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“I’ve consulted many astrologers over the years. Steven’s readings are beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. I highly recommend his life changing work.”

Testimonial – Sara B.

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Newly Discovered Aspects of Nature, Health & Humanity — Gemini New Moon Astrology Report, May 2020

Our Gemini New Moon taps directly into the order and symmetry found within Nature and in our relationship to the principles that bind us to life. I'm referring to the order found within the living intelligence of Nature and the natural laws that are operating within our world.

Authentic Hope Will Free the World — Scorpio Full Moon Astrology Report, May 2020

Our Scorpio Full Moon has a ray of hope for those who are able to feel the depth of what is real and authentic. We are at the halfway point in an important Lunar cycle that has brought each of us face to face with a world crisis. In the midst of disinformation and confusing…

What We Are Seeing Changes Everything — New Moon Astrology Report Apr, 2020

Our Taurus New Moon is energizing and bringing to our conscious awareness what's real and what's not. Taurus is the first earth sign of the zodiac and can be thought of as the energy we use to confirm what's useful and productive. This practicality of usefulness is what Taurus thinks of as "real."

Energizing the Libra Mind through Contrast — Full Moon Astrology Report Apr 7, 2020

Our Libra Full Moon will certainly shed some much needed light on our current world events. Libra is an excellent type of energy for humanity right now. It's especially useful for this Libra Full Moon energy to be shared with others during our coronavirus pandemic. What's needed in the world is a mental re-adjustment so…

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Complete Astrology Reading

The Complete Astrology Reading is the finest and most comprehensive reading available anywhere. It’s an in-depth look at your key past-life and how your natal astrology patterns are support your success, opportunity, and personal growth.

Steven’s will discuss your “Gate of Intuition” and your unique style needed to access and trust your intuitive abilities.

Solar Return Astrology Reading

The Solar Return Reading reveals the support available for the coming year. It looks at the energies you’ll need to integrate, and covers what phase of your life you’ll be activating as your move forward.