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July 31, 2023

Published on

Full Aquarius Moon

Event Highlight

Theme: Moving Beyond Limitations of Identity


Elizabeth Schermer

The Lost Art of Transfiguration

This journal follows humanity’s entrance into the new Golden Age of Humanity, also known as the Aquarian Age. Pluto’s entry into Aquarius on March 23, 2023 marked the next major phase of our transition into our new era. This journal will continue to keep you updated on the Aquarian Age through the energies of each New and Full Moon.

Aquarian Age Update

Aquarius continues to play a pivotal role within our current astrological world. The January 21st New Moon in Aquarius occurred just over six months ago. Every year, the Aquarius New Moon activates an important theme of initiation for the coming year. This process comes full circle six months later with the Aquarius Full Moon, which we’re experiencing now. Working with this principle, it’s always interesting to map the Aquarius Full Moon in order to observe how the powerful originating Aquarian energies are being fulfilled.

Last January our Aquarius New Moon showed us an alternative way to face unexpected circumstances in order to sustain and maximize our forward momentum. That Aquarian Moon offered each of us the opportunity to free ourselves from our old habits and expectations in order to face the unexpected in new ways.

(Article: You Experience the Unexpected. Now What? — Aquarius New Moon Jan 21, 2023)

Now, six months later, this original activation of unexpected change has expanded exponentially. With our current Aquarian influence, these new energies have the power to illuminate and transfigure your sense of self, even beyond your current ideas of personal identity.

This process of transformation is the power of Aquarius in action, transforming and accelerating our consciousness in ways that are directly changing the very fabric of our reality. With this Aquarius Full Moon, we are not only seeing continuous shifts occurring in the world around us; we’ll also see internal changes at the most fundamental levels of personal identity.

This process of personal change triggers practical questions such as: What’s at the core of my identity? What happens when our external personas naturally dissolve and become less relevant? Does our true Self even have an identity? Or, as our consciousness evolves, do we simply begin to access higher frequencies in which the experience of identity just isn’t that important anymore?

As we venture more deeply into the Aquarian Age, conversations and questions like these above will become increasingly common. This Full Moon is a perfect time to begin this conversation and explore what it means to move beyond externalized identity.

Aquarius Full Moon

Theme: Moving Beyond Limitations of Identity

Our Full Moon in Aquarius is rocking our world in unexpected ways. This is especially true when we consider how active and transforming the energies of Aquarius can be on our consciousness. To make the most of this opportunity it will be helpful if we can picture how these Aquarian energies work to transfigure our consciousness into the next iteration of our expanding capabilities.

Transfiguration literally means to shine with more light. When we transfigure, we transform into something more beautiful or elevated. When we are able to access more light, the more luminous and transfigured we become. Working with our Aquarian energies, this Full Moon brings new insights, especially through our understanding of how to utilize the massive increase of Light that’s coming to our planet.

The Leo - Aquarius Polarity

One of the unique features of our Leo-Aquarius polarity is the way in which the elements of Fire (Leo) and Air (Aquarius) work together to create inspired movement into our current Aquarian Age of Awakening.

Significant qualities of Leo include inspiration, charisma, loyalty, leadership, courage, and creative power. Leo supports the spirit by living fully in the creativity of the present moment, and not living in the past. Leo’s passion enables us to consume the energy within the circumstances of the present moment in order to unleash our own creative power.

The significant qualities of Aquarius include individuality, inspired collaborative power, frequency awareness, personal uniqueness, and the restructuring of society at a higher frequency of consciousness.

Both Leo and Aquarius have powerful shadows that restrict our ability to become a true individual. The shadow of Leo results in all types of unhealthy drama, including misplaced frustration, an over-inflated sense of self importance, and/or a dogmatic view of one’s role in the world. The Aquarius shadow includes all forms of ideology, dogma, conformity to the status quo, and an active resistance to living in higher frequencies of awareness.

When we are able to consciously work with the positive aspects of the Leo-Aquarius polarity, then we are fully supported as individuals at every level. Our inspiration is energized by passion and high frequency consciousness. There’s also an irresistible urge to collaborate with others as we together create a transformed world.

This level of inspired group collaboration supports both the individual as well as the societal reforms necessary to align completely with the higher frequencies of our planet as we continue ascending into the higher dimensional reality of the Aquarian Age

Aquarius Moon: Living Beyond Identity

Identity is perhaps one of the least understood concepts within our culture. External identity as promoted through popular culture creates artificial personas that are developed through the acceptance of external labels, names and roles.

These forms of labeling build an external identity that becomes further entrenched through family and lineage expectations, group dynamics, and cultural ideologies. These all support the individual’s desire to belong. This process results in a person projecting an image of themselves outwardly in order to conform to various cultural standards. Over time, the person mistakenly comes to believe in these projections and personas as their true identity.

Our Sabian archetype for the moon at 10° Aquarius suggests a different approach to developing our personal identity.

ARCHETYPE: The need to see the true essence of oneself, beyond any form of cultural or societal identification.
COMMENTARY: Projecting one’s persona onto the outer screen of reality creates a false construct of personal identity. Through the process of individuation, the individual is able to clear themselves of any cultural expectations associated with acceptability. As Light Beings we are able to transcend all forms of external identification, because we rely on our own essence to identify our true Self. The true essence of a person living beyond cultural and social labeling is free of external ideologies, dogma, and categorization, thus transforming themselves into a creative idea that lives beyond time and space.

This Sabian archetype suggests there is a difference between one’s true essence (which is an internal experience) and the common practice of labeling and categorizing external qualities as equal to one’s identity. When a person mistakenly thinks that they are only their persona or a projection of themselves, it becomes almost impossible for them to fully embrace their own true essence.

Each person’s essence is an energetic signature that is completely unique to them as a Light Being. It is here in this energy that we experience and know ourselves beyond time and space. External acceptance, acknowledgement, labeling, and cultural support isn’t required or necessary to know our true Self. This Aquarian understanding of identity frees the individual from the status quo and enables them to reach their true potential, regardless of what others think or believe.

Leo Sun: Conscious Living

The Sabian archetype of our Leo Sun is energizing a transformative aspect of our spirit that moves us beyond all forms of shadow and darkness so we can more fully align with the planetary consciousness of the Earth. This collaboration with the spirit of our planet is what is meant by conscious living.

ARCHETYPE: The exalted feeling that rises within the spirit of the individual who has successfully passed through the dark night of the soul.
COMMENTARY: The natural process of transfiguration occurs when creation and creativity successfully emerge out of a period of darkness. High frequency and vitality transform the person who is able to work with the planetary consciousness of the Earth. This process of transfiguration involves the capacity to see, feel, and express ourselves within the highest frequencies of our Light Being or Spirit, moving the individual completely out of all darkness.

The “dark night of the soul” that is referenced in the description above involves any period of challenge or darkness in which the individual is temporarily unable to access their own light body and connect with their true essence. It’s important to emphasize that the dark night of the soul experience is a natural process of our growth and transformation.

This Sabian also emphasizes the significance of working with our planetary consciousness. It’s becoming increasingly important to realize that we are continuously collaborating with the spirit of our planet. The intelligence and power of nature is supporting our Aquarian Age shift at every level of our being. The more we are able to work intentionally and consciously with the spirit of the earth the more gracefully we will experience these frequency shifts, as they are expected to continue and increase in scope.

As we continue to move further into the Aquarian Age, the contrast between light and darkness will become increasingly more apparent. Through conscious living we will increase our capacity to see, feel, and express ourselves within the highest frequencies of our Light Being.

The more we are able to move our identity within, the more we recognize and develop our true essence. The more we’re able to engage in this process, the more we transfigure our consciousness and the more luminous we become. This is the lost art of transfiguration. Moving forward, we’ll continue increasing our light and reorienting our identity toward our unique signature of Source Energy, which is our true essence of Self.


We are steadily moving from darkness to light. Our earth is also involved in the process of transitioning into a high frequency light planet. The more we can shift our identity away from outward projections to an inward knowing of our essence, the more we can connect with the spirit of the earth. In this way we will each experience this transition more easily and with more grace.

When circumstances result in a “dark night of the soul”, whether small or large, rest assured that this is a natural process of your shift into the Aquarian Age. The more you are able to find your own luminous light within and reconnect with your essence, the more you increase your ability to move into 5D consciousness. This process of transfiguration will occur over and over. We are all collaborating in this process together, as our entire planet moves from dark to light.

Happy Full moon,
Steven Shroyer

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