The Freedom to Fully Express Yourself without Fear — Leo New Moon July 28, 2022

New Moon Astrology Report July 28, 2022

July 28 to Aug 27

• 6° Leo New Moon is Thursday, July 28, 10:55 AM PDT
• New Moon Theme: July 28 – Aug 27: Confirming Personal Values
• The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire Lunar cycle that follows. This creative momentum is for energizing your life’s purpose and personal growth, especially while adjusting to evolving circumstances.

Co-authored by Elizabeth Schermer

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The Freedom to Fully Express Yourself without Fear

Our Leo New Moon is generating the potential to live life on your own terms, with the freedom to fully express your individuality regardless of external pressures. The New Moon chart indicates new insights and new willpower to honor your personal choices and to live the life you choose, without the fear of others disapproving of your outlook on life.

The Significance of Polarization

As we enter the summer months in the northern hemisphere, the world is seeing an uptick in diametrically opposed values. This appears to be a new level of polarized thinking that has been dramatically increasing over the past year.
In astrology, polarization can be defined as the extreme separation or opposition between two contrasting ideas or values. Neither idea is necessarily right or wrong. There need be no judgment; they are simply polarized perspectives, two different views of holism. At another level, of course, polarization also includes the fundamental values of good and bad, such as freedom vs. slavery, information vs. censorship, respect vs. contempt, and love vs. fear.
In astrology we recognize Pluto’s influence in the increasing polarization through all areas of our culture. This polarization is a direct result of Pluto’s transits of the final degrees of Capricorn. (This concept was introduced in the historic Capricorn conjunctions of 2020). Pluto’s role in Capricorn is forcing, through its raw power, a reckoning of the imbalances of cultural power and fear throughout our world.
Pluto is now in direct opposition to our New Moon. This opposition is exaggerating both the positive and negative qualities of all types of cultural polarization and conflict. On the personal level, there is the opportunity now to receive new insights into all forms of conflict so you can make a personal choice on your own terms, without the fear of others disapproving of your outlook on life.

The Leo New Moon

Qualities of Leo within our New Moon include inspired will power and creative expression. Leo is ruled by the Sun and has natural leadership qualities of personal authority which need to be cultivated and developed. The shadows of Leo include stubbornness, fear of disappointing others, extroverted drama, and the pursuit of popularity.
Our New Moon is harnessing the power of Leo energy to move you forward in life without experiencing the amount of fear that is so prevalent in our culture today. Leo’s solar influence can help you burn through fear so you can experience life on your own terms and express your will to be different.
One of the major contributing factors of our current cultural polarization in values is the way fear creeps in and conditions how we see the world around us. Our Sabian archetype provides a unique perspective about cultural fears and the need to transcend the resulting subservience to what’s popular or what’s feared.

ARCHETYPE: The need to transcend the cultural subservience to a fear-based outlook, as well as recognizing an unhealthy devotion to what’s fashionable.

COMMENTARY: An emotional crisis involving personal social values can bring to the forefront the realization of the ever-changing nature and impermanence of popular social ideology and fashion. From one generation to the next, there’s a need to preserve only those values that represent the universal principles that are worth conserving for the continuity of healthy cultural expression. When fear or distorted ideology dominates cultural thinking, a distortion occurs as to what’s really important.

We are shown here the polarization of two completely different perspectives of cultural values. Both perspectives are important, and both have something to learn from the other. This archetype highlights the importance of recognizing the impermanence of cultural trends, yet not living with the trepidation of change that prevents a person from accepting anything new.

We can understand the importance of preserving certain cultural values, like freedom of speech and expression, from one generation to the next. We can also see that subservience to what’s popular and fashionable can also be problematic when it becomes an ideology.

Pluto — Catalyst for Polarization

Pluto’s opposition to our New Moon is empowering each of us to transform our fear into more pure forms of expression, regardless of what is popular and fashionable. The shadow quality of this Pluto opposition is a polarizing effect of intolerance of the values of others.

The influence of the T-square in our New Moon chart offers a practical solution (Taurus) for resolving conflict through practical means and methods, rather than abstract or theoretical ideas. The North Node/Uranus/Mars conjunction at the point of the T-square indicates access to an unexpected or brilliant practical solution. It provides the ability to place one’s focus in the momentum of the present moment and release any attachment to outside approval.

Astrology ChartThe shadow of the T-square is not seeing the true importance of a situation, and to be reactionary to conflict through fear or control (Mars/Uranus), rather than to look for a new practical resolution. When Pluto’s shadow is unchecked, especially as it transits the final degrees of Capricorn, it can become an active catalyst for unhealthy polarization both personally and worldwide.

On the positive side, we have the opportunity now to use Pluto as a catalyst during this New Moon for healthy polarization. Every situation of conflict is an opportunity to receive new insights and make new choices, free of external controls and fear-based pressures.

The relativity of social values ebbs and flows from one generation to the next. What becomes ultimately important is preserving those values which do not change over time. This lunar cycle is energizing you to fully express your values and what matters in your life, and to do so without the fear of those who disapprove or don’t share your point of view.


Our current New Moon is empowering us as individuals to express ourselves, without giving in to fear of those who would want to create conflict or polarize against our personal values. Fear of change and fear of not fitting in can both be equally problematic in a polarized world. When polarizing energies are activated, it becomes more difficult to express yourself without creating conflict, or having others disapprove or condemn your values.

Expressing yourself and carrying forward those values you hold dear are great ways to minimize our current polarized world. New insights and understanding regarding the role fear is playing in our current culture is a sure way to let go of your own subservience to that which no longer serves you.

Happy New Moon,
Steven Shroyer

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