The Challenge of the Next Direction — Cancer Full Moon Astrology Report Jan 17, 2022

Full Moon Astrology Report Jan 17, 2022

Jan 17 to Jan 31

  • 17° Cancer Full Moon is Monday, Jan 17, 3:48 PM PST
  • Full Moon Theme Jan 17 – Jan 31: The Next Direction
  • The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. The Full Moon is a time for realizing the bigger picture of your situation and adapting your purpose to a clear perception of circumstance.

Co-author: Elizabeth Schermer

Astrology Article — The Challenge of the Next Direction

Our Cancer Full Moon is energizing the possibility of facing a new direction in life. This new phase of momentum began 26 days ago with the Winter Solstice. Winter Solstice represents the beginning of a six month period of the increase of the light, and growing day-force. Over the past 26 days, inspiration has been building. With the Cancer Full Moon we have come to the point where we can now actually begin to feel this new direction in a “Cancerian” (feeling) way.

The Cancer Full Moon is providing this new level of collective feeling that we are experiencing.  
This new direction initiated by the Winter Solstice is being further supported during our current Lunar Cycle (See New Moon article, Shifting into a New Paradigm.) This current feeling of a new direction is a direct result of the larger cosmic forces that were activated at the Solstice, reenergized at the New Moon, and are now being focused through our Cancer Full Moon.

The Cancer Full Moon is providing this new level of collective feeling that we are experiencing. The sense that a new direction lies ahead is something that each of us can now feel at the core of our being.

The challenge of a new direction isn’t something to take lightly. This energetic shift is activating many of Cancer’s spiritual qualities, including emotional strength and self-acceptance. These qualities can generate a type of rebirth that makes a new direction possible at this time. Depending on your circumstances, this Lunar cycle could even lead to a peak spiritual experience that could alter the entire trajectory of your life.

Qualities of Cancer

One of the secrets of Cancer’s magic is the use of Cancerian emotional power. Cancer’s power helps us to totally commit to something new or different. This commitment and acceptance of something new supports emotional independence and individuality at a core level.  

When an individual makes a personal commitment to the Self, backed by Cancerian emotional power, the result is a deep quality of self-acceptance. This core spiritual quality of self-acceptance is the foundation of coming ‘home,’ which is why Cancer is also associated with home and family.

It’s challenging to put into words Cancer’s ability to initiate a new direction once this deep emotional home-coming has occurred. It creates a quality of personal allegiance that is unshakable. Once the emotional commitment to one’s Self has been made, for Cancer there’s no looking back.

Cancer’s greatest spiritual tool is in this total commitment to oneself. The quality of commitment to Self lies at the core of this Full Moon. It can be best experienced in practical ways at this Full Moon through qualities and feelings of self-acceptance. 

This Cancerian process of emotional realization is often felt as a rebirth or peak experience. The Cancer archetype not only involves acceptance, but also sense of a personal responsibility (the Capricorn polarity) toward upholding one’s commitments. When this level of personal commitment is made to nurture oneself, then  independence and individuality occur as a quality of emotional rebirth.

Our Full Moon in Cancer

Together as a global culture we’re all directly in the midst of a rebalancing between the individual and the collective. This Cancer Full Moon is offering the next step in this rebalancing, through the rebirth of the individual and the initiation of a new direction in life. 
Now, with this Full Moon, each individual is being invigorated with new realizations of the cosmic shift that is occurring. The Full Moon is inspiring and initiating a new direction. Through alignment with the Self, this Moon brings into focus the unspoken inspiration we are all feeling as we face the challenges and opportunities of the future.
Our current Full Moon shift is supporting the re-emergence of the empowered individual, which will help bring some needed balance to our current world situation. The Full Moon is supporting this shift through the emotional power and inspiration you need to commit to this new direction.

As an individual, you can feel this new energy deep in the core of your being. This is a time to keep focused and utilize the emotional strength of Cancer toward commitment to yourself and your personal allegiance to a sustainable future.

Astrology Pattern

Astrology ChartOur chart is a Lunar singleton pattern, which means that all of the remaining planets are focused and expressed through the Full Moon. A singleton pattern makes the single planet that’s set apart extra powerful. Our Cancer Full Moon follows this same principle, meaning that through this chart the Full Moon is super charged.

In addition, this singleton Moon in Cancer is especially significant because the Moon is also the ruling planet of Cancer, which makes the Moon most powerful whenever it’s in the sign of Cancer as it is now. 

The Moon’s basic nature is to adapt and grow. This relates to the quality of Cancer that emotionally accepts change and nurtures all types of growth. With our Cancer Moon also functioning as a singleton in the chart, our Full Moon becomes even more powerful, through the focus on emotional adaptation and self-acceptance. 

This added quality of rulership in Cancer enhances and adds to our Moon’s strength. Its power is even more poignant when we consider the Sabian archetype for our Moon.

ARCHETYPE: Inner rebirth through a total acceptance of the primordial values manifest in nature and an individualistic path.
COMMENTARY: This archetype references a period 300 years ago when white settlers were new to this continent and indigenous cultures were relatively undisturbed. The natural return to nature is an individual leap in a new direction and supports the simplicity and inner peace that’s unintentionally compromised by modern city living. What’s needed is the warmth of an emotional commitment, attuned to larger natural processes, and capable of supporting the expansion of consciousness.

This archetype is fully supporting your individual leap in a new direction. This is not only true for you as an individual, but also for the entire collective.

We earlier discussed the extra-powerful configuration of this chart, with the Cancer Moon being a singleton in its sign of rulership. Pluto adds an additional degree of power. With Pluto in opposition the Moon and directly conjunct the Capricorn Sun (at only 1° separation) , there is a tremendous amount of raw power and transformational energy that Pluto brings to the overall chart pattern.

The Sabian archetype speaks directly to how this power is translated into the ascent of an individualized consciousness.

ARCHETYPE: The ascent of the individualized consciousness to the highest realization reached by the spiritual leaders of the culture.
COMMENTARY: Spirit flows like the decent of water, and consciousness rises like an illuminating fire. A peak-experience is often hallowed by group devotion over time and through a path inspired by the great teachers of an age. Through this process each person finds their own mountaintop, with a unique and transcendental revelation.

Pluto conjunct the Capricorn Sun, and in tandem with the Cancer Full Moon as a singleton, heightens the potential for each of us to have our own individualized spiritual experience. This individual shift (Cancer) is exactly what humanity needs to support the current collective shift (Capricorn) in a new direction.

Aquarian Update

The current Full Moon-Pluto/Sun opposition is supporting the ongoing rebalancing of the individual and the collective.
When the collective becomes too powerful and overbearing, the cosmic forces of eternal balance become increasingly active to support the necessary process of rebalancing. Over the last 14 years, with Pluto transiting Capricorn and the historic Capricorn conjunctions, we have witnessed a shift toward imbalance of power. We are now seeing the rebalancing process in action.

This rebalancing between individuality and collectivism is over due, and a necessary phase of the beginning of the Aquarian Age. Our current Full Moon is providing you the emotional support you need to move forward.


We are feeling a tremendous amount of inspiration to go in a new direction, both individually and collectively. This Cancer Full Moon is energizing the emotional power to commit to what inspires you at a core level of your being.

For those who are able to fully integrate this high-powered Full Moon, there is no turning back. We now have the power of total commitment, as we saw with the Sabian archetype, to return to the natural processes that support a new direction and personal individuation. As we continue to move deeper into the Aquarian Age we are definitely feeling the world shift at the very core of our being.

Happy Full Moon,
Steven Shroyer

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