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Seeing Beyond the Pisces Veil: New moon Astrology Mar 2019


March 6, 2019

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Seeing Beyond the Pisces Veil: New moon Astrology Mar 2019

New Moon Astrology Report
March 6 to April 5

Pisces New Moon is Wednesday, Mar 6, 8:04 AM PST
• New Moon Theme: Mar 6 to Apr 5: Seeing Beyond the Veil
The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire Lunar cycle that follows. This creative momentum is for energizing your life’s purpose and personal growth, especially while adjusting to evolving circumstances.
• By Steven Shroyer, co-author Elizabeth Schermer

Astrology Article
Seeing Beyond the Pisces Veil

Our New Moon in Pisces initiates a new cycle of truth and justice for all. However strong this potential is, with our Sun and Moon in a tight conjunction with Neptune, there is an equally strong signature for injustice and misinformation. We must ask ourselves “Will truth and justice be a positive new trend in our world, or will it be lost within a limiting type of Piscean bureaucracy?”

The Complexity of Pisces

This New Moon is of particular importance because of its unique complexity. One of the reasons it’s so complex is because Piscean energy works differently for the collective than it does at the level of individuality.

Pisces sits at the end of the zodiac cycle in order to perpetuate what’s good and valuable for the collective moving forward. Social institutions are ruled by Pisces. In theory they reflect this principle of perpetuation, however too often social institutions are compromised by rigid bureaucracy.

Pisces is all about the power of big energies, including the power of the collective. Part of the collective’s responsibility in Pisces is to inspire the individual toward greatness.  Pisces individually is full of inner strength. In Pisces, the power of the subconscious works in tandem with freedom, creativity, and inspiration that is expressed through contribution.

In its highest expression of social organization, Piscean energies includes a reciprocal relationship between the individual and the collective. This is a fluid relationship (mutable water). Through this reciprocal support the individual is able to contribute to the collective through creative freedom and the free exchange of information and resources.  This cycle continues to evolve as the individual empowers the collective. The collective in turn is able to serve the individual in a greater capacity.

Pisces inspires the individual to explore what is true and right for everyone, including what is right for the self. This fact is important in that the concept of truth and justice for all must start with the individual, not from the top down or in some form of a trickle-down institutionalized expression of truth and justice.

From a Pisces standpoint “truth” is akin to transparency. In a world of secrets and suppression of information and free expression, there can be no trust of truth as a governing principle of society. Transparency must also operate at the individual level in order to expose what our hidden motivations are, and how we often operate in unconscious ways or through self-serving agendas.

This New Moon will challenge our standards of personal integrity, from the individual to the collective and our collective institutions. At all levels this Moon will help reveal our true alignment, through expanding what’s good and transparent, versus the shadows of subconscious beliefs and hidden institutional controls.

Pisces as the Collective Protector of Truth and Justice

As an energy signature, Pisces is incredibly powerful. Its power comes from very large sources, such as the collective unconscious realm, the status quo, and the cooperation of people working together in large organizations.

The Piscean concept of universal truth and justice stems from a universal principle of humanity working together to make the world a better place for all.  At the highest level, Pisces power creates organized and cohesive social structures that work together in harmony. This universal principle of harmony breaks down when freedom or transparency are suppressed. Without freedom, individuality ceases to flourish. Without transparency, truth isn’t respected nor is it verifiable.

Justice for all must become the standard for the application of what is true, good, and right. True justice includes everyone, not just select groups with narrow self-interest or a generalized status quo.

Socialism is a Pisces Concept

Now that we have an idea of how Piscean values of truth and justice work in an idealized world, it’s important to explore the Pisces/Neptune concept of socialism and why it is so appealing.  The appeal of socialism in our current world stems from spiritual principles of organic harmony and cooperation, and an atmosphere of creative freedom and support where individualism flourishes.

From an astrological point of view, socialism is a wonderful concept of Piscean harmony, where there is a perfect balance between the individual and the collective. This perfect balance and harmony is marked with complete freedom and a lack of authoritarian control. Transparency, truth, and justice flow equally to everyone.

None of these qualities can ultimately be attained by legislating laws of behavior. They must occur in a free and open society.

With Pisces and planetary ruler Neptune, this flow of inspiration moves freely like a great spiritual dance between the collective and the individual. Within this flow, the individual is completely free and supported in making the world a better place, while the collective supports and nurtures all of life to flourish and grow.

True Piscean socialism must exist within a level of spiritual consciousness that cannot be legislated or forced. Socialism without complete freedom at the individual level leads to authoritarian bureaucracy. At the worst it becomes a police state enforcing values with no transparency or justice for all.

In a spiritual utopia, everyone works in harmony. Until consciousness evolves to the spiritual point in which we don’t need laws to enforce behavior, socialism too easily degenerates into systems of control and, ultimately, tyranny.

Astrology Pattern

The most significant pattern in the New Moon chart is our stellium (planetary grouping) in Pisces. As mentioned earlier, Neptune, ruler of Pisces, is making a rare 1° conjunction with the Pisces New Moon. Neptune’s influence is central to the signature of our stellium and the potential long-term influence of this New Moon. Let’s break down Neptune’s position to better understand its role in our New Moon energies.

Neptune is the natural ruler of Pisces and supports the dissolving of anything that is out of harmony with a bigger, more inclusive existence. That’s not to say that everything Neptune dissolves is good or positive. Neptune always has two faces to its energies.

One face of Neptune is spiritual in nature, leading to a higher frequency of consciousness. The positive side of Neptune’s power is to dismantle and dissolve those elements of inflated self-importance to help us release outdated beliefs and harmonize our relationship to others and the world.

The other face of Neptune is its shadow, which can lead to a distorted, out-of-focus quality of consciousness that includes escapism, fantasy, addiction, secrecy, and susceptibility to hidden agendas.

The shadow side of Neptune dissolves good judgement. For example, the shadow side of Neptune’s power to dismantle uses alcohol to dissolve personal problems into the relief of unfocused consciousness. Neptune also dissolves discernment of what’s real and what’s not, leading to escapism through fantasy. The shadow of Neptune can make someone susceptible to magical thinking, meaning an inability to distinguish fantasy from reality.

An example of escapism through fantasy is our organized entertainment industry in Hollywood. Prepackaged fantasies are designed to sedate us. This is the shadow side of Neptune that keeps us from seeing the true nature of reality by being sucked into fantasy versions.

The importance of Neptune in our current New Moon Chart is two-fold. On the one hand, the New Moon is activating our ability to see through the veil of illusion. It supports the dissolution of structures that hide the truth and distort justice.  On a social level this includes our ability to see beyond many current trends that claim to serve the social good when in fact they are acting in the special interests of the few.

On the other hand, Neptune can just as easily hide the truth and promote a false utopia.  In its shadow aspect Neptune blinds and dissolves our sight of what is truly going on in the world. To circle back to our discussion of socialism, in many ways the Piscean values of truth and justice are currently being co-opted to put us on a collision course with a government sponsored movement of control that’s being presented as socialism.

We’re taking time right now to address this important issue because of the relationship of the current Pisces New Moon with Neptune, and the possibility for dissolution of illusions and new levels of awareness and spirituality to emerge.

Personally we are inspired by the vision of a Pisces social utopia in which the world naturally evolves toward the ideal of universal harmony. Toward this end, it is crucial to be mindful that Neptune can absolutely distort what is meant to be a spiritual value or spiritually inspired movement. On a personal level it can be uncomfortable to see past our own illusions. We must be willing to see beyond the veil in order to fully participate in the natural evolution of social consciousness.


Our Pisces New Moon holds big energy that each of us must use to see beyond distorted views of reality. The zodiac energies of Pisces operate on the grand scale of humanity completely differently than they do at an the level of individuality.

From an individual point of view, Neptune supports our spirituality so we can clearly see what’s happening within our lives and the world at large

The New Moon is harnessing Neptune’s momentum toward a positive outcome.  On a personal level, the positive experience of this lunar cycle is to open our eyes so we’re able to awaken to whatever truth we have yet to discover. The Moon is prepping each of us to recognize in our heart what a Piscean utopia might look like so we can, in our individual way, see the larger truth and promote justice and freedom for all.

Happy New Moon!

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