The Exhilarating Spark of Freedom — Full Moon Astrology Report Jan 6, 2023

Full Moon Astrology Report Jan 6, 2023

Jan 6 to Jan 22

• 17° Cancer Full Moon is Friday, Jan 6th at 3:07 PM PST
• Full Moon Theme: Jan 6 – Jan 22: URGE TOWARD FREEDOM
• The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. The Full Moon is a time for realizing the bigger picture of your situation and adapting your purpose to a clear perception of circumstance.

Co-authored by Elizabeth Schermer

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The Exhilarating Spark of Freedom

Our Cancer Full Moon holds a feeling of exhilaration and freedom. This feeling is in direct contrast to anything that feels restrictive or suppressive. These feelings of exhilaration and freedom are especially true for those of us who have begun the individuation process.

With the advent of our Full Moon, the urge toward experiencing a greater amount of freedom in our lives has never been more important. This feeling or urge to experience less restriction is a direct result of the new Aquarian Age energies we are all currently experiencing. Cancer, with its incredible feeling nature, allows us to experience freedom by bypassing external controls of the mind, especially anything that has a restrictive or authoritarian feeling.

The Aquarian Age has been steadily increasing the frequency of our planet. With this frequency shift, sensitive individuals are directly resonating with the Aquarian spark that utilizes freedom to help each of us fully actualize our potential. Through freedom in the Aquarian Age we will expand into a more holistic relationship with nature, all cultures worldwide, and new systems of prosperity for all.

Lessons from the Full Moon Polarity

Astrology ChartCapricorn Sun
With our Sun in Capricorn, personal spirituality has support to flourish through a deeper acknowledgement of the true power of Source energy. The frequency of Source, or Prime Creation light, is what powers all forms of spirituality. Capricorn’s potential can manifest this power for the higher good of everyone.

The powerful shadow of Capricorn results from lack of connection to the light of Source. This leads to experiences of abuse of power through all forms of authoritarianism and control.

Cancer Moon
Our Moon in Cancer is connected directly to your feeling and nurturing nature. With the lunar influence Cancer is able to function like a pure-feeling radar system. Cancer is capable of feeling truth, not from the head or intellect, but directly from the heart. In this way, Cancer supports the realization of individualized authority without the need for external approval or reliance on authoritarian rule.

The shadow of Cancer results from insecurity and lack of internal centeredness. This leads to reliance on external guidance and authority to make personal decisions.

Capricorn / Cancer Polarity in Balance
When Cancer and Capricorn work together we have the best of both archetypes supporting our individualized growth. This polarity supports the development of personal authority through the nurturing of each person’s unique individuality. When this polarity is fully integrated, the individual becomes a powerful being of light who has established their own authority within their inner essence.

Full Moon Inspiration — Feeling the Spark

Our Cancer Moon is bringing your full attention directly to the exhilarating spark of life that lies within. This is the spark of life that allows your full potential to be actualized.

The archetype for our 17° Cancer Full Moon highlights the pure potential that resides within each of us.

ARCHETYPE: The spark of light that carries the pure potential needed to actualize an opportunity.
COMMENTARY: The dynamic spark of expansion turns outward once the internal expansion of integration and understanding has been realized. Just as the seed must be sacrificed for the germ to grow, the urge to actualize one’s birth potential must be more than an idea. This is felt as an urge to freely expand, and operates throughout the multi-level potential of all individuality.

Growth occurs both internally and externally, but both forms of growth require the spark of Prime Creation. Without the spark, growth is just an idea that exists within a seed of potential. “The seed must be sacrificed for the germ to grow.” This expresses how the original creative idea or concept must be surrendered to the process of growth in order for actualization to occur. Potential itself is just a possibility. It is the spark of freedom and life that each soul must experience in order to turn potential into reality.

To support this process of growth, our 17° Capricorn Sun is energizing the release of restriction and the freedom to overcome any feelings of external suppression.

ARCHETYPE: The escape from bondage to social suppression through one’s reliance upon the wisdom of the body.
COMMENTARY: Recognizing the wisdom of the body’s connection to nature allows for the free expression of individuality. This new-found freedom allows the release of suppressive and unhealthy social controls. When an individual releases social distortion and dogmatic assertions designed for control, then subservience to social and blind religious traditions are completely removed.

It’s not in our true nature as human beings to be suppressed. The urge for freedom from all forms of bondage and social suppression is directly connected to our highest potential.

This is a time to strengthen your willingness to rely on the body’s wisdom and the ability of your heart center to make decisions. As the Sun and Moon work together during the Full Moon phase of growth you can experience a new sense of connection to your innate wisdom and the exhilarating urge for freedom. Allowing yourself to experience your inner spark of life is the quickest way to bring a new sense of freedom into your everyday life.


The exhilaration you feel behind any urge toward freedom is evidence of the spark of life that comes directly from Source energy. This spark resides at the core of every light being. This spark is what you must recognize in order to actualize your birth potential. In the coming days you are encouraged to feel your heart’s wisdom, feel your creative spark, and feel your desire for freedom as you live your life to the fullest.

Happy Full Moon,
Steven Shroyer

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