The Conquest of Illusion — Virgo New Moon Astrology Report Sept, 2020

New Moon Astrology Report Sept 2020
Sept 17 to Oct 16

Virgo New Moon is Thursday, Sept 17, 4:00 AM PDT
New Moon Theme: Sept 17 – Oct 16: The Conquest of Illusion
The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire Lunar cycle that follows. This creative momentum is for energizing your life’s purpose and personal growth, especially while adjusting to evolving circumstances.

ASTROLOGY ARTICLE — The Conquest of Illusion

Our Virgo New Moon will have a powerful impact on those individuals who are learning to harness the self-discipline necessary to practice a new quality of self-awareness. This quality of awareness is more than simple observation. The quality of awareness our New Moon is introducing far exceeds what our popular culture typically thinks of as being “awake” or being “woke,” as is commonly presented on social media.

The Virgo New Moon theme for this new cycle is “The Conquest of Illusion.” This isn’t because we are in conflict with reality, nor does it mean that we need to subjugate or override our personal perceptions of reality to an external spiritual ideology that says the world is pure illusion. This is not that form of conquest.

Instead, this cycle is directly challenging the illusion of fear, including the many orchestrated attempts to emotionally fuel our uncertainty of the future.

Before we dive deeper into the opportunity that you as an individual have during this powerful Lunar month, it’s worth mentioning that this entire New Moon chart is a shadow chart revealing personal and collective patterns of blindness.

What this means for you is that the potential for a huge breakthrough is amplified in the same way the chart “shadow” elements are being amplified. In other words, the Universe always operates with the principle of balance, so there’s the potential for personal breakthrough in equal proportion that the shadow element of fear and control is activated.

This momentum is a positive carry-over from our last Full Moon when we had a shadow Kite. (see A Tale of Two Cosmic Kites) This Virgo New Moon that follows the shadow Full Moon is providing you the experiences necessary to work out those shadow elements in a positive way.

I will be talking about this influence in greater detail in the astrology pattern section of this article. At this point, however, I feel it’s important to point out the significance of the Neptune shadow influence. Our New Moon is directly opposed to Neptune, providing a breakthrough opportunity into the illusionary nature of the shadow.

Our collective challenge centers on whether we as a society and ultimately as a world, are going to choose freedom or whether we will live in fear through the illusions that are created by those who desire control.

The collective solution and new momentum forward is energetically structured in our Virgo New Moon energies.

The Qualities of the Virgo Archetype

Virgo is an extremely sensitive zodiac sign. It’s also earthy and practical. Virgo has an interesting characteristic in that it’s both emotional as well as mental. Amateur astrologers struggle with understanding the emotional aspect of Virgo. The key is to realize that Virgo’s heightened sensitivity comes from Virgo’s ability to be aware of what has changed.

Change can create anxiety, stress, through our emotional responses to whatever is shifting or different. Virgo’s ability to recognize what is different (what has changed) enables the individual to develop the skill and techniques needed to channel their emotional response into their work and daily life.

This Virgo technique of channeling emotions into organized mental activity becomes a powerful guide to help us create positive change and a better life.

Mercury as the ruler of Virgo is able to use this sensitivity to monitor the change, analyze it, prepare for it, and adjust to it. Virgo is all about feeling a sense of improvement and seeing some practical results.

Mercury uses logic to create a mental perspective of all the changes of life so the individual can improve the quality of their circumstances without being overwhelmed by emotion. Virgo’s attention to detail is simply a tool or a learned skill that helps in detecting the smaller changes and discriminating between what’s changed and what hasn’t. It’s a valuable tool for fostering awareness.

With our New Moon in Virgo, you’ll also notice an increased awareness of how society is incrementally changing. This level of awareness uses the raw power of sensitivity as a finely tuned instrument for discriminating the details of change.

This is Virgo’s magic, the ability to see the world around you with new awareness and minimal distortions. This Virgo sensitivity can be used as a powerful spiritual tool to see through illusion.

The Illusion of Fear — Neptune in Pisces

The shadow of Neptune in Pisces amplifies illusion, especially through fear. What we want to focus on now is how to use that same energy to see a higher spiritual version of the world, without the illusion of fear.

With our Sun/Moon in Virgo opposed by Neptune in Pisces, we have two possible ways to move forward.

From the Neptune/Pisces perspective, the shadow influence of illusion will tend to dominate, especially through institutionalized thinking and the mainstream media and Hollywood. (Neptune is specifically connected to Hollywood because of the association through glamour and the illusionary nature of film and fantasy.)

From the New Moon in Virgo perspective, the shadow influence is providing a new momentum of individual awareness. Virgo sensitivity enables us to clearly discern and transcend our own patterns of fear. It also helps us clearly see the fear artificially generated for collective consumption.

The personal conquest of fear and illusion is possible because of Virgo’s ability to use logical and critical thinking to counteract the Pisces shadow amplified by Neptune.

Our historic Capricorn conjunctions serve both Pisces (collective) and Virgo (individual). The Capricorn shadow of the collective is leveraging fear for the purpose of control. However, we can also center our focus on using these same Capricorn conjunctions for personal growth.

The Virgo New Moon brings empowerment through self-discipline and the inner strength needed to see beyond the panic and fear that’s supporting our current atmosphere of illusion and disinformation.

Astrology Pattern

Astrology ChartThe astrology pattern of this New Moon chart doesn’t have an official name, but it features two major shadow elements that are working together to create the opportunities for personal empowerment as well as the patterns of illusion that are operating worldwide.

Looking at the chart we can see how these shadow patterns are highlighted by Neptune in Pisces and our historic Capricorn conjunctions.

We have discussed Neptune’s relationship with both Pisces and Virgo. This dynamic is further amplified through the influence of the historic Capricorn conjunction which is sextile to Neptune and trine the New Moon. This influence of the historic conjunction amplifies the opportunity for personal empowerment (Sun/Moon trine) as well as further organized control (sextile). The opportunity for individual empowerment means that the strength and power of Neptune’s shadow has an equal chance to expose the illusions and sift through the disinformation, as it does to create even more fear in the world.

As a final note of significance, our New Moon begins the last 5° of Virgo. This represents the beginning of a powerful new process to aid humanity’s forward momentum.

In this final Virgo phase (26-30), education (Virgo) takes place at the soul level. This education process harnesses the self-discipline needed to reveal the presence of the higher-self working with the individual through everyday activities of life.

At the individual level, this new quality of awareness of spiritual connection to one’s higher self blossoms into an empowered consciousness that illuminates and conquers our patterns of fear-based illusion. This is necessary as we step into new evolutionary territory, both personal and collective.


We have an extraordinary opportunity to expand into greater awareness capable of transcending previous patterns of fear and illusion. Illusion in the world can’t be simply dismissed as a conspiracy theory. Rather, it is a natural by-product of Neptune operating at the lowest levels of consciousness.

Our spiritual journey, both individually and collectively, is out of the Neptunian darkness into the light of a greater reality. This is Neptune’s transcendent quality, enabling you to discern the higher-order of spiritual dimensions of wholeness that operate above the shadows of illusion.

Our Virgo New Moon is providing the practical learning processes you can use to free yourself from patterns of illusion and bondage through fear. Stay focused and practice a greater level of Virgo awareness as the world changes. Remember, sensitivity to these changes is Virgo’s gift of new awareness and the conquest of illusion.

Happy New Moon,

Steven Shroyer

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