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May 5, 2023

Published on

Full Scorpio Moon

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The Evolution of the Higher Mind

Aquarian Age Update

This journal follows humanity’s entrance into the new Golden Age of Humanity, also known as the Aquarian Age. Pluto’s entry into Aquarius on March 23, 2023 marked the next major phase of our transition into our new era. The journal will continue to keep you updated on the Aquarian Age every two weeks, through the energies of each New and Full Moon.

As the ruler of Aquarius, Uranus often indicates major shifts. Since the last New Moon, Uranus has moved to the 19th degree of Taurus. The 19th degree of every zodiac sign represents a new quality of self mastery. Uranus’ movement indicates that a major positive shift is about to take place. In Taurus this Uranian shift means that what was previously introduced as pure potential in the 16th degree, and integrated in the 18th degree, can now be turned into the opportunity for a new level of mastery.

If we look more closely at the Sabian for 19° Taurus we can see this element of self mastery taking place on a grand scale.


ARCHETYPE: The surge of new potentiality emerging out of the expanse of unlimited choices.
COMMENTARY: As a new state of consciousness rises from the pure potential of Spirit, it allows the Light to purify the mind through the letting go of unhealthy attachments and their resulting limitations. As a result, the personality of ego and its identity no longer attempts to control the natural impulse of spontaneity. This allows one’s infinite potential to release new experiences of life and new freedom out of the ocean of possibilities.

A common theme of the Aquarian Age is the release of unlimited potential that supports new paradigms to emerge worldwide. The archetype of “A New Continent Rising Out of the Ocean”” represents a very large-scale transition, the birth of something new on a grand level.

This Sabian reminds us of the need to let go of unhealthy attachments and their resulting limitations. With Pluto in the first degree of Aquarius we are all expecting major changes to occur. What we struggle with is the knowledge that these large scale transitions will be uncomfortable to many. In the midst of this knowledge, Uranus is supporting the process by helping us to be more spontaneous in the face of change.

Each lunar cycle introduces new energies that we must integrate in order for growth to occur. Our last New Moon at 30° Aries helped to prepare our consciousness by giving us new access to multidimensionality. In my last article, How to Recognize the Galactic Field, we learned practical ways to begin working with the galactic field in our personal lives.

Now, with the Scorpio Full Moon, Uranus is supporting the evolution of your higher Mind. Multidimensionality through the Galactic field activation happens, not in some abstract way, but through your ability to make choices that transcend the limits that have been artificially placed on you in the past. As we continue to transition into the Aquarian Age, it is crucial to be vigilant to the shadow elements that want to keep us making the same choices, over and over again. It’s time for a new direction.

Scorpio Full Moon

Theme: The Evolution of the Higher Mind

Our Scorpio Full Moon is introducing a very positive element of human evolution in the form of access to our higher mind. This new developmental stage is not occurring at the mental level of thought. Rather, it occurs in the heart. This is a transcendent stage of life, replacing the thinking and thought processes of the brain with a new level of evolution that involves living from the mind of the heart.

Most of us have been conditioned to think that the next breakthrough in human evolution would be on the mental plane. Until recently I, too, was operating under this assumption. What we are now seeing and experiencing in the early stages of the Aquarian Age is something quite different.

This evolutionary breakthrough bypasses the brain in favor of a more direct way to process information.
Let’s consider what it means to function day-to-day from the higher mind.

The Power Point of 15 Degrees Scorpio

Astrology ChartThe Scorpio Full Moon is found at the powerful 15th zodiac degree. This 15th degree of Scorpio happens to be one of four key power points of the zodiac, also known as the cross-quarter points.

In Scorpio, this power point harnesses the element of water as a core principle of power through our feeling nature. When we want to contemplate the water qualities of Scorpio, we can experience them through the depths of feeling, collaboration with others, spiritual self-renewal, and emotional stability in its highest form. The shadow of Scorpio includes blind faith, emotional instability, and allowing social thought processes to override the heart center through cultural conditioning.

With our moon at the power point of 15° Scorpio, we have access to a key cross-quarter degree of tremendous power. This activation point of self-renewal has been symbolized by the Phoenix rising, representing the spirit ascending to new heights of awareness and renewal.

The Sabian for 15° Scorpio describes this ascension to new heights as the development of the higher mind.

ARCHETYPE: Natural steps in the development of an expanding consciousness seeking to be attuned to the next level of human evolution.
COMMENTARY: The number five (the pentagram) symbolizes an evolutionary jump in human consciousness in which the higher-mind is operating within the heart center as pure creativity, thus transforming free-spirited inquiry into knowingness. This symbolizes the foreshadowing of a new quality of mind that’s fully activated beyond the personal, and dedicated to the whole of humanity. When the mind is able to function at a transcendent level, the result is an open and playful approach to all of life’s endeavors.

This archetype describes the next level of human development through our access to the higher mind. This evolutionary jump in consciousness is an important transition in which humanity is learning to operate exclusively from our higher mind, located in our heart. This heart-centered capability has been talked about for some time, but until recently has not been understood or fully experienced.

In the higher mind, processing what we know and experience is a completely (one-hundred percent) creative process that does not involve our physical brain. Our entire lives have been conditioned to imagine our highest achievements to be limited to the mental process of thinking. This shift from our brains to our hearts represents a remarkable evolutionary jump for humanity.

We never imagined that there was an entirely new way to know what we know. Our ability to function within the higher mind involves making decisions from our highest excitement and passion. This isn’t a lower emotional process, but instead is based on creativity, inner knowingness, and inspiration. As our Full Moon shows us, this process is greatly enhanced through the use of courage.

15° Taurus: The Power of Courage

Our Full Moon Sun at 15° Taurus is activating another of the four zodiac cross-quarter points. In Taurus, this power point is related to our ability to access our power through the quality of courage. Courage may be one of the most important forms of character to which we can aspire.

The Sabian for 15° Taurus describes how each of us can use courage to develop our higher mind.

ARCHETYPE: The courage needed to meet each crisis, especially those precipitated by social conditioning and cultural divisiveness.
COMMENTARY: The internal process of building character is the direct result of harnessing the courage inherent within each individual. As consciousness grows through the use of courage and personal creativity, the individual develops traits of personal character, able to endure the chill of challenging circumstances.

Each of us, using the character traits of creativity and courage, now has the access we need to meet every challenging circumstance, without the hindrance of cultural conditioning and social programming. It takes a tremendous amount of creativity and courage to see beyond our cultural conditioning in order to access our own creativity and inner guidance.

We are learning to process information directly from our hearts, instead of our other thinking processes that are so well developed. This Sabian illustrates another example of the Aquarian Age paradigm shifts which we are currently undergoing. We all have access now to the courage we need to enter our new evolutionary cycle, through direct access to our heart-centered higher mind.

Uranus and the Taurus-Scorpio Polarity

Our Full Moon polarity is being activated by two of the most powerful points in the zodiac. This polarity is further energized by the current conjunction between Uranus and the Sun.

The best way to work with the energies of these two polarity points is through a practical approach to life. We can now use our heart-centered feeling nature (Scorpio) to make every substantial decision (Taurus), whether big or small. Through this process we’re developing our higher mind through our primary light center within our hearts.

The shadow of this polarity involves relying on culturally accepted beliefs and methods of thinking. This shadow includes using the current social logic that dictates the cultural norms to which we should adhere. This 3D method of decision making is based on external information, and removes personal creativity from the process. When this happens, important decisions are made from external programming or habits of the past and not from our transcendent higher minds within the heart.

With the Full Moon Sun’s conjunction to Uranus, the higher frequencies of Taurus are highly energized. Within this context the Sabian symbol of “A New Continent Rising Out of the Ocean” is very applicable to our new understandings of freedom, spontaneity and unlimited choices that the Aquarian Age brings. This new Taurus activation helps to make our increase in frequency feel tangible, real and substantial.


We are currently in a transition period in which we are adjusting to a completely new way of accessing information. We are now making decisions from our inspiration, joy, and personal intuition. When this shift becomes normalized it will completely transform our world to one in which creativity rather than control will be the new normal.

We are all living through a very exciting period of human history and evolution. We now have the courage to access our higher mind through practical decision-making choices. This Full Moon represents another major evolutionary jump for humanity.

Happy Full Moon,
Steven Shroyer

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