The Power of Personal Potential — Capricorn Full Moon July 13, 2022

July 13 to July 28

• 21° Cancer Full Moon is Wednesday, July 13, 11:38 AM PDT
• Full Moon Theme: July 13 – July 28: Wise Use of Potential
• The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. The Full Moon is a time for realizing the bigger picture of your situation and adapting your purpose to a clear perception of circumstance.

Co-authored by Elizabeth Schermer


The Power of Personal Potential

Our Full Moon in Capricorn holds a tremendous of power that each person can use to leverage their personal potential for a better life. Each Lunar cycle is a unique formula for success. The Lunar cycle starts with the release of a new impulse (New Moon) that benefits all of humanity.

The recent Cancer New Moon released an impulse of a new paradigm of individuality, showing us how to balance between the old and the new. (Cancer New Moon: The Point Between What Was and What’s to Come). Now, at the Full Moon we are at the midpoint of the Lunar cycle. The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness. This a time when each person must realize and put into practice the newly released energy of the current cycle.

When we are able to consciously integrate both the New and Full Moon energies we have a clear advantage in life. We are working in harmony with the natural energies of our planet. At the midpoint of the cycle it is helpful to focus on the polarity points that naturally occur at every Full Moon.

The Cancer-Capricorn Polarity

Every Full Moon opposition involves a polarity that brings wholeness and balance to each of the zodiac signs involved. The Cancer-Capricorn polarity involves the qualities of inner and outer power.

The cardinal earth element of Capricorn is an archetype of power that is best designed to be used for the betterment of humanity. This quality of power can be wielded intentionally by the individual. It also operates unconsciously within the larger collective.

Capricorn holds the power to actualize your highest potential. It has spiritual overtones. To Capricorn, life’s energies are most effective when operating harmoniously as part of a larger grid of support focused toward love, humanity, and spiritual principles. At the other extreme, Capricorn’s shadow includes abuse of power and lack of sensitivity toward others.

Capricorn’s polar opposite is Cancer which is a cardinal water element. Cancer internalizes emotional power in order to feel connected to life and to feel a part of something larger and significant. In Cancer we develop inner security through healthy emotional connections. Qualities of security and connection enable Cancer to fully focus its energies on the development of individualized feelings that enable us to operate independently in the world.

Cancer has the potential to be completely individualized, but only once a person is able to understand how their own individuality functions. When this occurs Cancer’s energies help us to fully function in life, both as an individual and in groups. Cancer’s shadow includes emotional insecurity and manipulation. Instead of being independent, the individual is also subject to being emotional controlled by the group.

The Polarity
These two zodiac signs support each other by helping us integrate our feelings, emotional security, and the wise use of power so we can connect more fully to our true purpose in life.

Cancer is able to draw from Capricorn the power to feel safe. In this way, through the healthy polarity we feel the freedom to focus on our personality development and emotional connections with others, through our feeling nature.  

Capricorn structures life through systems of order. Individually this includes routines, habits, self discipline and the ability to structure our life by our values. Socially Capricorn structures our culture and social order through rules, laws, external guidance systems and the status quo.

Capricorn draws from Cancer an ability to consider the emotional impact that all types of governance can have on others.  With Capricorn’s energies closely aligned with Saturn, decisions that creates systems of control benefit from Cancer’s sensitivity to the need for personal freedom and the desire not to be controlled. 

Without Cancer’s influence, Capricorn can make decisions of power and control that hamper the development of individuality, along with the potential to be insensitive in how systems of control can negatively affect others.

The Full Moon Chart - Practical Advice

Astrology ChartOur Full Moon is conjunct Pluto and opposed Mercury. In addition, the Sun/Moon polarity has two inverted harmonic trines which are activated by Uranus and Neptune, the other two outer planets (see chart).

This pattern is rare and very powerful. What these harmonic trine patterns mean for you is the opportunity to chart a new path. In other words, the power of our current Capricorn Full Moon has the potential to alter your current trajectory in life. You may be perfectly fine with your current path or you may desire a change.  Whether or not you are satisfied with your current trajectory, this is a valuable time to consider a reality check and ask yourself, “If I could change something, anything, what would it be?”

For those who aren’t satisfied with where things are headed, this is a time realize the raw potential of this Full Moon conjunct Pluto. There is great spiritual potential for each individual. There is also a tremendous amount of power available to humanity, even to change the direction of the world. The time is right to imagine, or at least consider, a different path for either yourself or for humanity, including a new direction in which the world might head.

The bottom line to be aware of at this Full Moon is that decisions are powerful right now. There is new potential and the wise use of this potential can go a long way. From a spiritual perspective, our Full Moon activation point in Cancer (Sun) is supporting your individualized relationship with the deeper divine principle of wholeness that’s operating for the benefit of all humanity.

Our Full Moon activation point in Capricorn (Moon) holds the realization that each of us can connect to something larger. This process involves the power to concretely take action and not merely entertain the possibility as a passing potential. This is a time to seize the moment. In doing so, by taking inspired action you make the potential you’re feeling a tangible reality.


We are at the halfway point of our current Lunar cycle, when the Full Moon energies are providing a tremendous amount of raw energy with the unusual potential to change things. Opportunities like this one don’t come along often.  With this Full Moon there’s not only potential, there is also raw power combined with emotional intelligence. The combination can enable you to wisely use this Full Moon potential for new directions in life.
Happy Full Moon,
Steven Shroyer

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