The Power of Total Commitment to Life — Gemini New Moon Astrology Report May 30, 2022

New Moon Astrology Report May 30, 2022

May 30 to Jun 28

• 10° Gemini New Moon is Monday, May 30, 4:30 AM PDT
• New Moon Theme: May 30 – Jun 28: Total Commitment
• The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire Lunar cycle that follows. This creative momentum is for energizing your life’s purpose and personal growth, especially while adjusting to evolving circumstances.

Co-authored by Elizabeth Schermer

Astrology Article

The Power of Total Commitment to Life

Our Gemini New Moon is bringing into play a new level of contrast, both personal and global, through the focus of opportunity, contrast and challenge. This is an extraordinary period of time. The potential challenges that lie ahead cannot be underestimated and may have unexpected impacts on our lives.

This Lunar cycle is an important time in which to discover a greater personal commitment to life. This new level of commitment includes your ability to focus on what, and where and with whom you’re willing to place your trust.

As individuals, we can off-set any unexpected events and disruptive influences by seeking supportive relationships and environments, especially those that reaffirm your individualized worth.

Navigating Contrast and Challenge

Our current energetic influx of contrast and challenge is originating from multiple intense trajectories that are on the verge of colliding. These trajectories are held within this New Moon chart. They are being amplified by the current eclipse cycle and influences of the outer planets, including the current Mars/Jupiter/Neptune conjunction.
Whenever energies collide, our first reaction is often as an experience of conflict or crisis. In actuality, however, every collision represents a creative process. In every crisis there is always the opportunity for something new and different to occur.
Our Gemini New Moon energies are supporting a positive outcome to these colliding energies.  Because of their volatility, the energies held within our current New Moon will most likely prove to be super challenging for many people. Moving forward, it’s very important to remember that, along with greater challenge, also comes a greater opportunity.
As we explore these Gemini New Moon energies, it will be important to remain focused on the positive nature of the opportunity you face, including your ability to focus on what you can control within your own sphere of influence. In this way you can navigate any challenges that appear by using the Gemini qualities of finesse and skill.

Qualities of Gemini Energy

The air sign of Gemini, the Twins, represents a multiplicity of energies, focused in the realm of discovery and exploration. Gemini is ruled by Mercury. In Gemini, an optimistic and curious mind is crucial for positive growth. In Gemini, curiosity is related to innocence and a fresh perspective. When the mind is innocent, purified of preconceived ideas, then one can truly see the context and subtleties of what’s occurring around them.
We can explore Gemini’s multiplicity by highlighting two ways in which Gemini interacts with life. First, Gemini engages with life through development of the mind. Secondly, Gemini engages with life through the exploration of our environment, especially through the context of what’s being discovered and learned.
Other specific qualities of Gemini related to our New Moon include curiosity, self-discovery, agility (both physical and mental), and a desire for the type of knowledge and information that presents a true picture of the world and one’s environment.
The shadow qualities of Gemini Include flightiness, scattered-ness, superficiality, and overstimulation. Also misinformation, disinformation and/or taking information out of context.

Our New Moon Energies

Our New Moon energies are providing an extra level of mental skill and agility of consciousness that we will need in order to successfully navigate circumstances that are approaching our world.

To set the context, it’s helpful to understand how from time to time the energies that we need to integrate are extra challenging and intense, potentially even dangerous. This is true for individuals as well as humanity as a whole. At these times it is crucially important to keep our focus and have clear thinking in order to successfully navigate the colliding energies and the unexpected pitfalls that can result. This is exactly the current situation in which we find ourselves. 

The unusual and dramatic Sabian archetype for our 10° Gemini New Moon illustrates the intensity of this time, through the possible collision of energies and the finesse and skill required for navigating potentially dangerous circumstances.

ARCHETYPE: A superior ability to challenge limits and play with danger.
COMMENTARY: Gravitation is the universal binding power of the material realm. As we struggle against it we learn how to pierce beyond the physical in order to reach higher realms of existence. Challenging and dangerous energies require skill. No half measures will be tolerated. Only a total commitment and willingness to transcend the current trajectory will result in success. 

The shadow of this powerful archetype is expressed with a plane in intentional freefall toward earth, leading to a doomsday outlook of impending disaster. Understanding this shadow of colliding forces is important to give a larger context to the energies of the New Moon. By highlighting the shadow, we can better understand the nature of our spiritual opportunity.
The spiritual opportunity of this archetype lies in identifying with the skill of the pilot who is operating the plane.  The pilot uses Gemini consciousness to bring skill, clear-thinking, and finesse in order to function at a peak level without falling into a pattern of fear.
Like the pilot, it’s prudent and necessary now to recognize what’s occurring around us and within the collective so that we can maintain our individual point of focus, without amplifying or participating in fearful trajectories.
With the intensity of this Lunar cycle, it is likely that these volatile collective energies will bleed over into our personal awareness and our circumstances. It will be important to use our skills, in the same way a stunt pilot must, in order to face the challenges without fear.
The highest role of the individual during this period is to shift their own consciousness beyond the limits and fears of the collective, in order to maintain the discipline and focus necessary for success.

Astrology Pattern

Astrology chartOur pattern is a bowl with the New Moon leading the planets and Pluto trailing. This pattern indicates a concentration of power, energized by the additional raw power of Pluto and its transformational influence on the New Moon.

Eclipse Influence
It is important to remember that we are currently still in the energies of a powerful eclipse cycle. The Lunar eclipse portal at 26° Scorpio remains open until June 12, when the Moon again passes over this spot in the zodiac. (See Lunar eclipse article, The New Age of Emotional Intelligence.)

An eclipse cycle in Scorpio naturally brings about social change, especially through emotional triggers which often are accompanied by abuses and imbalances of power. Within this eclipse cycle of influence we now have a New Moon Sabian archetype that directly addresses misplaced power, with a new ability to address challenge and/or danger. It’s this combination of eclipse and New Moon energies that is contributing to  the potential for both crisis and opportunity. In short, the significance of the eclipse influences cannot be ignored.

Mars/Jupiter Conjunction
The bowl pattern holds a double sextile with Mars and Jupiter at the center. The sextile indicates a volatility of organized energies. Our Mars/Jupiter conjunction at the midpoint of the bowl contributes to the volatility of the entire chart.

Mars and Jupiter working together as a planetary pair will initiate new types of social order throughout societies world-wide. These new forms must be managed in order to achieve large-scale success rather than disorder.

On a personal level, you can experience this conjunction as a transforming influence within your social spheres, especially if you can avoid taking unnecessary risks. There is a lot of variability here, from person to person, depending on the particular house placement of this conjunction in your natal chart.  

Pluto is currently located in a very powerful position at 29° Capricorn. The archetype that Pluto sits on is about reading the signs of the time. This awareness can be helpful to us as individuals, in order to access the bigger picture of context, so that we aren’t unexpectedly caught in the crosshairs of a larger crisis.

To emphasize the importance of Pluto’s significance in our New Moon bowl pattern, we can also return to the bowl’s mid-point at our Mars/Jupiter conjunction. At the individual level, this conjunction can help us to manage the raw power of Pluto’s transformational impact.

This also indicates how important it is now to take responsibility for your own actions in order to successfully manage these New Moon energies that are potentially very volatile. The important question we must each ask ourselves now is: “How can the volatility of the New Moon archetype of the nose-diving plane be successfully managed for my personal growth?” 

The answer to this question lies within the context of our three outer planets:  Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

The Role of the Transcendent Planets

With this Lunar cycle we are entering a ten-month period of time in which the Aquarian Age energies are extremely active and volatile. This coming volatility is due to Pluto leaving Capricorn and entering Aquarius.

While humanity continues to awaken, the outer transformational planets of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto will force humanity to awaken more quickly than perhaps is comfortable for many. This coming influence has the potential to be quite volatile, and I believe this is what is being initiated with our current Lunar cycle in Gemini.

This Lunar cycle is a time period to be prudent. It’s important not to take additional risks or play with dangerous energies without having the necessary skills. It’s a time for you to be totally focused and committed to what you are doing in daily life and what you’re involved in. You will also want to pay extra attention to anything in your life that may represent a collision course, and then make the necessary adjustments.

On a global scale, our leaders are facing some very difficult decisions. As a global family, humanity is on the verge of several collision courses, including potential food and energy shortages, financial shortages, and an ongoing global health crisis. As individuals it is crucial that we hold space for wisdom to prevail. Let’s all pray for our leaders to have wisdom, so that collectively these situations don’t escalate into a larger world-wide crisis.

The awakening of our world happens through each of us as individuals. What we can each do now is to use the positive qualities of Gemini to let go of our preconceived ideas and hold a fresh mind for clear thinking and productive solutions. It’s also important to avoid external information traps in which the context isn’t considered or may have been skewed.

This is not the time to go into fear, or to let others influence you in such a way that you make decisions that are fear-based or limited in context. Our New Moon is providing you with the skill, insight, and information you’ll need to find success. Commit to what you’re doing in your personal sphere of influence, and trust your connection to source. This is the perfect opportunity to pierce beyond the illusions of the physical realm and the limits of collective thinking in order to reach into higher realms of existence.


Our New Moon energies are helping us to make a collective shift toward new solutions and new opportunities. This shift is potentially difficult. As individuals it is crucial that we hold space for wisdom to prevail. The greater the number of people who are awakening to this shift the easier the shift will be. I’m hopeful and curious to see how these complex energies play out in real time.
This is not the time to go into fear or participate in trajectories of disaster. There is no reason to feel that we are forced into doomsday scenarios with the Universe. What’s important now is our ability to focus our energies on positivity, clear thinking and new solutions. In this way we each contribute directly to the transitions and shifts that need to occur in order for our Aquarian energies of the new age to take hold and begin operating in a holistic way for the benefit of all.
Happy New Moon,
Steven Shroyer

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