Seeing the Codes of Light Hidden within Reality

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Seeing the Codes of Light Hidden within Reality


June 20, 2024

Published on

Full Capricorn Moon

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Seeing the Codes of Light Hidden within Reality

Aquarian Age Update

A phenomenon that occurs with each shift in consciousness is the creation of a deeper connection to our inherent multidimensionality capability. We are all multidimensional beings, whether we realize it or not. Each of us has the ability to perceive and experience more than our 3-d reality. We do this by intuitively accessing the hidden light codes that are waiting to be discovered.

These codes of light are the high-frequency patterns that are hidden within the fabric of our world. When you experience one of these light codes, it’s like an internal flash of knowingness and instant recognition. Some have described this as a light bulb being turned on. Mystics have simply called it illumination. However you describe it, the experience of these codes of light is a multidimensional activation that opens new realizations and transcends time and space.

With our Capricorn full moon, we’re able to re-activate a very powerful type of multidimensionality that many of us have forgotten that we have. This unfortunate forgetting process occurred when we walked into our current body. As part of our remembering, we can strive to never again forget that we are eternal beings. As light beings our spirits were never born, and cannot die. Recognizing our immortality is one of the multidimensional principles that turns the key to help us access many of our hidden abilities.

Each of us should be becoming more and more comfortable with our own multidimensionality and our ability to experience the multiple dimensions of our own creation, anytime and anyplace. You can imagine this ability to tune into your personal space, much like you would tune a radio to find a particular station and then take that station wherever you go.

Another way to understand the experience of multidimensionality is found within the archetype for the very last degree of our Sabian zodiac at 30° Pisces. This Sabian is being activated by Neptune’s current location at 30° Pisces, forming the midpoint (T-square) between our Sun and moon polarity. Neptune’s position highlights our access to new intuitive abilities.

ARCHETYPE: The window of multidimensionality which opens to those able to fully see the codes of light held within all creation.
COMMENTARY: The power of manifestation lies not in its outer presentation, but is found deep within the light codes that create the fundamental architecture of our multidimensional experience. Our consciousness expands when we’re able to embrace reality as a frequency-based experience. When this process of archetypalization is achieved, the individual transitions to a deeper understanding of who they are. One’s essence and spirit knows itself without the need for external validation or identity.

This Sabian is quite remarkable as it unlocks a key principle of the Sabian, while also revealing one of the most guarded secrets held within astrological concepts. The secret of “archetypalization” lies in how every manifest experience is a type of an archetype or window that breaks through the veil of time and space, bringing the seeker of truth face to face with a new or expanded reality.

This principle of learning how to work with created form as archetype helps us move beyond the personal traps of identity and the need for external approval.

“When this process of archetypalization is achieved, the individual transitions to a deeper understanding of who they are. One’s essence and spirit knows itself without the need for external validation or identity.”

External validation and the need for personal identity are ideas not easily relinquished. The more we expand into Aquarian Age consciousness, the more we realize that identity is no longer needed or required in order to experience wholeness. The release of identity is just one of many shifts in multidimensional awareness.

The Capricorn-Cancer Polarity: Expanding Our Understanding of Power

Capricorn is one of the most misunderstood and distorted zodiac signs. This is because of its powerful shadow which is related to abuse of power. It’s this shadow of Capricorn that has been used for control through manipulation of laws, censorship, stifling of resources, and fear that we’re experiencing in our world today.

Healthy power, as it is expressed in the complementary qualities of Capricorn and Cancer, is extremely necessary and valuable. Our full moon allows us to explore these healthy qualities of power so we can see how to use these cardinal (generative) energies in a positive way.

Active qualities of Capricorn include: The wise use of power, collaboration of combined goals, the value of prosperity, organized efforts of purpose and spiritual harmony, and a realization of the cost of violence, conflict and war.
The shadow of Capricorn includes
: Abuse of power and control, all unnecessary limits and rules, constraining resources, elitism, violence and destructive forces, organized chaos and war.

Active qualities of Cancer include: The power of stability during change and transition, the ability to choose a higher frequency and consciousness, nurturing an expanded perspective, focusing on what’s important and choosing from heart’s desire, and feeling one’s own inner knowingness as the source of one’s stability.
The shadow of Cancer includes
: Focusing on the past and future instead of the moment, engaging in the mind-energy of worry and anxiety, emotional instability, the inability to choose what’s most inspirational, and keeping low frequency company.

When these two powerful signs are working in harmony we have the ability to stabilize both personal and collective power at a higher frequency. This gives us the creative power to choose our own path and make choices from our own authority.

The Sabian for the polarity point of our Capricorn moon holds some hidden gems that challenge our traditional concepts of power and multidimensionality.

ARCHETYPE: The crucial realization of the lasting effects of violent use of collective power is that it will inevitably lead to the destruction of those who perpetrate it.
COMMENTARY: The awareness of the ways that the abuse of power compromises the flow of love and harmony through Spirit. Orchestrated group violence, fueled by artificial divisions, exacts a heavy toll on the planet and its inhabitants. The stark contrast between the beauty of the intact windows and the damage caused by violence underscores the importance of collaboration and creating a world of prosperity, freedom, and harmony for all.

This archetype directly addresses the abuse of power as a form of control and shows us how we can transcend this pattern and expand our ability to understand contrast in order to make good decisions moving forward.

From a higher frequency, this archetype expresses contrast as a multidimensional experience. It enables us to see the difference between a shadow quality (the broken window) and its counterpart of higher-frequency beauty and positive energies (rose window). Working with polarity in this way helps us make important shifts in expanding our consciousness.

This Sabian shows how Capricorn holds some of the most spiritual energies in the zodiac. In higher frequencies Capricorn functions as a collaborative energy in which individual roles play out together to create a world of prosperity, freedom, and harmony for all.

The Sabian for the polarity point of our Cancer Sun shows how we can expand our understanding and creativity through a higher dimensional experience.

ARCHETYPE: The ability to expand consciousness by stabilizing one’s point of view at a higher level.
COMMENTARY: Stabilizing one’s perspective at a higher frequency is a primary ability that we all possess. This multidimensional capacity enables movement of one’s awareness from mind-energy to the higher frequency of heart energy. Observing reality from the heart center allows a person to see beyond the outer shell of the external world which increases their creativity, internal knowingness, and elevates experience to a higher dimension.

As we can see from this Sabian, we have the power to expand our consciousness by raising and stabilizing our perspective at a higher frequency. This power of expansion involves a dimensional shift in which one is able to observe one’s own creative process in action. This quality of inner stability (the carpet) is an important aspect of Cancer’s use of power.

When an individual drops their thoughts from their head to their heart center, they can instantly experience this quality of inner stability. It is in this elevated space within the heart where we can begin recognizing the hidden codes of light embedded within everything around us.

This power to elevate is another important multidimensional ability. The experience of flying occurs within the present moment which exists outside of time and space. The decisions and choices that are then made from this elevated perspective occur with your Spirit in the eternal now. This higher dimensional experience with your Spirit gives you the opportunity to fully participate in your everyday experiences of life.

The Full Moon Polarity Working in Perfect Balance

The full moon offers a unique opportunity to access our multidimensional abilities. When polarity observed at higher frequencies we are able to naturally see the energetic patterns of pure light, the light codes, that are obscured or hidden within the fabric of our reality. Our current Capricorn-Cancer polarity allows us to unlock and see these codes of light as a new perspective of balanced power.

When the Capricorn-Cancer polarity is working in perfect balance there is no conflict between our use of power, or our search for creativity and our ability to access understanding and perspective. Capricorn is able to help us generate the power we need to collaborate toward peace, prosperity, and harmony for all. Cancer intuitively feels the ebb and flow of this creative power, which aligns everyone and everything to the highest frequency of what’s needed to grow and prosper.

This powerful polarity nurtures the principle of love as a guiding frequency for Source to work creatively with each of us through synchronicity, as together we create in the new Aquarian Age.


Engaging in the right use of power and seeing the value of contrast as a new multidimensional ability are two practical ways to increase consciousness and stabilize your frequency at a higher level. Developing the skill of seeing within the fabric of the outer world is greatly enhanced by observing contrast as a balanced polarity of energies working together.

As we make this shift, use your intuitive abilities to read the codes of light that are hidden within everything you encounter. Remember that your heart center has access to all knowledge in the universe. This is a time to be curious and excited to see what extraordinary new levels of awareness are on the horizon for us all.

Steven Shroyer

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