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Subtle Rhythms of Unexpected Opportunity


November 22, 2022

Published on

New Sagittarius Moon

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Subtle Rhythms of Unexpected Opportunity

Our Sagittarius New Moon is initiating subtle rhythmic waves of change that may represent unexpected opportunities for you and for all of humanity.

This energy is stirring the collective consciousness in ways that are not fully understood at this time. What we do know, however, is that the more consciousness becomes individualized and expanded through each of us, the greater the opportunity will be.

Our New Moon energies will be stirring individuals around the world in unexpected ways. The opportunity for growth lies in our ability to recognize the deeper stirrings of Prime Creation as it is moving and activating the next phases of creative change that are about to occur.

The ongoing emergence of the Aquarian Age will be full of surprises and opportunity. This is especially true for those who are able to see and feel what is occurring in the higher frequencies of consciousness on our beloved planet.

Sagittarius: A World of Opportunity

Sagittarius is a fire sign, most commonly associated with philosophy and cosmology, especially through exploring the principles of life that form our understanding of reality. Two of the key qualities of fiery Sagittarius are the desire to understand the principles of life, and the desire to experience inspiration and expand this inspiration to others.

Sagittarius desires to connect and expand. Other qualities of Sagittarius are playfulness, optimism, appreciation of nature, travel, and observing what’s good and right about humanity. Through Sagittarius all of life’s activities play an important role in helping us understand how to use the principles of human connectedness to make the world a better place for all.

As a result of developing a deeper understanding of these principles of life, Sagittarius is able to organize these ideas into a personal cosmology. These spiritual principles and philosophy lead us to understanding what is good and right about humanity, and they also help us understand the opportunities that lie ahead.

In this way, the principles of the Aquarian Age are born in the sign of Sagittarius. It’s this inspiration of Sagittarian fire that is inspiring the next era of humanity.

Our Sagittarius New Moon

Each New Moon presents a new quality of energy that is being introduced to all of humanity. The new energies that are coming in with our current New Moon are unusually full of opportunity, especially for those who are able to feel the subtle pull of cosmic rhythms.

These stirrings are felt operating just beyond our normal consciousness, yet we can easily feel them and they can be experienced with just a little awareness. The Sabian archetype for our Sun and Moon at 2° Sagittarius describes the subtle nature of the cosmic rhythms that are stirring across our planet.

ARCHETYPE: The mobilization of subtle energies through the intensity of larger cosmic activity.
COMMENTARY: The dynamic interplay between Prime Creation and the preconscious activity of the collective is witnessed through the creative power of cosmic rhythms. These deep rhythms are stirring an individualized awakening among the collective. There is beauty, power, rhythm and intensity that, given time, will awaken and inspire the collective heart of humanity to something greater. The sheer intensity and awe-inspiring dynamics of cosmic activity, even if not fully understood, are accelerating a worldwide awakening.

This archetype is extremely powerful, especially in its current position of the New Moon. The energies that are coming to life on our planet are more than a simple reaction to one’s personal circumstances or larger events in the world.

These energies are part of much bigger and much deeper levels of inspiration that become the catalyst for larger changes to come. These subtle energies are meant to be felt and experienced, in order to allow the deeper intensity to stir powerful inspiration throughout humanity.

At the individual level, it’s a time to see and feel the beauty, power, and inspiration that is accelerating our awakening worldwide. This new level of inspiration is the beginning of an unexpected opportunity that is emerging.

An Unexpected Opportunity

The power of change that is being activated with the New Moon is amplified through a stellium (grouping) with Mercury and Venus. Mercury is activating a conscious awakening through new sensitivity to the body’s wisdom, versus the limitations of the intellect. The planet Venus indicates that new forms of growth and prosperity are on the horizon.

ARCHETYPE: A dramatized presentation of new opportunities that transcend the current cultural standards and principles.
COMMENTARY: The overall progress of a culture is influenced by the ways in which opportunity is presented. When individual opportunity is linked to the greater good, and not for the benefit of the status quo or those in power, then growth and prosperity can be linked to unexpected opportunities for all of humanity.

Through the influence of Venus, we can see the energy of new opportunity that is linked to our New Moon energies. It will be interesting to witness what opportunities are presented, both individually and collectively, between now and the end of the year.

As I look to the astrology of the final four months of Pluto’s journey through Capricorn, I can’t help but feel extremely excited about what will transpire and what opportunities will be presented to each of us in the days to come.

Pluto in Capricorn - One Step at a Time

An additional indicator of opportunity with the New Moon is the double sextile that Pluto forms with the New Moon stellium and the conjunction of Neptune and Jupiter.

A double sextile indicates a type of stability. With Pluto in Capricorn, the stability comes through expanded consciousness. The Sabian for 27° Capricorn helps us understand the way our consciousness is currently being supported to make this shift.

ARCHETYPE: The ascent of the individualized consciousness to the highest realization reached by the spiritual leaders of one’s culture.
COMMENTARY: Spirit flows like the descent of water and consciousness rises like an illuminating fire. A peak-experience is often hallowed over time by group devotion and through a path inspired by the great teachers of an age. Nevertheless, each person ultimately finds their own mountaintop through a unique and transcendental revelation.

This archetype emphasizes the way that opportunities for transformation (Pluto) are coming through expanded awareness. You’re reminded here of the importance of your ongoing devotion to spiritual practice and commitment to your life path.

Aquarian Age Update

Our New Moon in Sagittarius is temporarily fueling the momentum of our greater Aquarian energies. These energies are struggling against the regressive pull of outdated thinking and power controls that are coming to an end, especially now that Pluto will be leaving the sign of Capricorn and moving into Aquarius in March 2023.

As students of astrology we are all looking forward to this astrological milestone. It represents the sheer power of transformational change that is not only possible, but most likely probable. What I find most inspiring with our Sagittarius New Moon is how powerful these subtle energies can potentially be to help us prepare for the shift.

For those of you who have nurtured your own sensitivity to these cosmic energies, pay close attention to opportunities that may come your way, or present themselves in an unexpected or non-traditional manner.

The Aquarian Age will present many challenges as we transition to more fair and equitable systems. Disruption and challenges may come in many forms. In the higher frequencies of creation, new opportunities will counter-balance those challenges.

I’m anticipating that one of the first changes to appear will be an Aquarian Age shift in our financial world. This is because the current wide-spread corruption in the world’s financial systems is one of the greatest areas of imbalance. This imbalance isn’t sustainable or compatible with the higher frequencies of Aquarius. My feeling is that we may very well experience unexpected opportunities in the realm of finances in the days to come.


There is no doubt about it: We are living in exciting and historic times. This New Moon is introducing very powerful cosmic rhythms of change. These are the steady rhythmic increases of high frequencies that are preparing and changing the consciousness of individuals and groups of people worldwide.

This is a time to realize that you are not alone. You are in fact being supported in very subtle and powerful ways through the current transition phase. The key for each of us is to go within and connect with the cosmic waves of inspiration and positive change that are available now.

These new waves of frequency will continue to occur worldwide. The quicker our consciousness transitions to the higher Aquarian frequencies, the easier our collective transition will be.

Happy New Moon,
Steven Shroyer

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