The Neptune Effect and a Spiritual Mandate — Pisces Full Moon Astrology Report Sept 20, 2021

Full Moon Astrology Report

Sept 20 to Oct 6

• Pisces Full Moon is Monday, Sept 20, 4:55 PM PDT
• Current Full Moon Theme (Sept 20 to Oct 6):  Illumination
• The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago.

Astrology Article — The Neptune Effect and a Spiritual Mandate

Our Full Moon in Pisces brings a new quality of illumination to the unique mental processes with which we were each born. This new quality represents a rational process that not only accesses the analytical power of the mind, but is also activating an awareness to a higher consciousness. This higher consciousness or experience is what we are calling the Neptune effect.

This Neptune effect has many attributes which include spiritual qualities as well as shadow. Spiritually, these qualities involve subtle perceptions of reality that include intuitive awareness, and an ability to see the bigger picture of life operating beyond the surface of reality. The shadow elements of the Neptune effect include a wide spectrum of experiences that are generally referred to as “illusion.” These include various forms of glamour, escapism and drama, and other extremes of confusion, deception, and susceptibility to propaganda. 

The Neptune effect is strongest whenever a Full Moon is closely aligned to Neptune.  Within the collective, the shadow qualities will tend to emerge. Exactly how this effect will manifest within your particular situation is dependent on your spiritual outlook and your sensitivity to these Neptune qualities as they arise within your own awareness.

Neptune and the Pisces Full Moon

The zodiac sign of Pisces isn’t generally considered the strongest mental sign, however, don’t be fooled into thinking that Pisces lacks mental fortitude and strength. As a water sign, Pisces has tremendous mental depth. It is for this reason that both Neptune and Pisces are known for extraordinary levels of compassion which require this level of depth.

With a Pisces Full Moon we must also consider the location of the Sun in the opposite zodiac sign of Virgo. The Virgo Sun energizes the Pisces Full Moon with qualities of rational thinking and high-level analytical abilities. This combination makes for a powerful antidote to the illusive shadow of the Neptune effect. In Neptune the mind can be deceived because it isn’t fully engaged in the subtleties of reality. At higher frequencies, Virgo’s qualities of rational and logical thinking become spiritual tools to help us see through the superficial elements of deception.

Our Full Moon is positioned to provide a new level of awareness that enables each of us to see beyond the cultural confusion which is so prominent in our current world. If you have not yet noticed the plethora of propaganda and censorship currently taking place, then this is the Lunar cycle in which you can begin to see the shadow of the Neptunian effect operating in full force. 

The Sabian archetype for Neptune offers some additional clarity on how this Full Moon has the potential to activate a new spiritual perspective that can help us orient to a higher order of personal realization. 


ARCHETYPE: The need to bring down to the level of everyday existence the clear realizations made manifest in a great “peak experience.”
COMMENTARY: The inner structuring power of a peak inner revelation or experience must penetrate the center and core of one’s existence with personal inspiration and be applied to true usefulness within one’s cultural setting. This is a spiritual mandate that is able to reorient one toward fulfilling their individualized role within the larger picture of life.

From reading the Sabian we can see the power that this archetypes holds. The highest potential of this Neptune effect of spiritual perspective helps us avoid falling into the shadow elements of Neptune. The strength and compassion of the inner structuring power of Neptune helps us to see beyond the superficialities and deception so common within our everyday existence in order to experience true inner revelation.  

On a personal level, the spiritual mandate of this Full Moon lies within fulfilling your individualized role within the bigger picture of life. This is the deeper meaning of our Full Moon Neptune effect.

Astrology Pattern

Astrology ChartThe most significant astrology pattern of our current Full Moon chart is Sun and Mars opposed by the Moon and Neptune. This pattern is being referred to as the “Neptunian Effect” not only because our Full Moon is conjunct Neptune, but also because Mars in opposition is acting as a catalyst. The influence of Mars makes Neptune’s effects on our consciousness much more blatant and perceptible.

We saw in the New Moon chart two weeks ago that this Lunar cycle is an action cycle that is energized by the Sun/Mars conjunction. See article: The Quintessence of Noble Character.

Now that we are at the Full Moon, Mars is adding motivation to act. The action can be based on multiple factors. In this situation, the influence of Mars in Libra as well as the Neptune influence means that the actions will be based on participating from the view of a larger perspective of one’s personal circumstances.

Mars and Neptune are also exposing the ideological direction that society may take (Mars in the early degrees of Libra) if we continue down the road toward global totalitarianism.   

To further emphasize the illuminating factor of this chart I’ve included the Sabian for both the Sun and Moon.

ARCHETYPE: After a crisis, the seeker of higher truth is open to realignment and the renewing of consciousness with the primordial revelation of the true essence of beingness.
COMMENTARY: Tapping into the essential reality of one’s true significance, the individual awakens the mind to become illuminated by its reflection within the “Universal Order.” This increase in illumination is necessary for allowing for the creation-of-the-new to be more than a just a reflection-of-the-old.

ARCHETYPE: The analytical power of the mind is necessary for the formulation of life processes to expand into the diversified perspective of a complex creative universe.
COMMENTARY: One of the basic “absolutes” of the universe is the relationship between the “one” and the “many”. Cycles begin in a quality of unity and end in a quality of multiplicity. The leftover waste of each cycle produces the equivalent of soil humus, which is the un-differentiated state of decomposed nutrients from which life spring The creative spirit of the universe uses the leftover waste to birth a cosmic response to a new need within the universe.

These two archetypes together show the Virgo/Pisces polarity operating in a most beautiful way. The Sun in Virgo is energizing the individual’s true significance, as the natural awakening process continues to illuminate the seeker’s mind. As this expansion of consciousness develops, the individual’s conscious perspective bursts into a multitude of new directions (Moon in Pisces).

As the Full Moon polarity is activated, the mind is illuminated with a new creative response to personal circumstances and the ability to participate and contribute to a new need within the universe. This is truly inspiring.  

As an astrologer, I’m very encouraged that we may soon reach that magical tipping point within the collective consciousness that’s required for a massive self-awakening. What we are looking for as we continue to move into the Aquarian Age is that what we are co-creating becomes more than just a reflection of the old. As we expand into the new energies, what we are co-creating will come from a new paradigm of understanding of the relationship between humanity and nature.


Our Full Moon is providing a new level of illumination for those who are becoming conscious of the Neptune effect. As illusions continue to fall away, they are replaced by a more spiritual orientation.
New revelations and experiences are connecting us to a world in which freedom and individuality are recognized as healthy aspects of a modern society. These principles are intuitively available to us now as the new Neptune spiritual mandate for individuals and our world.
Happy Full Moon,
Steven Shroyer

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