The Cosmic Scale of Personal Worth — Taurus New Moon Astrology May11, 2021

New Moon Astrology Report May 11, 2021

May 11 to June 10

  • 22° Taurus New Moon is Tuesday, May 11, 12:32 PM PDT
  • New Moon Theme: May 11 – June 10: Individualized Worth
  • The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire Lunar cycle that follows. This creative momentum is for energizing your life’s purpose and personal growth, especially while adjusting to evolving circumstances.

Astrology Article — The Cosmic Scale of Personal Worth

Our New Moon in Taurus brings the element of Earth alive within your consciousness. Taurus energizes the Earth element with the potency of value. A fundamental principle of Taurus is how potency energizes what has value and worth in your daily life.

The most important aspect of true worth has to do with your own personal worth, your value as a human being. The question of determining one’s personal worth and value is one of most difficult and important questions a person can ask. 

One reason that personal worth is a difficult question is because there are two basic types or measurements of worth. In astrological terms, on one side is individual worth and on the other side is what we can call collective worth. Individual worth is subjective and personal, while collective worth is objective and defined by one’s group or culture.

This article takes a deeper look into the universal principle of personal worth as it relates to our New Moon in Taurus. As we review the fundamentals of the basic archetype of Taurus, keep in mind that this New Moon includes the additional planetary energies of Neptune, Pluto and Venus. These planets are amplifying the theme of personal worth and enabling you to transform limiting patterns and beliefs.

Fundamental Principles from Taurus

One of the fundamental energy patterns that relates to self worth within the Earth sign Taurus is the concept of “potency.” For this discussion, let’s think of potency as a quality of life force that gives us the strength and capacity for growth or development.

What’s most interesting about this New Moon is the way in which it’s energizing the potency and worth of the individual.

Taurus needs to experience life in a way that feels real, so that life has tangible substance to whatever is experienced. What’s considered real and tangible in Taurus becomes viewed as a valuable resource to use for growth.

In Taurus, there’s a natural understanding of the power related to that which has vitality and value. As such, whatever possesses value is a resource that has worth. Inherent worthiness is rooted in one’s inner authority, which includes seeing oneself as a valued resource, and the resulting sense of identity that’s energized through one’s essence.

The Taurus Connection to Venus

The secret to unraveling the mystery of the power that’s held within Taurus lies in its planetary ruler Venus. The planet Venus, ruler of Taurus, is often associated with the qualities of love and beauty. Venus is connected to Taurus through identifying what has inherent value. This is important because love and beauty have no meaning without being energized with personal value. We can only truly love what we value. This is why we say that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder,’ because each beholder has a different orientation to what they individually value.

From the Taurus connection to Venus, and the individualization of value, we can begin to see that one’s personal worth can be individualized away from the collective requirement of consensus.

The key is to establish one’s independence away from the shadow of collective thinking. This shadow of collective worth is what has been coined “herd consciousness.” With the growth and development of inner authority (a Taurus concept), each of us can establish our personal worth independent of “group think” or consensus values.

Many are beginning to see the current cultural trends that are moving toward a new ideology in which the group or “herd” determines what has value and what does not. In astrological terms, this contrasting spectrum is the difference between individual worth and the herd mentality of collective worth.

There is an emerging belief that the larger cultural consensus, including political think tanks, is the sole authority to determine worth. This trend is also expressed throughout the “cancel-culture” wars currently playing out on social media.

Taurus and Venus work together to create both individual worth and collective worth, but they function quite differently. One functions from personal authority, while the other functions from group authority.

As we review these differences, keep in mind that it’s the individualized person who is capable of determining their own worth, separate and independent from the values of group consensus.

Individual Worth

If the worth of something is the value placed on it, then we must ask who is the one placing the value? It is the strength and vitality of Taurus that supports the individual to make this decision. It’s only through the realization of inner authority that we can each conceive of making this choice for ourselves. This includes the ability to decide our own sense of personal self-worth and personal value.

In Taurus, validation and confirmation is associated with something’s “realness,” which means having some type of tangible quality of substance. Each of us possesses physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and karmic resources of substance that have value. Placing a high value on oneself as a personal resource of worth is a good start.

One of the shadows of Taurus is to look for validation and confirmation outside of oneself. Then, when one’s own inner vitality and life force isn’t acknowledged and valued by the collective, one’s personal authority is traded away for outside validation, usually from the herd where individuality is shunned.

Collective Worth and Herd Consciousness

In Taurus the resources and worth of a healthy collective include tradition and lineage. This includes all of the acquisitions and resources handed down from each individual’s lineage. These resources represent the potency of life force that’s passed down from generation to generation. It’s this potency of each individual’s contribution that contributes to the strength and value of the collective.

The shadow of collective worth occurs when the individualized potency of Taurus is commandeered and taken away from the individual. When others are given the authority to determine the value of your individual worth, bad things begin to happen. When personal authority becomes undermined, then the individual’s need for external validation and confirmation increases, making them vulnerable to group manipulation.

Fear becomes a tool for control, especially when one’s values are determined by the consensus of herd consciousness. This doesn’t mean there isn’t a time and place for objective evaluation, but we don’t want to confuse healthy objectivity with restrictive cultural standards. In the end, the removal of personal authority limits personal freedom and replaces it with the need for approval by others.

The need for approval through external sources of validation and herd consciousness is the shadow of Taurus that is being revealed during this New Moon.

The Cosmic Scale of Worth

Our current New Moon is highlighting the skill required to exercise your personal right to determine your own true worth. The alternative is letting the group determine your worth and value.

This trend toward strict group identification is currently being amplified within the shadow of Pluto in Capricorn. As we continue to break away from the collective Capricorn shadow there will be less tolerance for deferring to herd consciousness in order to establish what we think and know to be true.

The cosmic scale of self-worth is based in your own divine authority. It is primarily felt as the experience of individual freedom to align one’s personal worth to the cosmic principle of wholeness.

In the Age of Aquarius, the healthy collective will consist of fully individuated individuals. In this way the Aquarian collective will reflect an inherent respect and appreciation for the diversity of independent thinking and values.

In the future, our collective connection to personal worth will become the highest use of the power of Taurus’ potency and strength. It is this elevated level of potency that our current New Moon is initiating.

Astrology Pattern

Astrology ChartOur New Moon sits within a stellium (tight grouping) in Taurus. The New Moon stellium grouping is further contained within an organizing bowl pattern that is concentrating and energizing this entire Taurus stellium of planets in a very specific way.

Within the bowl is a double sextile formed by Pluto, Neptune and the New Moon. This formation is emphasizing the powerful transformational energies of Neptune in order to empower us to move toward the higher frequency of individualized consciousness. Pluto is amplifying the cosmic principle of personal authority and individualized power.

These combined influences give Taurus the potency needed for personal growth and development beyond the collective pressures to identify or conform one’s values through herd consciousness.

The shadow element of the pattern is worth mentioning because it involves the planet Neptune as the center of the double sextile. Neptune has two faces. One face is of delusion, the other of the Divine. In this chart the transcendent (Divine) aspect of Neptune represents seeing through the delusionary concepts that have led you to believe that others have the power to determine your personal worth.

These transformational influences of Neptune and Pisces, combined with the influence Venus give Taurus the potency for personal growth and development, with the strength to move beyond the collective pressures to identify or conform one’s values and sense of worth through herd consciousness.

In the most positive way, our Taurus New Moon highlights your own sense of worth through the cosmic principle of divine authority. This is clearly seen in the deeper meaning of Pluto and Neptune which are together energizing our New Moon through the double sextile. These two outer planets are now supporting your inherent value from your cosmic origins, as a son or daughter of the original divine spark.


Our New Moon is initiating within our consciousness a new level of potency and strength. Each of us have the personal authority now to establish our own value and worth. The cosmic scale of value is highlighting the awareness that each of us has a divine origin and the right to determine our own personal worth.

As we continue to move further into the Age of Aquarius, keep in mind that humanity as a whole will begin to move away from herd consciousness. It is truly inspirational to realize that our personal worth is a divine right, something only you can determine.

Happy New Moon,
Steven Shroyer

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