The Rising of the Fearless One — New Moon Astrology Report Mar 24, 2020

New Moon Astrology Report March 24, 2020
Mar 24 to Apr 22

Aries New Moon is Tuesday, Mar 24, 2:28 AM PDT
New Moon Theme:  Mar 24 – Apr 22: FEARLESSNESS
The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire Lunar cycle that follows. This creative momentum is for energizing your life’s purpose and personal growth, especially while adjusting to evolving circumstances.

ASTROLOGY ARTICLE — The Rising of The Fearless One

Our Aries New Moon comes at a time when we could all use a little good news. The world-wide coronavirus pandemic is in full swing and the average person is inundated with information. One world leader was quoted as saying that we need to flood the zone with the information that we want the public to hear about the pandemic. This experience of overload has made it difficult to know where to put our focus.

What might be interesting to you is that a “virus pandemic” is in fact a Pisces/Neptune concept, as is the term “flooding the zone.” We’ll be exploring the significance of this connection later in this article.

This article looks at what’s going on astrologically. Period. I have no intention of continuing to “flood the zone” with more useless information, as we’re currently all on information overload. What I will do is discuss the astrology of what’s going on right now in the world and offer some hope.  I won’t be talking about science, social politics, religion, or conspiracies. I also won’t be patronizing you with a superficial feel-good message. Instead, together we’ll look at the astrology, and only the astrology, of what’s transpiring before our very eyes.

One of the reasons I love astrology is because it gives us a variety of invaluable new perspectives and understandings that are impossible to see by any other means.

Before we dive into looking more closely at what’s going on in the world, let’s first review how we got here by exploring the previous Lunar cycle.

As I described in my recent New Moon in Pisces article, the planets last month were aligned to brings us “Larger Forces At Play.” As we look back, these indeed were very large forces that were unfolding and were about to impact everyone on Earth in an extraordinary way. I love the way that astrology helped us prepare for our current events.

Along these lines, I would like to bring your attention to something I wrote from that last New Moon article:

“It’s the combining of these multiple forces that gives Pisces a tremendous amount of strength. Pisces is also known for its emotional endurance and the ability to handle very large, or intensely emotional, experiences. This is why on the personal level, one of the predominate qualities of Pisces is the characteristic of inner strength.”

It would be good to remind ourselves now of just how big, and to what degree, these intensely emotional experiences have affected all of us. The pandemic is creating many new intense experiences. For example, we are seeing how social distancing is disturbing our emotional fields. This also happens to be a Piscean attribute.

This brings us to our current New Moon in Aries. Aries is a powerful zodiac sign full of promise, potential, and potency. This potency must be activated in order to come to life. 1° Aries occurs at the spring equinox, the time of year where individuality emerges out of the collective seas of group ideology and group behavior (Pisces).

Our current New Moon is occurring at 5° Aries. It is worth noting that every 5th degree of the zodiac is a transformational degree, meaning that the energy of that degree has the capacity, in some way, to transform the individual to a higher level.

This movement to a higher level, or spiraling upward, is one of the secrets to understanding the power of astrology.

What the upward spiral means in the context of this New Moon and 5th degree is that there’s a new capacity for fearlessness. It’s a step up. This quality of fearlessness holds a quality of self-transcending that mobilizes energies for new creative endeavors. These new creative opportunities will be unique for each person. This fearless quality can be used to move forward in life from a new level of independent awareness and without fear.

This is extremely good news. Fearlessness can become one of the most valuable qualities any of us can acquire during this time of uncertainty. What would it mean to you now to level-up to fearlessness? Let this question sink in for a moment and ponder what a big impact this could have on your life.

Fearlessness Is More Than A Mindset

Fearlessness is both a Pisces and an Aries quality. From the Pisces standpoint it involves inner strength. Following Pisces, from an Aries standpoint it rises from independence. Genuine fearlessness can only occur when a person is ready and able to step out on their own as a true individual, independent of group control or group mindset.

Individuality, within the context of Aries, is the core potential that must be activated before it can be developed into a new quality of fearlessness. In Aries, the individual rises out of the collective and, upon realizing their own individuality, they understand that they are no longer bound to the collective fears associated with Pisces and the institutionalized group thinkers.

The point I am emphasizing is the significance at this time of the rise of a new level of individual empowerment.

Pisces represents a culmination. It also represents the pinnacle of institutionalism. What emerges from this collective sea at spring equinox is the empowered individual, one who is ready to stand up and rise to independence, ready to be a pioneer who’s able to shed the Piscean group mentality and think for themselves.

This individualized act of personal power is a proud and courageous moment that can occur to any and all of us who are now living in a world largely gripped by fear (a Piscean/Neptunian shadow quality).

Astrology Pattern

Our astrology chart features a double sextile and a very tightly packed planetary pattern. These tightly packed planets are energized by their close proximity to each other. They occur completely within a single trine (120°), representing a quality of overall synergy.

As interesting as this is, what’s even more inspiring is the “triple crown” formation. This is our first astrological triple crown to occur at either the New Moon or Full Moon in all of the years I have been following the Lunar cycle.

The Triple Crown

Astrology ChartThe triple crown formation occurs when there are major aspects in a chart involving the three planets of Neptune, Jupiter, and Venus. These three planets all vibrate at a different harmonic of the number (3). This is related to their frequency and position in the solar system, specifically Venus (3), Jupiter (6), and Neptune (9).

The triple crown these planets form at our New Moon consists of a trine and two sextiles (see chart). This is an extremely powerful synergistic effect. To summarize the complex astrological details, this unique triple crown reveals a process of an unfolding of a higher order.

For our current New Moon this higher order is a signifier of the coming Aquarian age and represents a higher spiritual perspective. In other words, this triple crown is expressing fearlessness at its highest possible harmonic.

Let’s break down some of the more interesting facts of this incredible chart formation we are calling the triple crown.

Neptune is the focal point of the triple crown and the entire New Moon chart, with a Venus sextile on one side, and a Jupiter sextile on the other. Once again, it’s these three planets working together that are forming the triple crown.

It’s important to understand that Neptune has two faces or sides. Within the current triple crown these two faces can be experienced as a higher order and a lower order. I’ll simply refer to these two orders as spiritual (higher) and shadow (lower).

The way these three planets are working together they will create either a shadow pattern or a spiritual pattern. With Neptune in Pisces (the ruler of Pisces is Neptune), Neptune becomes even more powerful. This is true with respect to both the shadow quality and the spiritual quality of Neptune.

Let’s look now at how the shadow and spiritual harmonics are working with our Aries New Moon.

The Shadow Side

The shadow pattern of the triple crown is perpetuating fear. This fear is being echoed throughout the collective and institutionalized structures of society.

The shadow is unconscious. It has a strong psychic component in which group thought and group emotion is picked up and transferred throughout the entire collective.

When the shadow of the triple crown planets is activated, one’s sense of worth and value (Venus) is completely disoriented. The potential for growth and expansion (Jupiter) becomes stagnant and is then lost or becomes mesmerized by the echoes of the group mind (Pisces/Neptune shadow).

The result of the shadow is fear, expressed through panic or rage, and a lowered immune system. Ultimately the experience of the shadow is powerlessness and the feeling of not being able to move forward.

The Spiritual Side

The spiritual pattern of the triple crown gives the individual the sense that something big is happening, with overtones of excitement and optimism. From a spiritual perspective, everything is accelerating and changing toward the Aquarian age of higher consciousness.

The individual sensing a higher order has emerged out of the collective fear and stands fearless and independent, ready, with eyes open. From this perspective, what appears to be obstacles or dissolution on the surface is seen in a higher light of necessary change so that something better can arise from the temporary chaos.

From this standpoint, one’s sense of value in the world (Venus) has not been disoriented, but instead is focused and aligned toward the future and a higher order. One’s ability to expand and manage life’s new situations (Jupiter) becomes awakened to new possibilities (waning sextile to Neptune), rather than being mesmerized by the drama and fear gripping the collective (Neptune/Pisces shadow).

The higher order of Neptune in Pisces represents our transition into the Aquarian age of enlightenment.  This is the month to cast away the group consciousness of fear and embrace Neptunian fearlessness.

Each of us has the opportunity now to rise out of the Piscean collective shadow of fear and emerge as The Fearless One.


Our Aries New Moon is starting a new and extremely powerful process in which we each rise out of the collective as a new empowered being.

Those who have awakened to the higher order of Neptune and have emerged through the spring equinox as an independent individual can feel The Fearless One within beginning to come to life. This is a magnificent time in which we live.

Each of us must now face which side of Neptune we will embrace. Personally, I’m feeling the opportunity of a lifetime. Eyes wide open, no fear.

Happy New Moon,

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