The Collaborative Field of Creative Consciousness — Libra/Aries Polarity Sept 29, 2023

The Collaborative Field of Creative Consciousness — Libra/Aries Polarity Sept 29, 2023

The Aquarian Age Journal

Issue No. 12, Published on the Aries Full Moon: Sept 29, 2023
by Seattle Astrology and Steven Shroyer
Co-authored by Elizabeth Schermer

The Collaborative Field of Creative Consciousness

Aquarian Age Update

This journal follows humanity’s entrance into the new Golden Age of Humanity, also known as the Aquarian Age. Pluto’s entry into Aquarius on March 23, 2023 marked the next major phase of our transition into our new era. This journal will continue to keep you updated on the Aquarian Age through the energies at each New and Full Moon.

As we move forward in life, it’s becoming increasingly necessary to eliminate as many misconceptions and as much misinformation as possible. This ability to transcend old patterns and distortion becomes a requirement for successfully moving forward into the energies of the new Aquarian Age.

Our current energies, in the shape of a Kite, are directly assisting us in this process. Each Kite has a special focus that consists of highly harmonic and balancing energies, emphasized by the specific planets that are activated within each pattern. Our current Kite pattern (the 5th in a row) has Mercury in the tail position. Mercury’s position in our kite tail is energizing our ability to reshape our understanding of how mind energy works.

As each of us moves deeper into the new frequencies of our Aquarian era, a new understanding is quickly emerging of the relationship between our thinking process, or mind energy, and how our spirit actually operates.

We are learning quickly that our spirits are way more creative than we have ever realized. Through no fault of our own, we have been taught to think from our heads instead of our hearts. In fact, our spirits don’t use mind energy at all. One way to describe this is that we have been thinking backwards. We’ve been programmed to bypass our actual creative power, which comes directly from our spirit operating through our heart energy.

With these realizations we enter a new era of unrestricted inspiration in which we are learning to create as we see fit.

The Libra-Aries Polarity

Unrestricted Inspiration

The Sun is always full of high frequency creative energy. The current polarity formed between the Libra Sun and Aries moon is very active with creative energies, especially for those individuals who are able to transcend the Full Moon shadow in order to make decisions in life based on their inspiration.

The polarity that is activated during each Full Moon can be problematic, because of the shadow energies that the moon can trigger. The moon’s shadow is most powerful when it’s opposed to the Sun. In order to transcend these potential triggers it can be helpful to be aware of the many ways that Full Moon energies trigger shadow, so you can pay attention to the full spectrum of frequencies that you may be experiencing.

The Sun’s position in Libra is energizing the inspiration to participate and collaborate with others in new ways. If you are able to take a moment now and simply feel into the potentials of the massive wave of inspiration that’s sweeping across your consciousness, you can receive a new awareness of the presence of your spirit.

You will know that you’ve tapped into these energies when you feel the urge to do something exciting. Moving forward, pay attention to your inspiration. You can also pay attention to those who are inspired to collaborate with you. The expanding field of creative consciousness is bursting with exactly this type of new potential.

Libra Sun: Inspired Collaboration

Libra loves to participate and collaborate at every level of life. This quality of collaboration isn’t limited to other people. It includes collaborating with one’s own spirit, with one’s highest excitement, and with the energies of every new situation one encounters. Libra’s big picture awareness also gives us full access to our imagination and allows us to collaborate more fully with the creative processes of life.

Other qualities of Libra include: objective awareness through inner guidance, sensitivity to external energies, the ability to discern mutually beneficial partnerships and circumstances, and a keen eye to see beauty within all of our perceptions and experiences.

The shadow of Libra occurs when objective awareness becomes only a mental process, leading to mental gymnastics in order to justify or accommodate one’s external experience. Libra’s shadow is especially difficult to articulate because its strong mental component has been culturally celebrated and reinforced.

True participation and collaboration in life isn’t a mental process. Rather, true collaboration occurs when spirit is operating within the conscious field in all types of relationship. When spirit is removed from one’s interactions with life, the shadow elements of Libra take hold. These include: pleasing others, succumbing to peer pressure, getting caught up in the emotional drama and trauma of others, feeling disconnected and isolated, and not fitting in through the expectations that others hold.

The Aries Moon: Inspiration vs. Fear of Failure

Aries is known for high levels of active inspiration, fueled by the desire to be a true individual. The highest strength of Aries is to act through the heart, without any hesitation or doubt. When it’s time to move forward in life, Aries is at its best when the heart takes over the decision-making process and the mind takes on a secondary role, sitting back, observing and simply experiencing.

Other qualities of Aries include: courage, independence, connecting to one’s spirit, and initiating new experiences that enrich happiness through a sense of adventure and freedom.

The shadow of Aries occurs when a person doesn’t trust their own connection to spirit and their natural source of inspiration becomes obscured through an overly active mental process. When one’s connection to spirit is disrupted, doubt occurs in the mind and thinking takes over.

Mental processes are not connected to our spirits. When awareness is only centered in our mind energy, then the Aries shadow can lead to a rapid downward spiral fueled by fear of failure. Ruminating over past failures can lead to feeling stifled through isolation, inertia, boredom, depression and every other form of inadequacy imaginable.

The Libra-Aries Polarity Working in Harmony

To better understand the current Libra-Aries polarity, we’ll take a look at the two Sabian archetypes that are being activated at the time of the Full Moon.

Our 6° Libra Sabian for our Sun points to the creative relationship between our inner processes of awareness and the outer world.

ARCHETYPE: The need to clearly visualize one’s inner dreams and desires in order to make them truly effective.
COMMENTARY: The creative act of envisioning and projecting what’s desired within one’s inner imagination. The creativity that each person feels comes from the movement of spirit operating in an unrestricted manner. When what’s envisioned is done without fear, doubt, or hesitation, then each moment becomes another step forward through one’s highest excitement and the desire of their spirit. When individual consciousness becomes a pure focusing lens for spirit to play and create, then creation occurs without restriction or limits.

This is a beautiful symbol of what happens when we collaborate with our spirits through the power of our imagination. What we learn here is that our spirit’s primary function is to create our reality in an unrestricted way. It’s our mind that imposes limits. When mental limits are imposed then our ability to envision is reduced to a mental exercise and true creativity is only an illusion.

Our 6° Aries Sabian for the moon indicates how unstoppable we are when we are able to live through our true nature.

ARCHETYPE: The ability to create and bring into form what the heart desires.
COMMENTARY: The brightly illuminated side of the square represents our spirit operating as prime creation within the fabric of nature. Whatever form is brought forth into existence comes about through inspiration. Spirit is always creating within the eternal moment. The past, present, and future are always merged within the moment of the eternal creative spirit. As we work against the regressive and backward pull of inertia, we realize that spirit cannot be stopped from moving forward and creating what the heart desires.

This beautiful Sabian summarizes how our spirit is an integral part of our material world. I love how it highlights the living aspect of our reality, which is woven seamlessly into the geometry of everything in existence. It’s this level of unrestricted inspiration that enables each of us to simply observe the world around us in order to see Source energy animating everything.

This Sabian can also help us understand how the lunar shadow can block our access to creativity by triggering mind energy. Mind energy limits our access to the creativity of our spirit, which is always acting through unrestricted inspiration.

A Perfectly Balanced Polarity of Creativity

Our Libra-Aries polarity, when properly accessed, is extremely balanced, and can energize your creative connection to spirit through the power of inspiration. These energies of harmony are supported by the recent fall equinox. They’re also drawing from our astrology Kite pattern, with Mercury providing new understanding of the balance between spirit and mind energy.

As mentioned earlier, it’s important during Full Moons to be mindful of shadow triggers. The shadow activation of our current polarity can result in fears of failure, and the inability to see the larger reality of spirit operating and animating everything we experience. Creative blocks, doubt, lack of self confidence and fear of reprisal from not following the larger world of accepted thinking, can alter one’s framework of reality and create personal limitations.

We have all been raised with the misconception that we are limited mortal beings with limited abilities. We have been taught to use our mind energy and the mental realm as our primary means of achieving growth and happiness. Nothing could be farther from the truth of who we really are. Our minds are not our source of creativity or our ability to create.

Your spirit is your primary source of creativity and inspiration. Your spirit is immortal. It was not born and cannot die. In the moment, through the power of your spirit, your creative potential is unlimited. In no way are you ever bound or limited by the past. Your ability to create in the moment through your spirit is one of the biggest secrets of life.

Over the past year, the most difficult concept I’ve had to release within myself is the idea that my spirit does not operate through mind energy or through my mental processes. The more I am able to access my spirit through my heart center, the more I am able to access my creativity in the present moment and within every circumstance.

As our frequencies continue to increase, I believe that our understanding of spirit will revolutionize our entire approach to the creative process and how we live our lives.


This is a powerful time of year when balanced energies can be used to your advantage. Our Libra-Aries polarity has a high degree of harmony leading to new creative abilities. The Full Moon also points to a shadow element of mind energy that limits our ability to create. This shadow aspect of the mind hasn’t been fully understood until recently. We are learning how to use our creativity and inspiration as our primary decision making process. This is in direct contradiction to how most of us have been taught to think throughout our entire life.

I feel so inspired to share this new insight of unlimited inspiration. May we each live from our spirits, and join together in collaboration to create the world we desire.

Endless Creativity to All,
Steven Shroyer

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