The Instinctual Awakening of Faith — Aries Full Moon Astrology Report Oct 20, 2021

Full Moon Astrology Report

Oct 20 to Nov 4

• 28° Aries Full Moon is Wednesday, Oct 20, 7:57 AM PDT
• Current Full Moon Theme (Oct 20 to Nov 6):  Accountability
• The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago.

Astrology Article — The Instinctual Awakening of Faith

Our Full Moon in Aries brings us face to face with the unseen forces within our reality. Our ability to see these unseen forces is energized by our Libra Sun which is in opposition to the Moon during this mid-point of our current Lunar cycle. This is the point in the cycle when our conscious realization begins to settle in to an understanding of what was introduced at the New Moon.

The Libra New Moon introduced an instinctual urge to rest, with a period of calm over the past two weeks in order to recharge and revitalize our body, mind, and spirit. In the previous two weeks, New Moon to Full Moon, we were working with the theme of preparation. (See article: The Calm Before the Storm — Libra New Moon.)

At this point in the cycle, the natural question to ask is “Why did the universe want us to rest?” The answer lies within our Full Moon chart. Our current Full Moon holds the theme of awakening to a new level of inner faith and the need to take action in alignment with personal guidance.

As each of us moves forward within our own life circumstances, we are responsible for what the Universe provides. With our Full Moon in Aries, there are some powerful and often overlooked spiritual qualities of support that the cardinal fire sign of Aries has to offer.

The Spiritual Qualities of Aries

Aries represents the birth of the individual. Aries’ ruler Mars brings the energy of inspiration through expansion and exploration of the unknown to an individual’s quest for meaning and fulfillment in life.
Within Aries there is a spontaneous and instinctual quality of energy that is important to understand. It can be said that the Aries fire burns within one’s Soul to always provide an instinctual light to illuminate the personal soul path that lies ahead.  This Instinctual quality of inner fire occurs at the soul level and is associated with what we call faith.
Authentic faith is the quality of confidence in the unseen, accompanied by a deep sense of hope. This type of faith occurs at the soul level with a deep knowing and belief that everything is going to work out in the end. This instinctual belief is future oriented, and contributes to many other Aries attributes such as courage, spontaneity, and the spirit of adventure. 
Indeed, the spiritual quality of faith energizes and provides the necessary foundation for the many attributes of Aries that support the development of true individuality.
When this quality of inner faith isn’t internally recognized, or practiced as a form of spiritual insight, then its shadow energy emerges through fear or self-aggrandizing ego. When the lower mind (ego) decides to take credit for this soul quality of faith, courage turns to insecurity or arrogance, and spontaneous soul activity can be misaligned through foolhardiness or even aggression.
When the individual is able to experience their instinctual belief in the universe as faith, then the individual is functioning at the soul level. One of the indicators that you are aligned with the Soul energy of Aries is your ability to experience faith and hope.
This spiritual quality of Aries faith instinctually recognizes that each individual is destined for something greater. This Aries quality of faith is ultimately faith in the universe, combined with the humble awareness that larger spiritual forces are ultimately guiding one’s spontaneous activities and actions.

Aries Standards of Success

Your soul is calling you to expand into a new quality of being, a type of rebirth as a true individual with a new sense of personal meaning.  As this new quality of individualized being-ness emerges, you rise from limitations and beliefs that are held within the collective matrix. In this way your understanding of personal success takes on an expanded meaning.

Mars is the ruler of Aries and supports our individual development. When Mars is energized by the Sun, such as we have in our current Full Moon chart, Mars pushes us toward new experiences of success at an individualized level.

When one’s personal definition of success is removed from others opinions and standards, then a new standard of success is born. This is a higher frequency of the Aries standard of success in which the individual emerges to take responsibility for their actions, regardless of external expectations or measures of success.

Because of our new understandings of responsibility, both as individuals and as a collective, we are entering a new era of accountability. We can gain some additional insight to this Aries quality of responsibility by looking at the Full Moon Sabian for 28° Aries.

ARCHETYPE: The necessity for mature preparation and self-criticism.
COMMENTARY: Creative imagination can be stimulated by a lack of success to reevaluate what is possible. This process creates a new capacity to courageously use faith in one’s ideals to discover new opportunities for success with an effort and attitude that isn’t hindered by past or future outcomes. Both failure and success can create a new capacity to revise what’s possible. It requires complete faith in one’s relationship to the Universe. Ultimately, this capacity is experienced as a new opportunity that can be pursued regardless of personal outcome.

We can see from this Sabian archetype that this Full Moon is giving us a new capacity to courageously use our faith to transcend apparent failures in order to discover new opportunities for success.
When faced with new experiences and uncertainty we must use spiritual insight to reevaluate what is possible, so that new opportunities can be pursued regardless of uncertain outcome. Without the Aries quality of faith, taking responsibility for the experience of failed expectations becomes a meaningless exercise in self-criticism.
When we learn to operate from inner guidance, we can receive new resilience to move forward from a true belief in something bigger than ourselves. As we harness our courage and faith, through our firm belief in the universe, we are reminded that we are surrounded by spiritual energies that transcend our own limited perspectives.

Libra's Assurance of Inner Support

When it comes time to tap into new levels of courage (Aires), know that your success is not dependent on what has happened in the past, nor on the expectations of your peers, or even the larger ‘audience’ of your personal circumstances.  
True success moving forward relies on an instinctual belief of the support provided by the Universe. To fully understand the significance of this Full Moon challenge of personal responsibility we must explore the complementary aspect that is being illuminated by the Sun.
The Sabian archetype for the Sun at 28° Libra, beautifully reminds us how we are constantly surrounded by spiritual forces that are always available to assist us.

ARCHETYPE: The realization at all levels of existence, that one is never truly alone, and that the “spiritual community,” visible or invisible, is ever present and sustaining one’s efforts as a spiritual force that surrounds and assist.
COMMENTARY: A new level of soul awareness opens up to the presence of the spiritual community and is always in full operation. This level of awareness, based in faith, even reaches beyond the one-mind of humanity, and extents into the realm of pure light or the “supermind of the galaxy logos.”

The combination of these two complementary Sabian for our Sun and Moon outlines the opportunity for us to stand firm within our own higher ideals, knowing that there are invisible forces ever present, supporting and sustaining our efforts. 

We are transitioning together into the Aquarian Age of enlightenment. Our evolutionary journey may be bumpy at times, but we always receive the support we need. This is a time to remember that whenever the Universe gives you the inspiration to move forward  you will always have access to the faith and courage you need to do the right thing.

Astrology Pattern

Our astrology chart is a bowl pattern, which represents concentrated energies working together. The best way to understand our current bowl pattern is to work with the mid-point of the astrological bowl configuration.
In our Full Moon chart, the mid-point is at 17° Aquarius. When we look at the Sabian archetype for Aquarius 17° we get a strong message of the necessity for extra support and protection. We see this same theme of the need for protection permeated through the entire Full Moon chart.

ARCHETYPE: The development of the capacity to protect oneself and to safeguard one’s individual rights under complex social pressures.
COMMENTARY: The need to protect individuality against intrusion of institutionalized agendas. At the spiritual level, lower level astral activity can intrude if individual awareness isn’t sufficient or is operating at a low frequency. This speaks to the ability to connect with natural, protective energies, and to enlist their protective help so that one may pursue their destiny in security. This is especially necessary the more creative a person is, as creativity often opens one up to outside influences within the astral realms.

This archetype speaks to the importance of safeguarding one’s individual security and fundamental rights under the pressures of a complex social system. We see this same theme of the need for protection permeated through the entire Full Moon chart.

A clear example of the need for protection is reflected in the pressure on individual rights that is currently playing out within today’s society, especially around governmental mandates that seek to force unwanted medical procedures on individuals who are claiming their right to sovereignty over their own medical decisions.

Two T-Squares with Pluto and Saturn

In addition to the bowl, our pattern also contains two T-squares, which both include the Full Moon. The T-squares, in combination with the bowl, indicate a particular type of focus in which stagnate energies are activated toward some form of resolution. 

A T-square’s power lies within the mid-point of the opposition. The mid-point makes a square to both sides of the opposition and offers a powerful way to work with the potential conflicting energies that the opposition represents.

The first T-square is channeling Mars and the Full Moon energy directly into the square of Pluto. Pluto represents the consciousness of total transformation, so the T-square involving Pluto represents the raw power of the new realization and  revelation of what’s actually playing out unconsciously within the larger framework of societies worldwide.

This unconscious dynamic is forcing a new level of accountability into the world, especially as people begin to wake up to their opportunity to transcend the controlling matrix of centralized power.

The second T-square is channeling the Full Moon energy directly into Saturn, while Saturn is also squaring Uranus which adds an additional element indicating the real possibility of unexpected activations and/or disruption (refer to the chart to visualize).

This T-square with Saturn in Aquarius is triggering the realization that there is new potential available. This potential can be thought of as a new ability (Uranus) that we each of us must use responsibly (Saturn).

This placement of Uranus brings a spiritual component to the forefront. With Saturn making a square to Uranus, mundane day-to-day consciousness can be triggered in order to be awakened. The astro-numerology of Saturn is a Seven, whereas Uranus is an Eight.  The number Seven represents hidden potential, while Eight represents transcending this hidden potential with a creative impulse of higher-frequency. 

This T-square movement from Seven to Eight represents an activation of the higher frequency of Uranus which has the potential to break through the astral veil of 3-D reality. In this way our consciousness is energetically expanded to go beyond the programmed matrix phenomenal world, and what is only seen by the five-senses (shadow of Saturn) into the unseen energetic world of Uranus.

Aquarian Age Update: Mars Influence

Our current astrology reminds us that we are witnessing a shift in consciousness worldwide. I’m launching a new section here to offer regular updates on interesting aspects of Aquarian energies as they are related to the current Lunar cycle.
Our current focus is highlighting Mars because of the central role it is playing in our current Lunar astrology. You may remember that Mars was directly conjunct our Libra New Moon, and is still conjunct the Sun. Over the coming 10 months, Mars will be transiting and making conjunctions to all of the slower moving planets, from Jupiter through Pluto.
Mars is a planet of expansion. Its energy moves away from center, enabling us to explore new aspects of the world, expanding our experiences and consciousness so that growth can occur. This influence in the coming cycles will be adding tremendously to the volatility and opportunity for creative change.
Each of the planets has a unique role to play in this Aquarian Age. Working with Mars now can help us understand how the expanding consciousness of the cosmos is always moving us toward a greater harmony of a higher frequency.


Our Full Moon comes after a period of preparation and rebuilding our personal constitution to weather what lies ahead. 

This entire Lunar cycle, from the Libra New Moon to the next New Moon in Scorpio, has held a tangible energy of curiosity and unseen activity, which happens to be an Aries quality based on the cardinal fire element that inspires the instinctual, spontaneous curiosity of exploring new territory. I’m quite curious now to watch the rest of this Lunar cycle play out in real time.

Faith, courage, and personal responsibility are all current themes that can provide us with the curiosity to see what is occurring around us in order to experience new opportunities for inspired action, and a release from the restraints of centralized power and new complex social pressures. When we remember that there are always unseen spiritual forces assisting us, it’s much easier to be accountable for how we access and use our positive Aries qualities for creative change.

Happy Full Moon
Steven Shroyer

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