes the brightness of a new dawn.

We all must constantly remind ourselves that after each challenging circumstance or storm comes a new day. This archetype is a reminder that this is also occurring within each moment. Nature teaches us that the world will keep spinning. There’s a new day, a new insight, and a new perspective just around the corner. The world will keep turning, round and round, with new meaning and new purpose just waiting to be discovered.

Mastering Personal Expansion with Pisces and Virgo

The combination of Pisces and Virgo energies work very well together. They help us in practical ways, as we work toward our own personal expansion (Pisces) through the use of excellence and the mastery of our own vitality and life-force (Virgo).

Pisces qualities are sometimes difficult to articulate, mainly because these qualities are both big and subtle at the same time. Pisces is a water sign. Important qualities include: expansion into a larger purpose, dedication to selflessness, understanding the deeper significance of large-scale changes, and the responsibility one feels to follow one’s heart.

Another significant quality of Pisces is the ability of the individual to connect to external energies that are outside of them. This ability to connect to outside energies can be quite confusing, especially when this process is unconsciously activated, or when the individual has poor discernment, or doesn’t understand their own boundaries.

The shadow of Pisces has a lot to do with Pisces’ magnitude and pervasive scope. The difficulty of interpreting scale and lack of discernment can cause problems. Without an accurate understanding of scale, it’s easy to misinterpret what we are feeling and seeing. This can lead to the ‘frog in the pot’ syndrome, where the frog is unable to feel how quickly the pot is heating and gets boiled alive. These problems with discernment and scale lead to many types of imbalance including poor boundaries, accepting negative situations, and becoming overwhelmed without understanding how or why.

Virgo qualities are more easily relatable than the larger energies of Pisces, because the focus of what’s important to the individual is more tangible, clear-cut and personal. Virgo is an earth sign. Important qualities include: a natural understanding of the energies and frequencies with which one interacts, as well as a deep-seated desire to master one’s own vital energies.

There’s also a sensitivity toward change that results in learning more about one’s own potential and inherent capabilities toward mastery. Virgo’s sensitivity includes an internal sense of the steady and dynamic increase in the consciousness of nature and our planet.

The Virgo shadow is more straight-forward than Pisces. Like Pisces, it also involves poor discernment, but not for the same reasons. Virgo’s shadow of discernment is related to being overly intellectual rather than heart-centered. Virgo’s superior mental capacity, without proper mastery, can get stuck in the mental details of the mind. This diverts awareness from the heart-center and connection to spirit where Virgo’s true sensitivity and mastery lie.

The Full Moon: Pisces and Virgo in Perfect Balance

This Full Moon offers an opportunity to connect more deeply to your inner self with sensitivity and awareness. When the Pisces-Virgo polarity is functioning in perfect balance, we are able to maintain appropriate boundaries and steadily increase our life-force energies, as well as our connection to personal meaning and purpose.

The Virgo Full Moon activates a higher degree of objectivity than we normally are able to access. This is one of the times of the year when our abilities of sensitivity, observation, and awareness are extremely high. This allows us to prosper from the knowledge and intelligence of nature, planetary frequencies, and an expanded view of where humanity is headed so that participation is both fun and efficient.

As the overall frequencies of Light continue to increase on our planet, we are more capable of feeling this increase of Light in our physical bodies. We’re more able to see and understand how the larger energies of nature, consciousness, and humanity are operating within our personal sphere of being.

As this increase in frequency occurs, our sense of responsibility shifts from external duty to inner dedication to Spirit and our own growth. This new shift in dedication to Spirit is explained beautifully in the following Sabian for the Sun in Pisces.

Pisces Sun: Expanding the Awareness of Self Beyond Circumstances
Our Sabian archetype for 6° Pisces helps us to expand our natural responses to life, and to feel the deeper significance of selflessness and dedication to something larger than our personal scope of experience.

ARCHETYPE: The dedication and recognition of those who selflessly serve the world in the name of peace and prosperity.
COMMENTARY: A collective cause is only valid when it’s supported by those who volunteer their dedication to achieve something greater. Responsibility is only valid when free will is honored and respected. Selflessness is only truly recognized when it’s not coerced or forced. Selfless responsibility occurs when the individual responds with inspiration to a need in which their own choice of dedication is honored as a mission of importance, regardless of the public recognition, or lack thereof.

This powerful archetype points out the importance of free will in relation to participation. Free will is one of Pisces’ most important qualities. Without free will, a person isn’t free to choose their own path or truly dedicate themselves to something that inspires them. Using one’s inspiration to achieve something greater through selfless dedication is a powerful impulse.

It is also important to point out that in the archetype the officers are in full dress. The ‘full dress’ represents an attitude of free will in commitment to humanity, which is on full display. The reason this is so significant is that an ‘officer’ represents a higher frequency of dedication operating altruistically. This type of altruism is entirely selfless and of complete free will. In higher frequencies, this also indicates that the officers are functioning with a greater understanding of world events.

What we can take from this archetype is that responsibility at this higher level is a response of the self as an act of purpose to a mission of personal importance. At the same time, this expression of dedication goes way beyond the scope of the individual through a quality of selflessness.

These altruistic Pisces qualities are especially powerful when combined with an increase in one’s own life-force, provided here by Virgo.

Virgo Moon: Increasing Mastery, Cycle After Cycle

The energetics of our moon at 6° Virgo have a cyclic component that is ever-increasing. This Virgo Sabian archetype expresses the importance of connecting intentionally with our life-force in our process of adapting to and sustaining, the higher frequencies of our Aquarian Age.

When we increase our life-force energies we are increasing the volume of light that we’re able to hold. This has a very practical application for each of us because pure Source light holds the highest frequency of anything that exists. The proper understanding of how this dynamic process works makes the increase and integration of higher frequency even more attainable.

ARCHETYPE: The building of an individual’s life-force and internal light is an endless process of increase, integration, and dynamic expression.
COMMENTARY: Vital energies, prana, and life-force are all names for our divine frequency. Everything is frequency, including our light and life-force. When our planet spins, there is a natural and sustained increase of light. As we dynamically integrate and expand our frequency through this rotation we are able to hold an ever-increasing volume of light. This process is continuous and perpetual, attuning all rhythms to create an increase in our mastery of potential and increased capabilities.

As our planet spins, there is a synergistic effect that occurs. Our planetary motion reinforces and increases our ability to integrate even more life-force and light, and at a quicker rate. The spinning aspect of the plant is both an emotional and energetic quality. It’s happening on the collective level, yet we can also tap into this personally.

This Virgo Full Moon is assisting each of us as we naturally increase our own life-force. The more we’re aware of this process the more we can work directly with nature and our planet to enhance our own life-force energies. When our increase in vital energies is combined with excellence and dedication, and a greater understanding of events as they unfold (the officers in full dress), good things naturally happen.

The world continues on and on. With each rotation, we can increase our volume of light. As we expand we are more able to see the larger picture of the energetic processes of life. In this way, each day we continue to create our world anew, better, and with higher energetic frequencies. When we feel these frequencies in our heart-center, our purpose in life begins to evolve and change and we naturally become more energetic, loving, and selfless. We can now experience ongoing expansion, day after day.


The Pisces-Virgo polarity merges the broad, intuitive awareness of Pisces with Virgo’s keen insight into energetic interactions and self-mastery, cultivating growth that bridges profound spiritual consciousness with practical responses to life’s challenges.

This fusion of Pisces and Virgo energies is essential for individuals who are aligning with the dynamic energies of our era. This powerful polarity enables us to deepen our connection to the natural world while expressing our life-force in tangible ways. This expanding equilibrium not only facilitates a seamless integration of internal shifts but also empowers us to contribute to humanity’s advancement with loving discernment and intention.

In Perfect Peace,
Steven Shroyer

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