How to Secure the Resources You Need — Full Moon Astrology January 2014

How to Secure the Resources You Need: Full Moon Astrology January 2014

  • Article Window: Jan 15 to Jan 30
  • Full Moon was Wednesday, Jan 15 at 8:52 pm PST
  • Sun is 26° Capricorn , Moon is 26° Cancer
  • Lunar Month Theme (New Moon to New Moon): Charting Your Own Path in the World
  • Next New Moon is Thursday, Jan 30, 2014
  • Chinese New Year, Jan 31
  • Spring Equinox (Sun enters Aries) Mar 20 at 9:57 am PST

Moonrise Jan Full Moon 2014

Current Lunar Cycle

The Full Moon illuminates and activates whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Astrology Article: How to Secure the Resources You Need

There’s an abundance of inspiration and resources available for you to use now that the Moon has reached its full phase in the Zodiac sign of Cancer. As you begin to integrate these Full Moon energies you’ll have the opportunity to realize how to better establish yourself in your life path. You may also notice your attention naturally beginning to shift toward acquiring the education or knowledge needed to establish yourself in a more fulfilling way. This feeling is natural and directly related to our current Full Moon energies.

How to Take Advantage of this Month’s Full Moon Energies

This month’s zodiac energy of Capricorn works naturally with your ability to secure resources for moving forward and achieving your goals and dreams. The current Cancer Moon is providing a way to expand your perspective on Charting Your Own Path in the World (the New Moon theme).

Energies are aligned to make it easy to integrate your emotions and intellect.

To successfully gather together these additional resources, you may need to focus on your ability to separate “what you need” on an emotional level, from “how to get it” on an intellectual level. It is important this month that your mental focus be  fully involved in the creative process..

The Moon is all about feeling, and there are times when “feeling” through your intellect can be a very effective strategy. This is one of those times. For the next two weeks, until the New Moon on Jan 30, the planet Mercury is activating your creativity through the ability to visualize symbols of inspiration in the mind. Without this mental inspiration to guide you, your desire for stability may work against you and hold you back from accessing the mental creativity needed to move forward on your life path.

The Need for Stability

Stability is a cornerstone of healthy expansion. We all need it. The most creative way to harness a greater sense of stability right now is through involving the strength of your mind (Mercury) to understand what type of information is needed to support resources, acquiring what you need in life. Resources can be money, things, or information.

With Mercury being extremely active in the mental realm, studying, learning, and observing are especially important types of resources available during the next two weeks. All of these gifts of Mercury will lead to your experience of greater stability.

Sources of Inspiration

With Mercury in the sign of Aquarius, look for inspiration in all of your authentic relationships.  Not just in your personal relationships, but in your connection to cultural leaders, and in any relationships where you can see new cultural developments occurring. For example, take note in individuals who are putting themselves on the line for a cause which inspires you. During this two week window, access creativity through inspiration from the individual or cause.

To help narrow down your sources of inspiration during this two week period, try identifying with others or with a group which shares your world view or who resonates with your path in the world. Use your intuition (Cancer Moon) to recognize that securing resources this month will be best accomplished through figuring out what you don’t know and then learning it.

In Closing

It is our deepest privilege to share these thoughts with you. Thank you again for your participation.

Have a wonderful week,
Steven Shroyer

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