The New Age of Emotional Intelligence — Scorpio Lunar Eclipse May 15, 2022

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The New Age of Emotional Intelligence — Scorpio Lunar Eclipse May 15, 2022


May 13, 2022

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The New Age of Emotional Intelligence — Scorpio Lunar Eclipse May 15, 2022

Full Moon Astrology Report May 15, 2022

May 15 to May 30

• 26° Scorpio Lunar Eclipse is Sunday, May 15, 9:14 PM PDT
• Full Moon Theme: May 15 – May 30: Nature’s way
• The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. The Full Moon is a time for realizing the bigger picture of your situation and adapting your purpose to a clear perception of circumstance.
• The Lunar eclipse acts like a portal, opening up consciousness to additional cosmic energies. These energies are available until the Moon crosses this degree again during the coming Lunar cycle.

Co-authored by Elizabeth Schermer

Astrology Article

The New Age of Emotional Intelligence

Our Scorpio Full Moon eclipse opens a portal that provides a unique opportunity to establish a higher level of emotional intelligence.  These new qualities of emotional intelligence will enable you to adapt and respond to new situations in your life from a higher frequency of awareness.

During a Lunar eclipse, the shadow, or hidden aspect, of the Full Moon polarity is activated. This opens up a unique opportunity that functions much like a portal, allowing for a new quality of consciousness to emerge.

With this eclipse, the Taurus Sun brings the concrete experience of coming face-to-face with our circumstances. The Scorpio eclipse allows us to focus on the emotional intelligence needed to see beyond the shadows that are being activated. This includes personal shadows as well as the larger collective cultural shadows that are being activated globally.

The Taurus - Scorpio Polarity

There’s a powerful dynamic that exists between the opposite zodiac signs of Taurus and Scorpio. In order for personal growth to occur, this polarity dynamic must learn to work together in a positive way

The earth sign of Taurus is pragmatic and practical. To connect with the practical side of life, Taurus first looks to see how real and authentic something is. Taurus sees this quality of authenticity as the bottom line of something’s true value.

Positive Taurus qualities stem from an appreciation of nature, including how the natural world provides resources and opportunities that sustain our lives. For Taurus, the material world of Nature provides endless reminders and confirmation that life is good, beautiful, and worth preserving.

Shadow qualities of Taurus include stubbornness and inflexibility to change.

Scorpio is a water sign that emotionally connects us to the world and everything in it. The water element of connection in Scorpio is emotionally centered. This emotional component is vital to understanding Scorpio’s power. Scorpio’s positive use of emotions provides the harmony and faith that helps us adapt to life’s ups and downs and the stresses we encounter. Healthy emotions also give us the ability to transcend linear and logical thinking.

Shadow qualities of the Scorpio eclipse include emotional inflexibility and stubbornness, and a lack of emotional connection to nature.

During any eclipse, the shadow elements of both polarities are more apparent and noticeable. This is the magic of an eclipse, which brings into focus our ability to perceive and integrate what’s normally unconscious, or eclipsed from our awareness.

During this eclipse, the emotional intelligence of Scorpio provides a type of internal ‘checks and balances’, so that external reality isn’t reduced to only pragmatic conclusions and an emotional loss of faith. In extreme, the shadow of this polarity dynamic during a Scorpio eclipse leads to nihilism and the pointlessness of life.

When these two polarities work together we have the opportunity to see the best of both worlds.

Developing the Taurus-Scorpio Resonance

Astrological resonance is a term that describes what happens when two zodiac polarities are working together in either a transformational way or as complements of each other.  One practical experience of the healthy Taurus/Scorpio dynamic comes to light when we are able to respond to new situations in our lives (Taurus) by accessing a higher frequency of emotional intelligence (Scorpio).

Without a healthy polarity of resonance, the shadow aspects of the two signs are more easily activated. When we over-identify with the physical world of external order (Taurus), it’s easy to lose sight of our own inner wisdom and wholeness.

This unhealthy attachment to external order is emphasized by cultural programming of hierarchy. This programming encourages us to accept authority of control outside of ourselves. It programs in our awareness the ideas that people are not intrinsically equal. These programs of cultural hierarchies are promoted through status, religion and racial superiority. When cultural hierarchy becomes established, people can more easily accept it as reality and unconsciously search for order and security outside of themselves.

Cultural hierarchy also creates emotional uncertainty, which is Scorpio’s shadow, leading to insecurity regarding  one’s personal place within this hierarchical order of the world. These patterns of imbalance can then push people toward defining themselves based on their insecurities. This type of identity based on insecurity is the Taurus-Scorpio shadow.

Within the cultural hierarchies of the world, many in high positions of power have taken advantage of our collective insecurities. Collective fears have been used in an attempt to interfere with the natural development of all of humankind. The cultural patterns of hierarchy are infused throughout our world. These include the hierarchies within education, employment, professional status, fame, recognition, respect, and culture of birth.

All these systems place a person at a competitive level with every other person. Through a variety of means, all of these systems have obscured the direct connection between the individual and the Divine, which is the natural connection we all possess between our inner essence and our divine Source.

The positive qualities of our current Taurus-Scorpio eclipse can highlight the shadows within these cultural patterns. This can allow us to make the necessary emotional adjustments that will lead to the realization that these external hierarchies of authority do not need to limit us. We can realize that they do not exist within the realm of wholeness and the transformational and spiritual paradigm into which we are evolving. 

These realizations allow us, with the awareness of Taurus, to see the true beauty of nature and ourselves, not through the lens of an artificial hierarchy of misplaced power, but as participants within natural systems of growth and opportunity.

The Full Moon Eclipse Portal

Each Lunar eclipse portal creates an opportunity that introduces a new quality of energy to Earth. The opportunities within our current eclipse will often come through triggers. Everyone will have their own triggers that will activate new opportunities and new realizations.
The current eclipse triggers will require you to adjust, adapt, and quickly respond to new situations. A positive response to any life changes will require you to deploy emotional intelligence. Our eclipse at 26° Scorpio is bringing this process to light.

ARCHETYPE: The ability to adjust swiftly to a new situation by tuning in and feeling its requirements.
COMMENTARY: When living in harmony with nature, and identifying with the great rhythms of the biosphere, one begins to feel a more localized connection to life. There may come a point in life where the individual must come to terms with their situation and emotionally adapt without creating additional stress.  The contrast lies in making peace with what has occurred, versus losing faith in life’s process. Without faith there’s an attempt to dominate and enslave the living manifestations of nature, rather than working within the natural processes of life.

Astrology chartThis archetype describes how the eclipse portal opens the door to our consciousness through an ability to feel connected to the processes of life. This connection has an emotional component that is functioning at a higher frequency level than the hierarchical belief systems that have been programmed into us throughout our lives.

The Full Moon realization exposed by this eclipse is that the external hierarchy of order is not part of our Divine nature. This eclipse is a starting point that can enable us to access new depths of emotional intelligence that are now available within our conscious awareness.

During this Full Moon eclipse it is our Taurus Sun that provides a practical outlook for channeling our deeper connection to life, and the natural process of growth. This is a spiritual understanding of wholeness that’s being confirmed through the realness of beauty, love, and abundance that’s ever present in our world. 

Our Scorpio eclipsed Moon opens the door to making the necessary emotional adjustments we need to access a more sustainable and long-term outlook. We now have an opportunity to live beyond the limiting beliefs of an external hierarchy and realize that we have the opportunity to live within a new paradigm of a spiritual community of divine equality.  

Astrology Pattern

Full Moon Bowl
This particular bowl pattern has a unique distribution of planets. We could call this an activating or triggering pattern, through the combination of many factors including the Full Moon rim activation, the triple sextile, and the T-Square with Saturn.

The bowl’s trailing body is the Moon (the Lunar eclipse). This means that the fastest moving body in the chart (Moon) will be transiting and triggering all of the other planets by the next New Moon, thus activating each planet with its eclipse energy. Over the coming two weeks, these Lunar transits will be felt as various types of triggering events for each of us. This Lunar triggering effect is one reason that the eclipse has an especially strong shadow factor.

Our unique astrology pattern has two additional stand-out feature. These are the triple sextile, which is sometimes referred to as a half-grand sextile, and the T-square formed between our eclipse with Saturn at the midpoint. Both of these additional patterns add to the significance and importance of the current opportunity to move beyond the hierarchal control that has been bred into our unconscious assumptions of how life operates.

Triple Sextile
A sextile forms a 60° angle in a chart. A triple sextile is formed by three sextiles and covers an area of 180°. In this case it basically forms our entire bowl chart. A triple sextile indicates highly organized energies. The sextiles also form two separate trines that add to the harmonizing and organization emphasis of our eclipse.

The significance of this triple sextile is how it will reinforce the current mindset of each person, whatever that may be. This of course is not absolute, but it is the general overall pattern. Those who are in an awakening process will continue to do so, and those are caught and trapped in the hierarchy of control will also continue in that pattern, at least for the short-term.

With our chart’s substructure comprised of this intense organizational pattern, we also notice that each individual sextile involves our three transcendent outer planets. These planets still operate unconsciously for most of humanity at this time.

As we move deeper into the Aquarian Age, we are expecting these outer planets to begin functioning more consciously, however this is an ongoing process and, in my opinion, as a collective we aren’t there yet.

T-Square with Saturn
Saturn forms the activation point of the T-square with the Full Moon eclipse. With Saturn at 25° Aquarius we have a real opportunity with this eclipse for consciousness to accelerate more quickly than what is considered during normal evolution. 

The 25th degree of Aquarius emphasizes that a conscious aspect of the mind will develop ahead of the normal evolution process. In this context, it represents a real shift away from hierarchical control through the realization of a new transformational paradigm.

This new transformational paradigm we are transitioning into doesn’t have the element of hierarchical control upon which our current systems are built. This form of control simply does not exists within wholeness and within our Divine essence.

Spiritually we are all equal, and this cannot be legislated by the controllers. It also suggests that these controllers are pushing a phony hierarchy through censorship, as well as the control of money, hyperpolarization, and a social identity crisis. These are mere fabrications of control that our eclipse portal is exposing.

Awakening to Our Spiritual Heritage 
Collectively and individually this eclipse is awakening us to our spiritual heritage. As the Aquarian Age continues to unfold we are awakening to a new paradigm. Our eclipse chart is a positive indicator that the Aquarian shift is happening at this very moment in time. At first, this shift will occur within individuals at the spiritual level of being. Then, as more of humanity continues to awaken, our physical reality will begin to reflect this awakening with more outward changes throughout our world.

Your current eclipse opportunity occurs when you can recognize the power and wisdom of nature, and the power of wholeness operating within the circumstances of your life.  Opportunities may come and go, but it’s up to each of us to learn how to harness our unique role in the world through the circumstances of the moment. This is what we need to do in order to take advantage of this eclipse.  

By choosing to look for the true opportunity that is held within the moment, we will each come into alignment with the power of wisdom and wholeness that is working through this eclipse.


Eclipse cycles are intense and exist for the purpose of awakening consciousness. They do this by exposing the shadow elements that are holding us back from reaching our highest potential. The key to this eclipse lies in how well you are able to take advantage of an influx of emotional intelligence, in order to adapt and adjust to changing conditions and situations as they arise.

This portal, which stays open until the Moon crosses over 26° Scorpio again next month, will play an intrinsic role in showing us where to place our emotional energies. The Taurus-Scorpio polarity is providing a deeper understanding of how cultural hierarchy is working in our world. We have access now to experience new realizations of how wholeness functions as a growth process of nature and a new spiritual paradigm of the Aquarian Age. This eclipse represents another step into a new age of emotional intelligence, wholeness, and access to our inner Divine essence.

Happy Lunar Eclipse,
Steven Shroyer

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