The Evolution of Personal Perspective — Full Moon Astrology Report Dec 7, 2022

Full Moon Astrology Report Dec 7, 2022

Dec 7 to Dec 23

• 17° Gemini Full Moon is Wednesday, Dec 7, 8:08 PM PST
• Full Moon Theme: Dec 7 – Dec 23: Evolving Perspective
• The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. The Full Moon is a time for realizing the bigger picture of your situation and adapting your purpose to a clear perception of circumstance.

Co-authored by Elizabeth Schermer

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The Evolution of Personal Perspective

Our Gemini Full Moon is bringing to our awareness a new perspective of all that is changing in the world around us. Through this new awareness, your own circumstances and experiences will become opportunities to create new perspectives. Discovering how you are beginning to see our changing world differently will elevate your relationship to the world and move you toward a higher frequency point of view.

During this Full Moon look for ways to energize your consciousness, especially through experiences that are capable of inspiring new meaning and a new perspective of your life.

The Gemini-Sagittarius Polarity

Each Full Moon involves a zodiac polarity of opposite signs. Our Gemini-Sagittarius polarity is one of my favorites because it highlights the dynamic relationship between information, knowledge and wisdom. This polarity is currently being activated through our Full Moon, especially by providing an expanded understanding of how we can use new perspectives to gain wisdom.

As an air sign, Gemini brings to our awareness the creative elements of curiosity and discovery. When we discover new ways in which we are connected to the new Aquarian energies that are currently so prominent, our knowledge of the world expands. Remember, knowledge is power, but this is only true if one knows how to use it.

Other Gemini qualities include our ability to gather information; quickness and flexibility in making adjustments; an increase in the processing power of the mind; and our ability to relate and communicate with the world around us.

The fire sign of Sagittarius expands and transforms what we know into something more than simple information. This transformational process can be thought of as turning knowledge into wisdom.

One thing that separates information and knowledge (Gemini) from wisdom (Sagittarius) is perspective. In Sagittarius, wisdom organizes knowledge into systems of perspective that reflect greater universal principles. This form of creativity within the Sagittarius archetype is an alchemical process that infuses a deeper meaning and spiritual perspective into information.

This process explains how the use of knowledge in Gemini becomes the power of wisdom in Sagittarius. It’s for this reason that in astrology we associate Sagittarius with spirituality.

Our Gemini Full Moon

Through the polarity with Sagittarius, our Gemini Full Moon is activating your ability to energize your spiritual consciousness by using the power of knowledge. This creative process increases the processing power of your mind, and its ability to pursue and discover new perspectives that you may not have had access to before.

The Sabian archetype for 17° Gemini suggests that we now have an opportunity to generate the creative aspect of our minds toward a new level of expansion.

ARCHETYPE: The transformation of physical vitality into mind power in order to build new concepts through which knowledge can be transferred.
COMMENTARY: Physical activity sets into motion the natural evolution of the mind and its power to formulate and build concepts capable of comprehending an ever-evolving perspective. Just as the physical body needs stimulation to activate vitality, the mind needs freedom to explore new concepts in order to generate creative expansion. The ability to evolve and expand into the higher realm of pure mind hinges on this activation of the light body’s heart-mind.

Through this archetype we can see how the Gemini Moon is directly helping each of us expand the way our minds function, by providing additional vitality to our ever-evolving perspective.

This new evolutionary quality of your mind will come through your ability to discover and hold curiosity as you explore new perspectives.

Our Sun at 17° Sagittarius suggests that the process of energizing our consciousness with vitality and perspective may trigger a type of personal, and perhaps even collective, rebirth.

ARCHETYPE: Group participation in spiritual expansion along with a deeper understanding of the rebirth process.
COMMENTARY: The rebirth of life after hardship reminds us of how an energized consciousness can provide new meaning, new direction, and the dynamic intensity that our spirit associates with the experience of rebirth. The expectation of an increase in solar light and the warmth that comes with each spring instills a deeper spiritual significance of rebirth that connects natural cycles with planetary evolution.

Our Sagittarius Sun is energizing new directions which you can explore and pursue. On the personal level, this may feel like an internal push toward something new. It may also feel like a type of rebirth, energized by a deeper understanding of the meaning of your circumstances.

This process of rebirth through new perspectives is consistent with our expansion into the Aquarian Age and the continued elevation of worldwide consciousness.

We are all expanding spiritually (Sagittarius) as we experience a deeper connection to our soul and Spirit. Humanity as a group is also feeling this shift as a new connection to the evolution of our planet. This process has been highly accelerated as Uranus is transiting Taurus.

Activating New Expansion: Mars

Astrology ChartOur Gemini Full Moon is making an exact conjunction with Mars. In this formation Mars is directly activating the Gemini-Sagittarius polarity, helping us to create a new perspective and then transform that perspective into wisdom.

In this process of transforming perspective into wisdom, the conjunction with Mars is functioning as an activator of consciousness. Mars provides extra vitality to see what’s changed, or at least to see what’s different.

With Mars activating the Full Moon qualities of new perspective, giving yourself the freedom and vitality to see things differently is crucial to your own expansion process.

Aquarian Age Update

Neptune and Jupiter T-square
The conjunction between Neptune and Jupiter has been activating our lunar charts for several months. In general, when these planets work together they expand current social constructs into a new paradigm. I like to think of this as a process of social metamorphosis.

In our current chart, Neptune and Jupiter are forming a T-square with the Full Moon. The T-square is reinforcing our shift into the Aquarian Age by giving new perspectives. The possibility of a new social paradigm is being energized by our ability to see a new perspective. For example, we can now envision a completely different type of society, one in which freedom, opportunity, and fairness thrive.

This Full Moon is an opportunity to see a completely new way of living. This is one of those rare astrological events that’s focusing our awareness on a new ability, bringing new realization to the larger opportunities of this time.

Unexpected Opportunities
The theme of our last New Moon on Nov 23rd was that of an unexpected opportunity. (See article: Subtle Rhythms of Unexpected Opportunity) Unexpected opportunities are an integral part of moving forward in the Aquarian Age. The current theme of expanding our perspectives into new wisdom, with new perceptions and capabilities, is part of this continuing process. When knowledge and new perspective are energized by a deeper spiritual meaning, wisdom is born.

During the final two weeks of this lunar cycle remind yourself that, as we continue to move into the Aquarian Age, our abilities and capacities will continue to increase. This is a direct function of the momentum of our Uranian energies, which are unstoppable at this point.

This Full Moon is helping each of us to realize this reality and to fully engage our vitality, our creativity, and our expanding consciousness toward new and unexpected opportunities.


Our Gemini Full Moon brings an unexpected surprise of a new level of awareness. This new opportunity is opening up for each of us. With your new capability to discover (Gemini) something new, along with a new ability to create a new perspective, you now have a new opportunity to expand more gracefully into our Aquarian Age (Sagittarius).

As you continue to grow your capabilities and consciousness, you’ll be able to better utilize your new perspectives to your advantage as wisdom and inner knowing. The world is changing quickly. Let us each experience what we need from our circumstances in order to adapt quickly and see new opportunities as they arise.

Happy Full Moon,
Steven Shroyer

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