The Power to Choose an Alternate Reality — July 20 Cancer New Moon Astrology Report

New Moon Astrology Report July 2020
July 20 to Aug 18

Cancer New Moon is Monday, July 20, 10:33 AM PDT
New Moon Theme:  July 21 – Aug 18: Alternative Plans for the Future
The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire Lunar cycle that follows. This creative momentum is for energizing your life’s purpose and personal growth, especially while adjusting to evolving circumstances.

ASTROLOGY ARTICLE — The Power to Choose an Alternate Reality

Our Second Cancer New Moon of the year couldn’t have come at a better time. As I’m writing this article, rioters and law enforcement officials are battling in the streets of American big cities. However, despite the conflicts we are witnessing I feel encouraged with the astrology pattern that is currently unfolding.

Even though we are all seeing an escalation of conflict at every level of our society, this lunar cycle is bringing an individualizing energy to our consciousness. Our New Moon in Cancer is bringing a new focus to each of our unique circumstances. No two people in the world are having an identical experience, but what we all have in common is the power to choose between alternatives.

This New Moon is providing the focus each of us will find useful as we contemplate the possibility of choosing between multiple trajectories into the future.

An Alternate Reality

Alternate realities and alternate timelines are not commonly discussed in astrological circles. This is because the study of astrology tends to look closely to exactly how planetary cycles unfold over time in relation to the past, versus speculation of what could have been or what could be in the future.

What’s not commonly discussed is that astrology also points to pivotal times when a choice is presented. With the major events currently transpiring in the world, this lunar cycle may offer an opportunity to contribute to a pivotal point in history that could literally change our current 3-D trajectory into a more holistic and balanced world.

With this New Moon, students of astrology have the opportunity to consider the possibility that we are at a turning point, including the possibility of creating a new timeline.

The energy of this New Moon is highlighting a very fundamental question: How can we choose a new life trajectory that clearly represents an alternate and more positive path of reality? We already have examples of how this works in our personal lives whenever we consider making a significant shift. For example, when we consider the long-term impact of a decision to marry, or move to a new city, or make a career change. Each of these major decisions involves getting in touch with the deeper aspects of our potential moving forward and then making the choice to point in a new direction.

The point of emphasizing the possibility of alternatives during this lunar cycle is that from time to time each of us has the opportunity to make a pivotal choice that could completely change the trajectory of our life. What if we collectively have that opportunity now? Alternatively, what will be the outcome if we don’t choose to change the trajectory? These are important questions to consider.

A Culture of Conflict

The best way to begin talking about alternate realities or trajectories within our current cycle is by looking more closely at how the current dynamics of conflict are being exploited and manipulated to create division and polarize us against each other.

One of the realities that are currently being created throughout our society today is a culture of perpetual conflict. Examples of this include political/media messages that suggest the following conflicts: It’s you against the virus; it’s you against a person of another skin-color or economic class; it’s you against the other political party; it’s you against all the people with whom you don’t agree.

These cultural conflict messages polarize us against each other and are all prime examples of the shadow of Capricorn as it is playing out through our historic Capricorn conjunctions.

Whether the conflict is real or imagined (the shadow of Neptune in Pisces) is not the main point. The point we should be most interested in is that this conflict can be boiled down to opposing ideologies between democracy and totalitarianism, or the rights of the individual versus total state control. Yes, this is a broad-brush generalization, but hear me out.

The largest conflict that’s currently being flamed within our culture is an imbalance between individual freedom and collective control. This is precisely our New Moon theme. Again, this theme is also seen in our historic Capricorn conjunctions.

Our New Moon theme is presenting an inner alternative choice. A choice where Cancer and Capricorn influences are not in conflict with each other, but instead are working together. Our New Moon energies are promoting a greater balance between the individual and the collective. Instead of the collective totally dominating the individual, the collective can operate in balance to support the individual.

Cancer and Capricorn hold an opposite polarity of wholeness. In Cancer, the individual is nurtured by feeling the warmth of healthy emotions. In Capricorn healthy leadership protects the cherished standards of liberty and fairness for the individual.

When there’s an imbalance between the two, the collective is emboldened by Capricorn’s power and seeks to dominate through overreaching control. This includes laws and mandates that supersede the protections of the individual’s personal freedoms. With collective control the balance between the two becomes lost and this opens the door to radical alternative forms of governance such as Marxism and communism.

Is a Marxist Alternative Unfolding Before Our Very Eyes?

By definition, Marxism is considered a “conflict theory,” in which members of society are in perpetual conflict with each other. Originally this was seen as a conflict between the rich and the poor. Over the years it’s been re-defined to include the conflicts between any form of imbalance of power or status, including gender, race, citizenship, religion, politics, status, and all forms of basic opportunity.

At its foundation, Marxism has always been understood as an economic and political philosophy with one primary outcome, which is a revolution. The most common solution following the revolution is the forced redistribution of wealth which is controlled by the government. This is also known as communism.

My point as an astrologer is the importance of looking at these larger cycles of the conflict between freedom and control, especially as we watch the shadow of the historic Capricorn conjunctions playing out in the world today.

Our Cancer New Moon

Our New Moon energy is precisely the antidote needed to neutralize these shadow trends toward totalitarianism. This is great news for all of us.

As individuals, we get to choose to live with personal freedoms and the liberty of personal rights. By committing our allegiance to these values we help to anchor a positive trajectory and timeline to the future.

The alternate reality that is currently being proposed by our political leaders is based on totalitarianism, a system of government controls consisting of forced lockdowns, forced health care mandates, forced wealth redistribution, forced censorship, and the forcible removal of individual rights in favor of a collective rule.

Fortunately, we get to choose now which timeline we will commit to. This second Cancer New Moon doubles our opportunity to bring a balance of power that honors the individual and personal authority. These potentials have further been activated by our recent eclipse cycles and represent a real possibility for a new trajectory. This good news couldn’t have come at a better time.

Astrology Pattern

Astrology ChartOur chart is a bowl pattern with our New Moon (Sun conjunct Moon) directly opposite the historic Capricorn conjunctions that have been playing havoc on our culture as of late. In this year’s Lunar Journal articles, we have been studying the effects of this once-in-a-500-year cycle and historic conjunction.  We are now six months past the actual Pluto/Saturn conjunction and it’s no coincidence that our second Cancer New Moon is exactly 180° opposite Saturn in Capricorn.

Saturn holds many meanings. In one of these meanings, Saturn has been coined the “Father of Time.” The reason for this lies in how the planet Saturn holds potential and then releases it over time.

Saturn has a lot to do with potential. This potential of Saturn is released through phases. With our current New Moon, we have a lot of potential that can be released as a new starting point and, literally, create a new timeline.

The activation for this new timeline is directly connected to our recent eclipse cycle, providing hidden opportunities that will reveal themselves over time. Because our New Moon is directly opposed Saturn in Capricorn, it represents the realization of this potential at a new starting point.

The possibility of a new starting point at our second Cancer New Moon is especially emphasized with the New Moon Sabian archetype, and the ‘inner presentation of new alternatives.’

ARCHETYPE: The intuitive weighing of alternative possibilities.
COMMENTARY: A threshold of a new cycle in which alternatives may be considered and combined or integrated into a single new choice.

Timelines can shift, especially when ‘an Inner Presentation of Alternatives’ occurs during one of the most powerful New Moons of the year. This raw power of our Cancer New Moon is focused at the individual level of expression and is empowered by one’s personal emotional strength of character and inner courage. These are the perfect ingredients for choosing an alternative path for yourself.

The historic Capricorn conjunctions of 2020 remind us that the conflict that is being exploited throughout our culture and the rest of the world is based on a lack of healthy balance between the collective and the individual. Individual choices made at this critical point in time may change the current trajectory. This is indeed a powerful point in our history.

Capricorn’s shadow is the total control of society including various types of ideologies such as communism, Marxism, or the variations of socialism in which individual rights are considered as threatening for maintaining collective control.

Cancer’s strength in this chart is the ability to focus on our own timeline with the ability to make the tough, gutsy decisions about the future that we will choose for ourselves. This New Moon gives you the ability to weigh the alternatives and choose a path that’s good for you and at the same time helps make the world a better place for all.

The Two Faces of Neptune in Pisces

Neptune’s trine-sextile is activating both the New Moon and the Capricorn stellium. With this influence, we can experience both empathy and compassion toward ourselves and others. We also can connect with new levels of order (Neptune in Pisces) and new higher visions of our best path forward.

The two faces of Neptune in this situation can be a little confusing so I’ll expand what this looks like in astrological terms. Neptune by its basic nature is a dissolver. This operates on every level and spectrum. Whether dissolving personal hatred or individual freedoms, it’s still a Neptunian process of dissolution.

This explains why there’s such a strong shadow side to Neptune. It can dissolve away illusion in order to reveal the deeper truth, or it can dissolve away reality and leave behind fantasy and illusion (Neptune’s shadow). This shadow of Neptune is compelling and seductive, which helps to explain why it’s so easy for people not to see what’s happening before their very eyes.

When we are able to access the higher frequencies of Neptune’s influence with this powerful New Moon we can experience both empathy and compassion toward ourselves and others. We also can connect with new levels of order (Neptune in Pisces) and new higher visions of our best path forward.


We are experiencing our second Cancer New Moon of the year, following a powerful eclipse cycle. This is giving humanity a double dose of individual power to restore balance in the world. Cancer empowers the individual to take a stand with emotional strength and integrity. Currently, there is an imbalance between the collective and the individual. This is being exploited to create various forms of manufactured conflict.

This New Moon is directly working to help us understand this conflict in terms of the need for the individual and the collective to work together for the highest good of both. This understanding is providing us with the opportunity to make positive choices for our future and the trajectory of humanity.

Happy New Moon,
Steven Shroyer

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