The Lion is About to Roar — Leo New Moon Astrology Report Aug 2020

New Moon Astrology Report August 2020
Aug 18 to Sept 17

Leo New Moon is Tuesday, Aug 18, 7:42 PM PDT
New Moon Theme:  Aug 18 – Sept 17: The Threshold of a New Cycle
The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire Lunar cycle that follows. This creative momentum is for energizing your life’s purpose and personal growth, especially while adjusting to evolving circumstances.

ASTROLOGY ARTICLE — The Lion is About to Roar

Our Leo New Moon brings the Leo archetype of fiery energy to life. Now that the Leo archetype is fully active as we enter the final degrees of Leo, you might be able to feel it moving deep inside your psyche.

You may experience urges to act, or undercurrents to respond to feelings that something isn’t quite right, or a level of inspiration in which something deep feels ready to bubble up. These energies may be moving quietly, but they’re about to reveal themselves in a big way.

With this New Moon, it’s about creatively harnessing these energies that are building toward new opportunities.

This Leo Moon is emphasizing the individual and mental realms of a great evolutionary urge. This is being felt within our bodies and psyches as an undercurrent, as we stand on the verge of a “threshold” of a new cycle.

Leo energy is bold. Sometimes it’s even too bold. With Leo, too much of a good thing can result in a type of recklessness.

As we move into the month of September, we will all need to tap into Leo’s inspiration in order to rise to the occasion. We must allow these bold energies to build, without being reckless or premature.

Lessons From Leo

Leo is at the heart of creative power. Its big energy not only needs expression, it demands it. This force to be reckoned with must be tempered with an ability to see the bigger picture. This tempering quality comes from Leo’s counterpart in Aquarius. It’s the mental (air) quality of Aquarius that allows for the mind and heart to work together, fueled by Leo’s inspiration, toward a common purpose. (See Aquarius Full Moon article, Inspired Rebellion.)

The theme of our New Moon indicates that we are at the threshold of a new cycle. Leo’s energy will help us harness the creative power we need to fully embrace the developing evolutionary urges that are taking place in our consciousness.

The specific quality of this energy to be aware of now is found within a silent urge for action that is operating just under the surface of our circumstances.

The reason we all need to be aware of this undercurrent is so that we don’t unconsciously or prematurely act on these impulses. We must allow time to develop the full awareness of the bigger picture.

Leo is a big energy and this New Moon signals something very big is coming. Reacting prematurely or impulsively before we’re clear about just what is building could easily result in going in the wrong direction or unwanted recklessness.

This New Moon is a time to notice all the urges operating deep within your psyche, but this isn’t the time to act. What is meant here is that this isn’t a time – yet – to make big decisions or take external actions. Rather, it’s a time to pay attention and get in touch with what’s building deep inside.

Feel the energy build, feel it working quietly, but realize that big energies need to be respected because big energies need time to unfold. They also need the proper context of how best to take advantage of events that are still ahead of us.

In two weeks, when we reach the Full Moon, I’ll be expanding on the opportunities that are building.  At the threshold of this new cycle, we must now allow time for what is still hidden, until our awareness catches up to the silent evolutionary urge that is simmering just below the surface of our consciousness.

Astrology Pattern

Astrology ChartOur current configuration is a bowl pattern, indicating a concentration of energy that requires full integration in order to fully launch a new potential. The midpoint of the bowl at 8° Taurus indicates that a bigger picture is necessary, using our imagination to look toward the future, in order to integrate the energies of the bowl.

As you will see as we break down this pattern, the planet Mars plays a key role in the New Moon chart. Mars in general is thought of as having the planetary energy of activity. However, with this chart, there are key indicators that explain how the impulse to activity is occurring internally, below the surface of consciousness.

To begin, let’s notice that all of the planets moving out from Mars (Jupiter through Pluto) are all retrograde. This indicates a lingering process of growth that needs to simmer internally, below the surface, in order to build these energies to full capacity.

Mars is also square to our historic Capricorn conjunctions, yet trine to our New Moon. This supports the building process by allowing for healthy indecision about what action or activities you should engage in. Normally indecision is a shadow element, but in this configuration, it supports that bowl midpoint in Taurus, which suggests that action must be tempered by a bigger picture that takes the future into account.

The Sabian archetype for Mars indicates that its energies are operating at multiple levels, including an inner level of experience. The Sabian reads:

ARCHETYPE: The revelation of new potentialities.
COMMENTARY: To operate in both inner and outer levels; to be open, able, and willing to shape a translucent mind around spiritual fulfillment. Through faith, we can allow the necessary time required in order to integrate new spiritual awareness.

Just by reading the archetype for 25° Aries, we can see that there’s a need to wait for the “revelation of new potentials” to unfold.

There’s also a very unusual New Moon quincunx aspect that occurs in this astrology pattern. This is an aspect of exactly 150° between our New Moon and Saturn. The 150° quincunx holds the energies of “relating and releasing.”

To understand its exact meaning we must take into account the planets involved. Within the context of our New Moon, the quincunx indicates that Saturn’s retrograde potential of inner strength is still building as the bigger picture unfolds. Once the potential energies are fully developed, then they can be released. The key here with the quincunx insight is that you don’t need to act prematurely or unconsciously.

What’s particularly interesting to me is that the New Moon only has two prominent aspects. These are the quincunx to Saturn and the Mars square. To me, this is further indication that our lunar energies are building for something bigger. We can also see that the other retrograde planets play a more passive role, as in the example of the Sabian for Pluto at 23 Capricorn, which holds the energies of a future “balancing of accounts.”


Leo has a big energy and leaves behind a big footprint, anchoring something for future development. What we are witnessing with this New Moon is somewhat of a mystery as to what that development will be in the future.

Although this New Moon doesn’t have a clear direction and a clear theme that most New Moons possess, we cannot allow ourselves to become complacent and docile. The activity with this New Moon is internal. Something big is brewing deep inside of us and all of humanity at this time.

It’s our individual responsibility to hold on to the feeling of inspiration that is just below the surface of consciousness. There is every indication that something big is on the horizon and there will be a time when rising to the occasion will be required of each of us.

Our hopes and prayers are centered on knowing that when the time is ripe, each of us will take this evolutionary urge to the next level as our new era continues to unfold.

Happy New Moon,

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Steven Shroyer is the founder of Seattle Astrology and author of the Lunar Journal Publication. He teaches and consults throughout the world, guiding others on their divine path of joy, fulfillment, and self-realization.