Shifting into a New Paradigm — Capricorn New Moon Astrology Report Jan 2, 2022

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Shifting into a New Paradigm — Capricorn New Moon Astrology Report Jan 2, 2022


January 1, 2022

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Shifting into a New Paradigm — Capricorn New Moon Astrology Report Jan 2, 2022

New Moon Astrology Report Jan 2, 2022

Jan 2 to Jan 31

• 13° Capricorn New Moon is Sunday, Jan 2, 10:33 AM PDT
• New Moon Theme: Jan 2 – Jan 31: The Turning of Events
• The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire Lunar cycle that follows. This creative momentum is for energizing your life’s purpose and personal growth, especially while adjusting to evolving circumstances.

Co-author: Elizabeth Schermer

Astrology Article — Shifting into a New Paradigm

Our Capricorn New Moon is full of hope. This New Moon kicks off the New Year with a shift in awareness that’s inspiring and indicates there are good prospects ahead for all of us. This shift in awareness will most easily come through your ability to envision a new and positive turn of events.

The positive adjustments of the new Aquarian Age are enabling us to envision the future, including access to new solutions and new possibilities beyond what we have previously considered possible.

As the Aquarian Age continues to unfold we are beginning this new year with a reality shift. Our Capricorn New Moon is setting in motion something quite different from previous years. For the last several years we have dealt with the shadow of Capricorn at an unconscious collective level. Now that Pluto is moving through the final degrees of Capricorn, and Saturn is transiting Aquarius, things are beginning to shift.

Zodiac Insights from Capricorn

The Zodiac sign of Capricorn supports will power, self discipline, and commitment to one’s larger role in the world. In recent times, however, Capricorn has primarily been associated with its shadow qualities which include the abuse of power and control.
These shadow aspects of control have been amplified over the past 14 years during Pluto’s transit of Capricorn. Pluto in Capricorn has brought to light all of the shadow elements of Capricorn so that a major healing can take place within the collective.
At the collective level Capricorn rules the power behind all social structures. This is why the shadow of Capricorn’s control limits freedom for individuals to choose or think independently.
This process of collective control came to a head during the recent historic Capricorn conjunctions which  I’ve referenced many times over the past two years. All of this exposure of the shadow is in preparation for Pluto entering Aquarius in March of 2023.
Capricorn’s shadow is so powerful within the collective because Capricorn’s positive qualities are equally as powerful. These positive qualities include personal will power, attunement to cosmic will, spiritual strength to do the right thing, and the self-discipline and inner strength necessary to be guided by one’s commitment to a higher understanding of truth.
For the individual who is able to access these qualities, Capricorn is one of the most spiritually oriented signs of the zodiac. The individualized person who is able to work consciously with Capricorn’s positive qualities can intentionally cultivate their spiritual power through practical actions of influence in the world.

Capricorn loves the power of responsibility, especially when it involves the commitment to the well being of humanity. The deep sense of responsibility that Capricorn experiences possesses a desire to protect and guide the next generation coming into power, as well as a natural urge to support one’s spiritual community, both seen and unseen.

Anticipating Positive Changes in Our World

Our Capricorn New Moon is introducing a new quality of consciousness that’s requiring us to move beyond the limits of our previous cycle. The effects of Pluto in Capricorn have limited our successful collective growth by amplifying our attachment to security and social structure, and a natural resistance to change.
This coming year will be energetically quite different from the last. Last year was a time of increased social control and limits. This New Moon is pointing to the beginning of a collective shift toward more freedom.
Our New Moon brings a new quality of intelligent foresight that can help us anticipate the big changes that are coming. This New Moon’s shift in consciousness will assist you in the recognition and anticipation of the most strategic adjustments you can make in order to experience success as you move into the future.
A new era lies in front us all. This new era begins now through those who are able to live within a higher frequency of awareness. As we take our next steps into the new Aquarian age, our January 2nd  New Moon marks a major turning points in this transition.
The Sabian archetype for the New Moon offers an insight into the new qualities of foresight that are possible at this time.
Our New Moon falls on the very powerful 13th degree of Capricorn. This 13th degree is a point of integration with a very unusual Sabian archetype that features a “fire seer of ultimate realities.” This archetype represents a higher-frequency of consciousness, capable of seeing the vision of a new reality unfolding. The archetype for 13° Capricorn reads:

ARCHETYPE: The subjective quest for the ultimate reality beyond the interplay of life and death processes.
COMMENTARY: Adventurers of a trained consciousness can traverse beyond the physical realm of life, using creativity and the qualities of higher consciousness. These are the mysteries of transformation that are wrapped in the enigma of death and rebirth. The symbol of fire holds a transformational frequency that exposes a level of reality and creativity that exists beyond the limits of life and death and what was once thought possible.

The earth sign of Capricorn holds many qualities that are focused on the right use of power. The 13th degree of Capricorn, when applied to our New Moon, is a clear indicator of transformational energies that are exposing us to a new paradigm of reality, and energizing individual consciousness in a new direction.
This is good news for those who understand the revolutionary power of Uranus and the shifting landscape that the Aquarian Age brings. Having such a powerful New Moon at the beginning of the new year is a clear reminder that this new era is not only anticipated, but expected.

The Power of Intelligent Foresight

The great cycles of the cosmos are converging and we can anticipate major changes to continue to occur in our world. In order to successfully step into the positive changes that are coming, it will be necessary to develop the intuitive ability to transcend current patterns in order to anticipate the new patterns of the future.
This is a strategic time to harness this future-oriented quality of intelligent foresight. The activating point of our New Moon chart is at 28° Aquarius, which is the midpoint of the bowl formation. The Sabian archetype for this point sums up the Aquarian principle of intelligent foresight very nicely.

ARCHETYPE: Knowledge and skill used in their natural surroundings for the satisfaction of vital basic needs.
COMMENTARY: Strength, efficiency, and intelligence are needed to incorporate a harmony capable of permeating life in every action. Foresight can stem from a harmonic that allows for the beauty of rituals and events to become illuminated with a deeper significance. Intelligent foresight involves the individualized use of preparation when outcomes are uncertain. Planned contingencies are necessary during cyclic phases and events.

By using our skills of intelligent foresight we can make the necessary adjustments as we plan for upcoming contingencies in a shifting world. In this way we can make plans during this transitional period with the understanding that there will be major changes in our world.
Government functions will change to better serve the people. There will also be major changes in the world’s financial system, to create a flow of resources that will benefit all.  We should also expect medicine to drastically change and advance far beyond our current model of big pharma control and its elimination of alternative healing methods.
As individuals, we can use the knowledge of our astrological cycles to create a deeper understanding of how these transitions occur so that we can effectively and efficiently prepare for them. Watching these cycles unfold provides important insight as we anticipate these new developments to begin taking place around us.
Imagine for yourself what life will be like in this dawning new era. Imagine the removal of lack and the freedom to step into sustainable and fulfilling work. Imagine new healing technologies that will provide health and vitality to yourself and your loved ones. Imagine leaders who govern through principles of individual freedom and responsibility. Imagine technologies that will heal our environment and return our Earth to balance.
As we continue to observe this new paradigm emerging in the world, we are filled with hope. We stand in awe as we experience this great transition period unfolding.

Astrology Pattern

Once again we have a bowl pattern with Uranus and Mars at the rim of the bowl, signifying an overall quality of concentrated energy. In this chart, Uranus is in a key position and unlocks the deeper meaning of the entire chart. At the other edge of the bowl, Mars indicates that we are on the verge of experiencing a new turn of global events.

In astrology charts, planets move in a counter-clockwise rotation. This movement puts Uranus in the leading position of the chart, moving ahead of all of the other planets contained within the bowl.

This is a powerful position for Uranus, especially because of the era of change in which we live. Uranus has a catalytic effect that shatters the old, in favor of freedom and independent thinking for the new. This process can have a nurturing effect on our consciousness, especially once the individual is ready to experience Uranus’ quickening effect of free thinking.

ARCHETYPE: Development of the powers of the mind as consciousness penetrates the natural organic world.
COMMENTARY: As the flower of consciousness develops and grows, consciousness attaches itself to the wondrous and efflorescent experience of love. Love is what waters, nurtures and cultivates our consciousness, transcending the drives and limits of a strictly earth-bound awareness. Form grows from psychic structures that bud through the fulfillment and then transcendence of natural and organic drives. The opposite of the conscious nurturing of love is a possessiveness that limits the garden of consciousness from its growth.

The changes and transformation that Uranus represents are bringing about a greater harmony that’s able to function within us through the higher-frequencies of love.

We can see from the Sabian archetype that, in order to flower, the activating energies of Uranus need to be cultivated with an intentional attitude of love. This attitude is part of the higher frequencies of the three outer planets. We are speaking here of universal Love that transcends the personal will and exists in harmony with the greater forces of our living Universe.

As we previously discussed, Uranus is the leading edge of our bowl pattern and Mars is the final planet of the bowl. Mars in this trailing position indicates a higher motivation that can support all of the harmonious actions that can be taken during this Lunar cycle.

The Sabian archetype for Mars gives us an indication as to what this motivation looks like from a spiritual perspective of anticipation.

ARCHETYPE: The value of anticipating new turns of events and ascertaining future prospects.
COMMENTARY: A sensitivity and understanding of social and planetary rhythms is possible with a big picture (Aeonic) type of consciousness. Perfect planning is not only possible, but at certain times necessary in order to anticipate the nuances required for the success of future endeavors.

Mars in this position reminds us of the importance of having a prospective outlook toward life and our own circumstances. A new turn of events, if anticipated, can be planned for and even provide new opportunity, especially for those who are sensitive to our planetary rhythms. 

There is every indication that this year will be quite different from the last, and that there could be a major turning of events. By looking at the planetary rhythms, these events, although unknown at the present moment, can be anticipated and prepared for. By using intelligent foresight and optimism we can alter the trajectory of humanity in a positive direction. 

Aquarian Age Update

It’s remarkable to see our Capricorn New Moon activating such a powerful archetype that expresses the paradigm shift necessary for the next steps of the Aquarian Age to unfold. Each Lunar cycle builds upon the past, and this is yet another example of how the universe is priming the minds of open-minded individuals who are ready to experience the reality of this new era.

Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius and the Aquarian Age, is currently dominating our astrological energies, bringing a harmonizing relationship to the New Moon paradigm shift. There is nurturing energy between the New Moon and Uranus, indicating that there’s a psychic restructuring taking place just below the surface of our normal conscious awareness. 

With Uranus taking such an active role, we are expecting to see social movements emerge that support individual rights, intellectual freedom, and an attitude of optimism and creative innovation that provides greater freedom and less restriction for all peoples worldwide.


Our Capricorn New Moon brings the potential for a positive turn of events, especially for those who are sensitive to the larger cycles and planetary rhythms. Through the use of intelligent foresight we  have the opportunity to anticipate a year that will be quite different from the last.
While the past year involved excessive limits and control, the coming year can create a transition into a more sustainable future. For those willing to transcend the past, and see beyond their current comfort zone into the bigger picture, this year will be incredible.
We are experiencing big picture transformational energies that are exposing an entirely new paradigm of reality, beyond the limits of what we would typically consider or imagine. This Lunar cycle is about nurturing the mindset necessary for having a prospective outlook and stepping with confidence and courage into the dawning days of our new era.
Happy New Year and Happy New Moon,
Steven Shroyer

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