The Calm Before the Storm — Libra New Moon Astrology Report Oct 6, 2021

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The Calm Before the Storm — Libra New Moon Astrology Report Oct 6, 2021


October 5, 2021

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The Calm Before the Storm — Libra New Moon Astrology Report Oct 6, 2021

Co-author Elizabeth Schermer

New Moon Astrology Report Oct 6 to Nov 4

• 14° Libra New Moon is Wednesday, Oct 6, 4:05 AM PDT
• New Moon Theme: Oct 6 – Nov 4: Preparation
• The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire Lunar cycle that follows. This creative momentum is for energizing your life’s purpose and personal growth, especially while adjusting to evolving circumstances.4

Astrology Article — The Calm Before the Storm

Our New Moon in Libra brings the energy of preparation to your daily routine. This is a time to relax, fortify, rejuvenate, and generally to prepare for what’s approaching. The theme of this article, taking advantage of the calm before the storm, is not meant to bring alarm or fear, but instead, an attitude of expectation and the corresponding practical activities one might engage in to prepare for the future.

Astrologically, we are witnessing a period of time in which you can make arrangements, adjustments, and prepare for any untimely weather or challenges that may be ahead. The upcoming astrological charts indicate the potential for challenges and intensity in the near future. This coming storm, so to speak, needs to be weathered through preparation and a good attitude. Think, for example, of the way you would prepare your home for an upcoming winter storm, or the way you would prepare your body for an upcoming physical challenge such as an international trip or a triathlon.

The universe is loving and generous, giving each of us exactly what we need for what lies ahead. Our Libra New Moon is providing us with very specific Libra types of energy to be able to grow and to be successful, regardless of the coming weather forecast.

Lessons from the Archetype of Libra

Libra is a powerful zodiac sign, and is often misunderstood by traditional astrology. Before we explore the positive potentials and the shadow of the Libra archetype, I recommend that you let go of all your preconceived ideas about Libra. In fact, this ability to let go is, in itself, a higher Libra quality.

The first six zodiac signs, Aries through Virgo, are focused on the total development of individualized being. In Libra the focus shifts from the individual toward the collective. Specifically, it shifts from personal development to what is means to be a socialized human being, capable of participating in something larger than one’s individual scope of being.

By a ‘socialized’ human being we mean an individual who is able to effectively participate within a larger social dynamic. This social dynamic exists within one’s culture or society, so here we’re talking about one’s ability to socialize with others who are in one’s culture.

The primary driving force behind Libra is a process of internal adjustment. We’re talking here about the constant adjustments that are necessary to create a balance between the demands of the group and the necessary personal autonomy needed to maintain personal integrity.

Libra is an air sign, and it represents a strong mental quality of observation. Libra needs to sit back and observe the social dynamic in order to understand the social rules of any situation. Libra’s capacity for observation is the polar opposite of Aries, which has the drive to initiate. Aries impulsivity can lead one to jump into action before knowing what they’re getting themselves into.

Libra’s excellent observation skills can make for some very powerful shadow qualities. This happens when someone over-identifies with the group, rather than being well grounded in their own identity, which is the theme of the previous six-month cycle.

There are multiple ways these shadow qualities of Libra can manifest. The first can be summed up by “people pleasing;” going along with the crowd or succumbing to peer pressure. This aspect of Libra’s shadow results in giving away one’s power, by being a follower of what’s popular in order to be accepted by the group.

At the other extreme of Libra’s shadow the awareness of group dynamics results in taking advantage of others. When personal integrity is out of balance, the social short-cut is to observe how best to socially fit in and then to disregard one’s personal integrity in order to gain a social advantage.  

To return to the positive, the spiritual power behind the Libra archetype is in observing the bigger picture of one’s circumstances, and then realizing how to use one’s own individuality to come to balance within the group.  In this way creatively expanding one’s ability to participate in the social process.

The key to success in Libra is that this creative response must support the highest good of both the individual AND the group.

The greater the degree of personal individuation and participation within the Libra archetype, the more the individual will need to periodically unplug from their social dynamic in order to recharge their personal connection to selfhood and Source. This is the truest meaning of balance within the Libra archetype.

A Time to Revitalize before the Approaching Storm

The article title, “Calm before the Storm,” isn’t a call for panic, fear, or trepidation. It’s a call of preparation. Specifically this is a time for the resting and building up of your nervous system. It’s a time to recharge, a time for relaxation and extra rest. Taking time to recharge includes evaluating your social commitments in order to take care of yourself so you can prepare for what’s on the horizon.

This is a time to find your own balance point between yourself and the group. This isn’t a time to sacrifice your personal integrity just to fit in. This isn’t a time to exhaust yourself or over extend. It’s also not a time to go along with popular group preferences because it benefits a social advantage. 

Remember, Libra comes into its power when personal individuality is brought forward to the group, and then to society. This is the deeper meaning of Libra’s integrity. Our Libra New Moon Sabian at 14° Libra gives us some additional insight:

ARCHETYPE: The need for recuperation within the social patterns of everyday activity.
COMMENTARY: Social structuring cannot be sustained in a healthy way without necessary breaks to rest the nervous system and consciousness itself. Individual success is dependent on the ability to withdraw into one’s own sphere of selfhood and influence in order to release the social-psychic imprinting that accumulates over time. The ability to experience the dream-like aspect of the astral realm, operating deep within one’s psyche, helps in the release the world’s psychic hold on one’s consciousness.

As we take a closer look at this archetype, it’s clear that this is a time period to withdraw into your own sphere of selfhood and personal influence. By building up your inner reserves you will increase your resilience and ability to adjust to whatever challenges lie ahead. This period of rejuvenation will also help you to release the Libra shadow of internal social-psychic imprinting that accumulates over time.

Astrology Pattern

Our chart pattern is a deep bowl pattern with a stellium (grouping) in Libra. With the main focus of the bowl emphasizing the rim of the bowl, directly activating Uranus on one side and the New Moon conjunct Mars on the other side, we are looking for unforeseen challenges to emerge.

It is these unforeseen future challenges that we are calling “The Storm.” An additional reason for this is that as we look ahead to future Lunar cycles, we can see these current patterns of stability unraveling to indicate future challenges. These challenges have not yet arrived. We are currently in the preparation phase, where rest and recharging will be the secret to maintaining the necessary equilibrium to succeed moving forward, regardless of the external circumstances that may unfold.

The New Moon conjunct Mars, inconjunct Uranus

This aspect is a big deal. It’s not particularly easy to explain, but I’ll do my best.

To relay to the deeper significance of this astrology pattern we need to take a deeper look at our Libra stellium. In this grouping of celestial bodies we have the Sun, Moon, and Mars, all at 14° Libra. To make this even more poignant, Uranus is at 14° Taurus, which is an exact inconjunct to the New Moon.

An inconjunct represents the need for skillful adjustment, meaning that these two points need to work together for the purpose of adjustment. In this case, the need for adjustment refers to the unexpected Uranian challenges on the horizon. 

What increases the significance of the inconjunct even more is the archetype for Uranus at 14° Taurus:

ARCHETYPE: Returning to life’s simpler joys for revitalization.
COMMENTARY: Nature and natural urges are working together to operate within a border-realm of semi-consciousness. It’s the realm of play, imagination, and revitalizing energies that can dominate with simplicity and joy. This stresses the value of maintaining a close contact with all natural energies and the simple pleasures in life.

This archetype suggest that our adjustments to the New Moon energies, along with the activity that Mars represents, are specifically for the purpose of personal revitalization. Because this archetype is activated by the planet Uranus, and also positioned at the outer rim of the bowl, unexpected changes (Uranus) in the social dynamics of the whole planet are being anticipated.

The Mid-point (theme) of the Bowl

Not knowing exactly what the future has in store for us, we can look to the mid-point of the bowl for an overall indicator of why we are prepping. The bowl’s mid-point at 29° Capricorn suggests that we need to use our ability to see through the facts and discover the basic direction of trajectory, in order to determine our relationship to what’s actually occurring in the world.

In other words, this mid-point is telling us to pay attention to the clues, signs, and indicators of what’s occurring worldwide, especially considering that this point is also conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, which holds the astrological shadow signifier of global totalitarianism.

Preparing for the Storm

The bottom line of all of this detailed analysis is that we are experiencing a rare alignment of astrological forces that indicate the need to prepare and build our reserves for what lies ahead.
On the personal level, it’s important now to take time to recharge. This includes personal care (exercise, diet and sleep) as well as intentionally evaluating your social commitments in order to take care of yourself so you can prepare for whatever is coming on the horizon.
This is the time to find your own balance point between yourself and the group. This isn’t the time to exhaust yourself or over-extend. This isn’t the time to sacrifice your personal integrity just to fit in. It’s also not a time to go along with the popular group preferences because it benefits a social advantage. This is a time to align within and come to balance with the group through your own understanding of the bigger picture.
Remember, Libra comes into its power when personal individuality is brought forward to the group, and then beyond the group to one’s society. This quality of integrated and individualized participation is the deeper meaning of Libra’s integrity.


This New Moon cycle brings a calming quality of energy that everyone can tap into for rest, relaxation, and to disengage from the social rat race of a chaotic society. This unplugging represents the calm before unexpected challenges that may be on the near horizon.
Libra’s power of adjustment will enable you to find new qualities of dynamic equilibrium, including finding balance between group goals and your personal integrity. This isn’t a time for fear or trepidation, but a time to prepare for the future by renewing and revitalizing your physical, emotional, and spiritual connection to the wisdom of nature and to Source.
Happy New Moon,
Steven Shroyer

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  1. I just read this article and the article you wrote in 2015 about the kite formation. In my natal chart I have a kite formation with a stellium in Libra opposition an Aries Moon. Both of these articles make a lot of sense to me. I would love to hear your insights into my natal chart. I ll I’ve in Seattle. Is there a way to contact you?

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