The Conquest of Illusion — Virgo Full Moon Astrology Report Mar 18, 2022

Full Moon Astrology Report Mar 18, 2022

Mar 18 to Mar 31

• 28° Virgo Full Moon is Friday, Mar 18, 12:27 AM PDT

• Full Moon Theme: Mar 18 – Mar 31: Individuation

• The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. The Full Moon is a time for realizing the bigger picture of your situation and adapting your purpose to a clear perception of circumstance.

Co-authored by Elizabeth Schermer

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The Conquest of Illusion

Our Virgo Full Moon opens up a new perspective of individual thinking that can warm your heart through personal awareness, the pursuit of self-knowledge, and the conquest of illusion.
It’s been two weeks since our Pisces New Moon, in which we collectively began experiencing a new direction for humanity. Since the inception of this massive new shift of consciousness worldwide, this big energy has triggered a new awareness of what’s occurring around us. This is especially true among those of us who are independent thinkers.

The Full Moon Virgo/Pisces Polarity

The Virgo/Pisces polarity activates a new awareness of the self and the relationship of the individual (Virgo Moon) to the collective (Pisces Sun). 
Our current Full Moon polarity is unusually powerful and dramatic (see chart). It covers a broad spectrum of dynamic activity and holds a lot of complexities.
The complexity of this Moon is related to the big energies of Pisces, in contrast to the details of minutia to which Virgo must relate. The contrast is complementary. Virgo’s attention to detail helps give coherence and logic to the magnitude and depth of Pisces. Pisces’ potential to access the big picture gives a larger context that creates relevance for Virgo’s details.
To further understand the complexity of this Full Moon, it’s important to understand the significance of the planetary rulers for each sign. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, and Virgo is ruled by Mercury. Both Neptune and Mercury are themselves known for holding polarizing energies, and both planets currently appear in Pisces.
Mercury is polarized through duality. Mercury gives us awareness of duality and has qualities that work with extremes of contrast in order to create awareness of the whole. Neptune is polarized by two extremes of consciousness that work in opposite ways. The contrast in Neptune is between a spiritual perspective vs. a perspective of fantasy, distortion or disillusion.

Integrating the Polarity

Pisces is so vast, and Virgo is so detailed, that for this Full Moon to make sense it will be helpful to look at the narrower area of the zodiac that’s being activated. Since the Full Moon occurs at 28° Virgo, we will focus on the themes of the final five degrees of each sign (25° – 30°).

The theme of the final five degrees of  Virgo emphasizes a new quality of self-awareness and self knowledge. Virgo’s mastery helps us to see what’s relevant (Mercury) so we are able to cut through distortion and misinformation to see a clearer picture of reality.

The theme of the final five degrees of Pisces emphasizes the quality of letting go of the past in order to expand into new and sustainable visions of the future. This Full Moon enables the release of rigid types of thinking in order to sow seeds of the future that have relevance, purpose and usefulness to the wisdom of the big picture.

The 28th degree is the integrating midpoint of this five-degree segment, which means that the Full Moon has an integration quality that relates directly to the integration principle of the Virgo/Pisces polarity itself.

Astrology Pattern: The Virgo Full Moon as a Polarizing Catalyst

Our Virgo Full Moon is working as a catalyst for a new and greater quality of awareness. Looking at the chart, our singleton Full Moon in Virgo is triggering a universal awakening which is contrasted (polarized) against the big energies of our four planets in Pisces.

Astrology ChartThe process of polarization with the Virgo Moon brings new individual awareness by illuminating a process that is logical and makes sense. With our singleton Moon opposed to the concentrated bowl formation, the entire energy of the bowl becomes focused through the Moon and the awareness that it represents.

What’s most significant about this dramatic Full Moon is its potential for large scale awakening, especially through self knowledge and the conquest of illusion (Virgo). 

This Full Moon is illuminating new awareness of the shadow aspects of Neptunian control, especially through the last degrees of Virgo which hold the individuation opportunity for self-awakening.

In this context, it’s important to remember that we are currently working with some extremely big and powerful subconscious shadow energies that are being energized by Neptune in Pisces. (See my recent Pisces New Moon article, A New Beginning and Direction for Humanity.

This Pisces shadow of collective control over the individual’s thought process has been referred to as the ‘Piscean bandwagon effect.’ This bandwagon effect occurs when there’s insufficient self-knowledge to separate oneself from what everyone else is doing or thinking.

Our Virgo Full Moon is a catalyst for exposing new awareness of this group bandwagon effect so we are able to step forward as individuals.

This Virgo activation is helping us prepare for the new cycle of annual growth that begins soon in Aries. Moving forward, when Aries (New Moon) and Libra (Full Moon) activities are fully engaged, the individual has the opportunity to participate within the collective as a new individual and not merely a social extension of conformity, submission and group-think.

The Conquest of Illusion

When Neptune is working through Pisces, as it is now, the shadow elements of illusion, distortion, and misinformation become exaggerated. The powerful antidote to our current Neptune in Pisces shadow is our Virgo Full Moon.
Our Full Moon is enabling a conquest of illusion by fully activating the healthy aspects of this Virgo-Pisces polarity.  Virgo, ruled by Mercury, has an ability to focus on the important details of any situation. This supports the Pisces ability to access big picture and alleviates the shadows of distortion.
The shadow of Virgo is a type of ‘detail blindness’ that occurs when a person becomes overly focused on the details that are insignificant, not useful, or not important in the bigger picture. Pisces supports Virgo by giving context to the details.
The Moon is supporting the spiritual aspects of Neptune in Pisces through the application of a measured inquiry (Mercury). This means that Virgo’s analytical strength can be used to see if the details actually add up. Many illusions crumble when exposed to Mercury’s healthy logic, rationality, and observation of details. This is especially relevant now in an era of intensifying propaganda (Neptune in Pisces).
The most practical consideration at this moment in history is to recognize that the quantity and sophistication of misinformation may be at an all time high. It’s crucial now to ask yourself if what’s being presented and told to you makes any basic sense (Virgo).
Questioning the details (Virgo), and then looking at those details in light of the bigger picture (Pisces), is an astrological way to describe our path forward using sound judgement.
Our Full Moon in Virgo is providing a new avenue for individualized thinking. It’s also having an awakening effect on consciousness worldwide. Regardless of where you are on the path of life, independent thinking is a milestone to greater awareness, stability and success.

Aquarian Age Update

The Aquarian Age is a new era in which the transformational aspects of Aquarius and Uranus are allowed to manifest throughout the world, for the benefit of the individual and the highest good of humanity.

We are in the beginning stages of a coming age of freedom and prosperity. There are certain systems that are no longer sustainable and we must now go through the necessary changes.  Many of the current globalist power structures won’t survive because their focus is on control, and not what’s best for the individual.

The Aquarian bigger picture is helping us each access a new awareness and awakening of what is occurring worldwide. More and more people are to beginning to think as true individuals, versus being hooked into a matrix of group-think.

This process of awakening is giving each of us access new levels of self-knowledge and the conquest of illusion. It’s this awareness and discernment of necessary changes, both personal and global, that’s being activated by our Full Moon in Virgo.

The planet Uranus is extremely active and is breaking everything open as a catalyst for change. In the Aquarian Age, none of the current systems based on  and war, abuse of power, and aggression are part of our path forward.

Astrologically, the next twelve months will change the course of history. Ultimately all forms of war and slavery will disappear from our world. Censorship, fiat money, government-controlled education, and mass surveillance are just a few examples of problems that will vanish as more individuals awaken to the transformational energies of the Aquarian Age.


Our Full Moon is enabling a conquest of illusion by fully activating the healthy aspects of the Virgo-Pisces polarity. Our Virgo Moon is directing our focus away from the distortions of the big picture toward the more important details of life.

In your personal life, there’s extra support now available to see the bigger picture. Ask yourself if the details make sense and whether they consistently add up. This approach is the surest way to break through the distortion and illusions we face on a daily basis.

We are witnessing history being made. It’s time to remove our heads from the collective sand, and as empowered individuals begin to embrace all the changes that must occur.  We can only truly participate when we realize that the Aquarian Age is active in the present moment. It exists here and now within our awareness and our opportunities for personal choice.

Happy Full Moon,
Steven Shroyer

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