The New Gold Rush of Possibilities — Taurus Lunar Eclipse Oct 28, 2023

The New Gold Rush of Possibilities — Taurus Lunar Eclipse Oct 28, 2023

The Aquarian Age Journal

Issue No. 14, Published on the Taurus Full Moon: Oct 28, 2023
by Seattle Astrology and Steven Shroyer
Co-authored by Elizabeth Schermer

The New Gold Rush of Possibilities

Aquarian Age Update

This journal follows humanity’s entrance into the new Golden Age of Humanity, also known as the Aquarian Age. Pluto’s entry into Aquarius on March 23, 2023 marked the most recent major phase of our transition into our new era. This journal will continue to keep you updated on the Aquarian Age updates through the energies at each New and Full Moon.

We are currently in the middle of an eclipse cycle. Each eclipse exposes the lunar shadow of mind energy by forcing our attention and awareness on whatever has been exposed through the lack of light. Although eclipse cycles can be challenging, these activations are good news for those of us who are beginning to see just how powerful the shadow of the moon has been on our expanding consciousness.

One of the major shadows in our world manifests as authoritarianism. This has been the overarching theme of Pluto’s movement through Capricorn. Now that Pluto has moved into Aquarius and returned again to the final degrees of Capricorn, we are witnessing the final breakdown of authoritarianism, as these energies have become unsustainable.

In terms of authoritarianism, as we look back through earth’s history we must come to the conclusion that it has never worked. Authoritarianism has always been based in fear and control, through the idea that others in authority know what’s best for the individual. This is what connects globalism with authoritarianism. No wonder the globalists are opposed to Aquarian Age values of individual freedom, peace, and true prosperity for all! We are now in the process of transforming their proposed world order of centralized control and manipulation, by creating a more sustainable reality for ourselves and future generations.

Our current eclipse creates another threshold enabling us to break free from the shadows of lack, fear, and control. As the Full Moon shows, our continued movement into the Aquarian Age can feel much like the excitement of the gold rush of a previous time. Like the gold rush, this is indeed a new era in which our human potential knows no bounds, fueled by fervent passion and audacious pursuits.

The Taurus Lunar Eclipse

Theme: Passionate Values Unite and Amplify Growth

Our eclipse in Taurus has the potential to energize our individual search for growth and expansion. This creative journey embodies the deep-rooted desires and passions we all share for a more fulfilling existence. Because of the shadow factor of the eclipse event this is a time to pay close attention to what is being exposed, both shadow and light.

Delving into the lunar shadow’s impact, we can find profound insights by embracing the dynamics of polarity and opposition. The polarity dance between Scorpio and Taurus highlights a pathway, guiding us to harness our fervor and broaden our values, ushering in a vibrant surge of enthusiasm for what comes next.

The Scorpio-Taurus Polarity

Scorpio Theme: Depth of Feeling
The prevailing astrological patterns illuminate intriguing qualities of the Scorpio Sun. Scorpio qualities include a passion for a richer life, an earnest quest for true fulfillment, and a profound connection to a sustainable world through the depth of feeling. Scorpio reveals our intuitive sense of life’s flow, our innate capability to self-heal, and genuine collaboration with others that transcends societal confines.

Scorpio Shadow: Deception
The shadow develops when we don’t properly use Scorpio’s depth of feeling. We can recognize Scorpio’s powerful shadow when we are swamped by intense negative emotions. The resulting emotional distortion leads to all types of deception, including self-deception.

A common form of Scorpio deception comes in the form of manipulation, either manipulating others or inadvertently allowing ourselves to be manipulated. When Scorpio’s positive depth of feeling is rejected, our connections become superficial. Integrity becomes compromised. Genuine collaboration is supplanted by obligation and enforced pacts and agreements. This morphs the spirit of authentic connection into one driven by compulsion or societal norms.

Harnessing the essential positive qualities of Scorpio automatically eliminates the necessity to experience this powerful shadow.

Taurus Theme: Reliance on What’s Real
The positive qualities of the Taurus eclipse enable us to offset the shadow activations. These positive traits include: embracing personal sovereignty, grounding ourselves in tangible reality, cultivating mindfulness in the present moment, detaching from linear timelines, fostering our body-spirit connection through physically embodied experiences, and acknowledging the omnipotent and invaluable essence of Source energy.

Taurus Shadow: Material Imbalance
By leaning into the core attributes of Taurus, we can bypass its potential pitfalls. These pitfalls include an insatiable and unconscious urge to amass more and more, stubborn insistence to push personal agendas despite obstacles, seeking external affirmation, allowing external authority to overshadow individual dominion, and a skewed belief that the material realm surpasses the world of spirit.

Scorpio-Taurus Polarity: Harmony vs. Manipulation

A magical synergy is created when the intuitive nature of Scorpio intertwines with the earthy essence of Taurus. Taurus, with its intrinsic understanding of tangible reality and value, perfectly complements the deep passion and authentic experience that Scorpio brings. Together the magic they create is palpable, fueling a passionate bond that inspires the drive to overcome any worldly challenge.

This powerful polarity also holds a powerful shadow. It’s essential to recognize the shadow side of this polarity and remain vigilant when it emerges. This polarity, when clouded, can manifest as manipulative energies, propelled by negative emotions, and stubborn adherence to societal norms and prevailing standards. And when one’s sense of duty falters or personal authority wanes, susceptibility to manipulation increases.

The shadow aspect of our eclipse intensifies this obscurity, masking what’s genuine and valuable. Without discerning the positive polarity, deceptions can become so profound that distinguishing reality from illusion turns into a Herculean task.

Scorpio Sun: Fulfillment and Renewal

The Sun plays an essential role in our lives beyond what we perceive or have been taught in the past. Emerging intuitive insights hint at the Sun being not just a star but a 12th-dimensional planet. Its radiant energy not only fuels love and life throughout our solar system, but also acts as a conduit for potent archetypal forces.

When the Sun activates a Sabian archetype it amplifies the frequencies of the associated energies, making them more accessible for our use. Delving into the Sabian symbol for the Sun at 6° Scorpio we unearth a profound sense of fulfillment, brimming with genuine passion.

ARCHETYPE: The passionate pursuit of novel values releases the past and beckons the promise of an abundant life.
COMMENTARY: The deep-seated yearning to pursue what is new and exciting that exists within each person. This aspiration goes beyond surface identity, tapping into the very heart of emotional fulfillment and renewal. These genuine experiences make a profound mark on society. Casting aside the past heralds a new era. Our human potential knows no bounds, fueled by fervent passion and audacious pursuits.

The true magic of this Sabian symbol emerges, not just in its words but in the limitless feelings it stirs within. Envision yourself amidst a gold rush, swept up in a whirlwind of exhilaration, anticipation, and the allure of boundless abundance.

As the Sabian profoundly states, our yearning to experience emotional fulfillment serves as an inexhaustible wellspring of new experience. Indeed, our human potential is vast and immeasurable, driven forward by unwavering passion and daring endeavors.

Taurus Moon: Bridging Divides

Every eclipse brings with it an imperative challenge, requiring us to discern the shadow elements that momentarily obscure our conscious illumination. The shadow of the present lunar eclipse illuminates the poignant power embedded within the stark contrast between feelings of isolation versus the power of communal collaboration. The Sabian for 6° Taurus vividly portrays the essence of unity and cooperation, beckoning us to bridge divides and overcome historic impediments.

ARCHETYPE: Bridging the gap of isolation via communal collaboration and untapped growth potential.
COMMENTARY: Experiences of isolation and feelings of alienation can, paradoxically, deepen our emotional capacity, nudging us toward collaborative undertakings. Such collective endeavors stitch together the tapestry of ancestral wisdom with the threads of our envisioned future, harnessing the collective spirit to rise above both immediate obstacles and entrenched barriers. This spirit of collaboration serves as a potent antidote to isolation, giving us access to vast horizons of growth and advancement.

A cantilever bridge is built from both sides of an impasse. In the same way, consciousness expands and separations are overcome through our ability to build mutual connections. The shadow of the current eclipse illuminates the burdens and isolations we bear, including the misconceptions, deceits, societal divides, and veiled authoritarian tendencies that have become deeply embedded in our consciousness and our culture. Recognizing these barriers is paramount to dismantling them and building something new.

Astrology ChartAs we advance, cultivating genuine relationships and fervently pursuing a more fulfilling life both emerge as catalysts for transformation. Together we are bridging historical challenges, both personal and cultural, and charting a course toward new frontiers of boundless potential.

Our history is filled with episodes in which divisions, borne from misunderstanding or intentional deception, have generated violence and scarred our collective psyche. Transcending these historical and cultural divides, which have so often been incited by authoritarian control, requires introspection and bravery. It entails releasing past misconceptions and deliberate distortions.

Every divide, irrespective of its magnitude or origin, presents an opportunity to build a bridge. Together, we carve pathways that transcend current obstacles and past errors. To truly create progress, it’s essential to see beyond surface-level deceits and probe deeper, moving past lingering grudges and biases.

As we rally behind a shared vision we set the stage for peace, abundance, and collective prosperity. Crucial to this process is the ability to acknowledge persistent cultural deceptions, realizing our innate potential to create something better as we navigate together toward our Aquarian vision of the future.


Eclipses, both in the celestial and metaphorical sense, have the power to reveal what’s been hidden through shadow. With this eclipse we see how transcending our cultural and historical divides involves releasing past misunderstandings and deceptions. Focusing on the power of collective efforts we are able to forge new paths.

Recognizing and addressing the shadows of past errors enables progress. We can now embrace our history and bridge the divides that history has created. Through collaboration on shared inspiration we ensure a harmonious path forward. This collaborative spirit paves the way for a future defined by peace, prosperity, and limitless opportunities.

In the Spirit of True Collaboration,
Steven Shroyer

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