The Epiphany of a Completely New Direction — Capricorn New Moon Astrology Jan 12, 2021

New Moon Astrology Report Jan 12, 2021
Jan 12 to Feb 11

Capricorn New Moon is Tuesday, Jan 12, 9:01 PM PST
New Moon Theme:  Jan 12 – Feb 11: Structuring a New Spiritual Direction
The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire Lunar cycle that follows. This creative momentum is for energizing your life’s purpose and personal growth, especially while adjusting to evolving circumstances.

ASTROLOGY ARTICLE — The Epiphany of a Completely New Direction

Our Capricorn New Moon will go down in history among astrologers as the cosmic event that triggered an alternate reality and a divergence in the historic timeline. This Lunar cycle marks the end of the historic Capricorn conjunction and the beginning of something completely new.

Our remarkable New Moon chart indicates that humanity is about to experience the biggest shift in consciousness and world events since the beginning of modern recorded history.  This big statement isn’t meant to be an exaggeration.

What’s being activated with this New Moon is the dynamic momentum of an extraordinary concentration. Within the chart itself, you can see the remarkable stellium, which includes our Capricorn New Moon making a 1° conjunction with Pluto, the most powerful planet in our solar system.

Astrology ChartThe impact of our New Moon stellium, combined with our massive energy buildup, points to a massive divergence within the collective consciousness. From an astrological perspective, there is every indication with this convergence that an alternate timeline will be emerging out of the current collective, and heading in a different historical direction.

Each New Moon is normally a small indicator of the direction in which humanity is heading. This New Moon, in contrast, is a BIG indicator. One of the reasons the trajectory for the future has been difficult to pinpoint during the recent lunar cycles is because we are experiencing a timeline divergence. The final clue to this divergence was the specificity of our eclipse cycles over the last 12 months, which allowed the entry of additional cosmic energies.

What humanity is beginning to witness now is a great divergence within consciousness itself. Consciousness is both individual and collective. Our current transition from Capricorn to Aquarius is activating individual consciousness. As this expansion occurs, it is also triggering a significant split in the collective consciousness.

A portion of the collective is in the process of expanding beyond the 3-D world of fear and control. This doesn’t mean that we’re leaving the material world behind. What we’re leaving behind is limiting systems of control as we expand into realms of higher consciousness.

Despite the degree of chaos we are currently experiencing, this is cause for celebration. I will be discussing more of these intriguing details in the astrology pattern section below.

What the Capricorn-Aquarius Shift Means in Practical Terms

We are at a threshold of hope and a positive future. There is an opportunity now for something new and better for everyone. This has always been the promise of the coming Aquarian Age. Personally, I’m extremely optimistic when I consider what is now occurring within the consciousness of humanity.

Each one of us has an immediate opportunity to recognize what is energetically occurring in the world, to feel it, and to realize we are standing together at the fulcrum point of this momentous shift.

Individual perceptions will continue to evolve as these diverging paths are able to further establish their own trajectory. This is the concrete shift to the Aquarian Age of Enlightenment.

There is a divergent path moving away from authoritarianism, control, and censorship. We have reached a fulcrum point where the 3-D world of control will no longer makes sense to those who have embraced the conscious shift to freedom and liberty.

Now is the time to connect with your own personal spiritual authority, with the understanding that moving forward from this historic New Moon we are setting a new path and a new trajectory. Moving forward, there will no longer be a single collective consciousness, but two perspectives of awareness. One is based on fear and control, while the other is based on freedom and liberty.

You can imagine this shift in consciousness in the form of a cosmic seed that is now being planted in the consciousness of humanity worldwide. This seed will grow in those who nurture it.

The best way to anchor these changes is to remain calm and centered in your own being and selfhood, and then stand as an independent thinker. Moving forward, there will be a new freedom to stand in your own authority, regardless of those around you.

The Spiritual Implications of an Aquarian Shift

For many years spiritual leaders around the world have been teaching about the coming period of time in which the higher Aquarian energies will be fully activated.

Our current New Moon is significant because it marks the astrological day this active seed of these higher Aquarian energies becomes germinated and begins to grow. With Aquarius closely aligned with the energies of the planet Uranus, we must expect some type of large scale social reform or even revolution during this time of transition.

With this in mind, we see that Aquarius is seeking a higher level of cooperation that honors independence, individuality, freedom, and liberty. Over time, these values will become integrated into social institutions that support individual growth, and individual expression in all of its diversity.

The planet Uranus is harnessing this massive amount of energy to propel consciousness into a higher frequency. This process has been called “the Quickening” because it accelerates consciousness and in doing so it also accelerates the natural timeline.

This frequency jump is often referred to by spiritual teachers as the shift from 3-D to 5-D. The terms we use for this frequency shift aren’t important. These are simply descriptions that help us conceptualize a higher state of vibration.

What’s important to understand is that the shift into higher levels of Aquarian consciousness is a spiritual process. For most people, this shift will be experienced as a natural and seamless transition.

Astrology Pattern

Our New Moon chart appears as an unusually concentrated bowl, spanning only 121°. Because of the unusual concentration, I’m not considering this a traditional bowl. Rather, this unique chart has two main activating components, which are the stellium (celestial group of seven bodies) and the trigger (Uranus conjunct Mars squared the stellium).

These two activating components are working together. The momentum of the stellium is being mobilized by a revolutionary type of energy. We will see this through Uranus and Mars working together to trigger huge events.

Neptune as the Bridge

Neptune in this configuration is acting as a bridge between the stellium and the revolutionary trigger of Uranus/Mars. As a bridge, Neptune is helping to activate a pattern of higher order.

With Neptune sextile to the New Moon there’s a definite dissolving of institutional norms. With Neptune working with Uranus, there is the real possibility of directly tapping into a higher order. This is true especially if one is open to the higher spiritual principles of Neptune. This higher Neptunian order will support dissolving old norms and belief systems to allow for a higher-order or framework for independent spirituality.

This bridging process with the New Moon can also activate Neptune’s shadow, which will manifest through avoidance or discounting spiritual guidance. This shadow can be expressed through the dismissive attitude of “there’s nothing to see here, let’s move on.”

As we explore the remaining highlights of this extraordinary chart, it’s important to recognize the raw impact of this historic amount of momentum. It is all of this momentum that is helping to jump-start the enormous shift in consciousness that this chart represents.

Uranus Triggers the Aquarian Age

Uranus rules Aquarius. However, before Uranus was discovered, astrologers considered Saturn to be the ruler of both Capricorn and Aquarius. Saturn in Aquarius is the controlling social factor within the status quo.

In contrast, Uranus in Aquarius transforms the existing status quo into new social dynamics that support freedom. Uranus is the only planet that has a “quickening” quality associated with its energy. This quickening not only produces additional momentum but it creates a shift in consciousness that’s not possible with strictly Saturnian energy.

As we continue to move further into the new Aquarian Age, those of us who are cosmically attuned to the Uranian energy within Aquarius are experiencing first-hand this shift in consciousness.

This shift will separate those who are strictly aligned with Saturn’s shadow and its strict version of 3-D reality (including our current Capricorn shadow), from the new higher-frequency energies that are now being triggered through the Uranus/Mars conjunction.

Over time, Aquarius will establish new social constructs that provide new cultural solutions to the problems of the authoritarian influence that are currently in place.

On a practical note, Aquarius and Uranus rule both information and technology. Widespread censorship is on a collision course with the current timeline shift. I would not be surprised if major media outlets are directly challenged or even removed in the very near future.

The Historic Stellium of Momentum

We have a huge stellium of planets transitioning out of Capricorn into Aquarius. As mentioned earlier, the focus of the stellium is the New Moon in a 1° conjunction with Pluto. This massive stellium is harnessing a magnitude of momentum that no one living today has ever experienced.

The tremendous momentum comes from the relationship of each planet to Pluto, either in the balsamic phase or new phase.

The balsamic planets (Venus, Sun, and Moon) are moving toward Pluto. This represents the need to let go of the beliefs and values that have suppressed freedom and allowed the world to be controlled and manipulated to the degree we’re currently experiencing. This balsamic letting go may include the ending of certain religious forms of dogma that don’t recognize individual religious liberty and emerging personal cosmology.

The new phase planets (Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury) are accelerating away from Pluto. This momentum allows for new types of institutions to arise. It will support a deeper understanding of freedom, so it can reign supreme through new social institutions, self-governance, and personal cosmology,  which will all arise into more permanent cultural trends.

The Capricorn-Aquarius Dynamic

To put the Capricorn – Aquarius shift into a larger perspective, let’s review how the dynamic is currently working. Keep in mind that this movement from Capricorn to Aquarius also represents the shift from the shadow of Saturn’s dominance and control to the Uranian freedom and individuality that results in creative social reform.

Capricorn governs and controls the infrastructure needed to maintain order within a society. The creation of laws is also ruled by Capricorn which uses the structure of rules (Capricorn) to achieve a higher degree of social prosperity.

With our new momentum into Aquarius, Capricorn will be forced to re-structure governance toward new self-governing attitudes rather than through authoritarianism. This will also mean a shift into more personalized types of religion based on individualized cosmology, instead of the old institutionalized ideas of religion handed down through countless generations.

Aquarius governs the concepts of social ideals based on cooperation with freedom and individuality as cornerstones. It is these Aquarian concepts of living that represent our higher visions of society. In a very real way, social ideals will evolve beyond the type of consensus thinking we are seeing so prevalent in today’s culture.

What’s on the horizon are new types of social institutions which are both Aquarian and Uranian in their nature. On a practical note, those of us who are watching this transition closely are also expecting massive changes within our current monetary systems.

Pluto and Uranus Are Creating the Final Catalyst

Both Pluto and Uranus have a crucial role to play in our transformation into the Aquarian Age.  With our current New Moon, both planets are working together to trigger the next big step of our transition. Pluto supplies the raw power and Uranus provides the creative inspiration we need for this next level of transformation.

Pluto requires total commitment. Uranian energies demand independence and freedom, where the individual is respected and free to follow their own path.

As our timeline shifts, it is these ideals that will drive new forms of self-governance, as well as new corporate power structures, and new forms of green technology. New social structures will support the individual, and Individual expression will expand into new levels of recognition, integration, and acceptance of individual choice and liberty through all aspects of life.


This New Moon cycle represents a dramatic turning point in human history. As we take the next step into the Aquarian Age, we have the opportunity to experience the epiphany of a completely new direction in life. This New Moon represents the momentum of the new Age, with the freedom to live a full life on your own terms, beyond the shadows of control.

This is a process. Pluto’s movement into Aquarius signifies the completion of our current transition into the Aquarian Age. We won’t become completely aware of everything that is happening behind the scenes until Pluto formally enters Aquarius on Jan 22, 2024.

While the more formal shift into Aquarius won’t happen for three more years, our current New Moon, along with the quickening effect of Uranus, is activating the seed energy for our transformation. This Lunar cycle and historic New Moon firmly marks the trajectory for humanity’s transition into the New Age.

Happy New Moon,

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